Does Ramona have bipolar? (+5 Signs of issues)

The following article will be checking out if Ramona has bipolar. We will also be listing the different signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Ramona depicts on the show Real Housewives of New York, along with the main causal factors.

Does Ramona have bipolar?

No, Ramona does not have bipolar. In the television series, the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’, Ramona Singer is not confirmed to be suffering from this particular disorder. At the same time, many viewers of the show feel that Ramona is definitely suffering from some illness.

The businesswoman, who has dipped her toe into many companies and brands, has however caught the headlines when she pointed out another cast member’s bipolar disorder. In one of the episodes, Ramona blamed Leah McSweeney’s bipolar disorder for her actions.

While Ramona has never herself confirmed that she has been diagnosed with any mental illness, some mental health experts and fans who have watched the show have come up with many theories as to what disorder she may be suffering from. These alternate theories are:

  • Cyclothymic Disorder: Certain psychologists who have closely studied the appearances and behaviors of Ramona Singer in the show ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ and in real-life have theorized that the popular figure might have Cyclothymic Disorder.

Cyclothymic Disorder, in simple terms, can be termed as mild bipolar disorder. Just like bipolar disorder, those who have Cyclothymic Disorder may go through the typical highs and lows in their moods.

When it comes to Ramona Singer, the star can be seen going through many moods and shifts in the reality series. She can be very elated at one point of time and can be seen plummeting in a meltdown at another instant.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Another alternate theory that has been tossed about when it comes to Ramona Singer is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The persona is definitely very self-obsessed and gives a lot of self-importance.

In taking a look at the DSM-5 criteria for this disorder, it can be seen that Ramona easily ticks off almost all of the diagnostic criteria. For example, she inflates all her successes and speaks of them as being bigger than they usually are.

She also tends to stick and socialize with those whom she perceives to be of her status or someone better. While she is definitely sympathetic to many other co-stars, this is often seen as a manipulative ploy, which further fuels this alternate theory.

  • Autism: Some viewers of the show who follow Ramona Singer very closely also feel that she has Autism or is at least placed in the Autism spectrum. This is mainly due to the randomness of her mood shifts and her outburst on the show.

However, Ramona Singer also does not show many of the other characteristic signs and symptoms of Autism. And therefore, this arm-chair diagnosis must be just another misinterpretation of the spectrum itself.

  • Tourette’s syndrome: Ramona Singer also tends to have frequent outbursts on the show, saying things that are not in line with her actual personality and principles. Due to these outbursts, a few viewers have mentioned that she might have Tourette’s.
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder: Histrionic Personality Disorder is another alternate diagnosis that is thrown at Ramona Singer. The businesswoman is definitely very attention seeking and tries her best to be in the spotlight at all times.

 Due to her toxic need for public attention, Ramona often puts up a show that is very conflicting to her actual personality. She also seems to have an inflated view of herself, further leading viewers to speculate her Histrionic Personality Disorder diagnosis.

Signs of Ramona’s mental health issues

Ramona Singer, who has appeared in a majority of the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ series, may not have confirmed a mental health diagnosis. However, many of her actions in the show and in real life point to some undiagnosed mental health issues.

In the following section, we have discussed a few signs and symptoms that Ramona Singer is indeed suffering from some mental health issues and emotional struggles.

She constantly fights for attention

Throughout the episodes of the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ it is easy to understand that Ramona Singer loves attention from everyone else. This need actually becomes so desperate and the star behaves in such a way which warrants everyone’s eyes on her all the time.

Attention-seeking behavior is not exactly a mental illness on its own, but can point out to the presence of other mental illnesses. For instance, attention-seeking is a main diagnostic criterion of both Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder.

She can be pretty arrogant towards others

In the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ series, Ramona Singer is definitely one of the most arrogant members and truly lacks a filter at many times. In several cases, it looks like the star does this on purpose, while at other points of time, it looks like she cannot control herself.

When she is arrogant, Ramona Singer clearly does not care about the feelings of others and has given scathing replies to people. An example is when the star tells Bethenny that she will end up all alone in life.

Her moods can change easily

Ramona Singer is truly one of the moodiest stars in the ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ series. In fact, her quick changes in moods and mindsets have led people to assume that she might be suffering from some mood disorder like bipolar or cyclothymic disorder.

She cannot admit her mistakes

Another toxic quality of Ramon Singer is that she is not quick to admit when she is wrong. Firstly, Ramona understanding when she has done something wrong to someone is a rare sight as shown in the series.

Even when she realizes that she has deeply wronged a person, she is not the first to apologize. However, she puts on a huge show of making up for her behavior by being super-sympathetic and kind afterwards.

She can blurt out inappropriate things

Ramona is basically the queen of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. The star is known to blurt out very inappropriate things without giving much thought to the context and the feelings of the person.

As a result of her sudden outbursts in her communication and her use of inappropriate language, some mental health experts and fans who have closely followed the show have expressed that she definitely has Tourette’s syndrome.

Causes of Ramona’s mental health issues

Given her antics and her odd behaviors, Ramona Singer is truly one of the most interesting characters on the ‘Real Housewives of New York’ series and lasted for about 13 seasons. Fans of the show were honestly disappointed to learn of her departure in 2021.

While many mental health experts and fans have deeply studied Ramona Singer’s odd behaviors throughout the series, only few have been able to sympathize with the star for her sad childhood, which could have definitely been the source of many of her mental health issues.

In her memoir, Ramona goes on to explain that she grew up in an abusive household which left very deep scars in her psyche. Her father was an alcoholic parent who would physically abuse her mother.

Growing up in such a childhood definitely pushed Ramona to become one of the top businesswomen in the fashion industry. But, it also left many emotional scars, leading to many unresolved mental health issues which can be seen in her adult life.


The following article has checked out if Ramona has bipolar. We have also listed the different signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Ramona depicts on the show Real Housewives of New York, along with the main causal factors.

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