Does Pepa from Encanto have bipolar? (+3 Causal factors)

The following article will be answering if Pepa from Encanto has bipolar. We will also be looking at the different factors which could have led to Pepa Madrigal’s bipolar disorder in the movie Encanto.

Does Pepa from Encanto have bipolar?

Yes, Pepa from Encanto has bipolar. Pepa Madrigal’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder is not exactly confirmed by the movie. However, in looking at her frequent shifts in her mood, those who have studied the movie and the characters have felt that such a disorder is present in the character.

Pepa Madrigal is the middle child of Alma and Pedro Madrigal. She is married to Félix and has three children, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. Pepa is also called ‘The Emotional One’ since her moods tend to change all of a sudden.

Just like her siblings, Pepa also has magical powers. In her case, she can easily control the weather through her emotions. Most of the time around her, the weather tends to be nice and sunny. However, when she is upset, rain clouds appear over her.

Pepa is often mocked by the others in the family for being too emotional and dramatic for no reason. Whenever she gets upset and the rain clouds appear, Félix soothes her with his words. She also chants ‘clear skies’ in order to calm herself whenever she is anxious.

Since her moods fluctuate a lot, many people feel that Pepa is suffering from bipolar disorder. In fact, many people who have been diagnosed with the disorder have found similarities in their behaviors and that of Pepa.

At the same time, there are many who disagree with the bipolar disorder diagnosis of Pepa Madrigal. This is mainly since the fluctuations in her mood do not go on for days or weeks together and are very spontaneous and immediate.

In Bipolar Disorder I as well as Bipolar Disorder II, the mood shifts last for weeks and do not come and go easily. Thus, many fans agree that while Pepa is definitely suffering from some mood disorder, it may not be Bipolar Disorder.

Still, this character’s traits and portrayal was fundamental in raising mental health awareness. The movie also clicked with those who are suffering from bipolar disorder as they felt very represented.

Causes of Pepa’s bipolar

Pepa’s bipolar and the development of her symptoms can be blamed on a number of causal factors. A few factors which could have contributed to the bipolar disorder and other mental health issues of Pepa Madrigal are:

  • The family’s need to be perfect all the time: The movie ‘Encanto’ basically surrounds the theme of perfection, and how such a need can lead to a lot of emotional struggles and mental health issues in a person.

All the members of the Madrigal family are under constant and tremendous pressure to be perfect to the outside world. This is despite them going through several unresolved conflicts and carrying generational trauma on their shoulders the whole time.

This need to be perfect also strains and stresses Pepa Madrigal, as seen many times during the movie. Perfectionism as a trait is toxic and often the main cause of stress and anxiety in many people today.

  • The suppression of her personality: Another factor which could have caused a lot of stress to Pepa Madrigal is that her personality was never fully allowed to be. This is similar to the pressures that her other siblings went through.

Pepa was mocked much more since she tends to be emotional. However, sensing emotions and empathizing is actually Pepa’s gift and magical power. When this was not allowed to manifest properly, Pepa can be seen to withdraw and become aloof.

  • Bruno’s absence from the family: The Madrigal family was never complete since one character, Bruno, was almost always missing. Bruno actually leaves the family in order to find his own path and his own way.

This causes a great deal of stress to the other members of the family, including Pepa Madrigal. In fact, in most of the songs, they clearly mention that they don’t talk about Bruno. This factor could have also led to Pepa’s mental health issues.


The following article has answered if Pepa from Encanto has bipolar. We have also looked at the different factors which could have led to Pepa Madrigal’s bipolar disorder in the movie Encanto.

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