Does Outlook sync with (+Steps to sync Outlook)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This blogpost will discuss if you sync Outlook with your account. We will also be listing the different steps involved in integrating Outlook with Furthermore, we shall also look at the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook. offers plenty of integrations with popular apps and tools so that teams can work with more resources.

Does Outlook sync with

Yes, Outlook can easily sync with Teams that use Microsoft Outlook as their email service can easily integrate it with their accounts. This helps the team members become more aligned and coordinated and can seamlessly work with items in their email inbox while being online on

Steps to sync Outlook with

To integrate Outlook and, you can follow these steps given below:

  • On the board that you want to add the integration to, go to the Integrations Center. You can do this by clicking on the Integration button that you will find located at the upper right corner of your screen.
Does Outlook sync with (+Steps to sync Outlook)

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  • You can choose ‘Outlook’ from the many different options mentioned in the screen.
  • You will then be directed to the different recipes for integration.
  • Next, you will need to connect your Outlook account to
  • Choose the email account that you want to integrate and follow the prompts on your screen.

Benefits of using Microsoft Outlook

Many teams and organizations still prefer Microsoft Outlook for their email service. This is not only because of the simple interface, but also the wide range of features that Outlook provides for its users. Some of these benefits have been discussed below:

It has a popular interface

Who here is not familiar with Microsoft? Almost everyone, am I right? Due to its wide popularity users love Outlook as it has an interface and features that almost everybody is familiar with. This makes the email service even more simple and efficient to use, especially for teams that require short learning curves.

You can use it from any device

Another great feature of Outlook is that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This makes organizations and teams which work remotely prefer this email service. Outlook can be installed as a mobile app, desktop app or simply used through any web browser, thus making work highly accessible to teams who are located in different time zones.

It provides strong security features

Security features need to be strong for email services as users work with sensitive and confidential information. Furthermore, many businesses who end up using this email service may share financial reports and other matters that simply cannot be afforded to be leaked out anywhere. Outlook with the help of Microsoft’s security features takes this very seriously.

Calendars can be easily shared

As part of a team, calendars and schedules may need to be often shared so that everyone is on the same page. This not only ensures better collaboration in teams but also makes sure appointments and events don’t clash, causing disruptions in the work process. Through Outlook, calendars and schedules can be easily created and shared across teams and organizations.

Keyboard shortcuts for everything

Outlook seeks to make email and work a lot easier for everyone. Thus, it has incorporated keyboard shortcuts for practically anything and everything on the platform. This makes work easier and saves teams plenty of time. This becomes quite easy for teams who are required to send and work on large numbers of emails on a daily basis.

Search, search, search

Since email inboxes can go on and on, it can be difficult to search through endless email chains for something very particular and specific. To make things easier for users, Outlook has a search bar that you can literally search for anything. Just type in a keyword or a name and Outlook will pull it out for you swiftly.


It can be easily integrated

Outlook can be easily integrated with many tools that make it even more efficient and robust. This can range from project management tools like, Trello and Asana, to even collaboration tools and content management tools. Since it can be easily integrated, teams are free to use the popular features of Outlook on various platforms, making it even more useful.


Offline mode is easily possible

Unstable or absent data connection might seem ridiculous in these times. But yes, it does happen often. This can be a familiar scenario for those who live in remote locations and also many areas in developing nations. For this, Outlook can also be used in Offline mode, so that users can go through old emails and create messages even if they do not have a data connection.

Statuses can be set for emails

Your email inbox might seem like an abyss, filled with countless emails all looking alike. This can bring confusion for users. In order to set apart those emails that you find important and those that you want to discard, Outlook lets you set statuses or priorities for different emails in your inbox.


This blogpost has discussed if you sync Outlook with your account. We have also listed the different steps involved in integrating Outlook with Furthermore, we have also looked at the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook.

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