Does NF have OCD (+what it feels like)

In this brief post, we will be answering the question, “ Does NF have OCD”, further we will discuss Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, the major symptoms, subtypes of OCD, shed some light on Obsessive symptoms as well as Compulsive behaviour, we will then explore the topic and finally answer some of the questions regarding the topic.

Does NF have OCD?

NF was diagnosed and had OCD and he voiced it out with his releases and songs:

  • The Search
  • Leave me alone

Nathan John Feuerstein

Nathan John Feuerstein was born in the year 19991. He was widely known with his initial NF, who is an American Rapper, Songwriter and a singer.NF had released two EPs, which are I’m Free and Capitol CMG in the year 2012 and 2014 consecutively. 

Few of his albums are Moments, Mansion, Perception and The Search. Some of his albums are widely known and have earned wide recognition and awards as well. These include Gospel Music Association Drive Award, Billboard 200 charts and other recognition.

For him, he shared that rap songs were an escape from his childhood. He started off with a karaoke machine where he would record his songs, using microphones and others. 

It was in 2010, he made his debut with the studio album, Moments which is under his real name. Alone was his single debut released in 2011. The second release of his album was named “ Therapy Session” in 2016.

He was married to Bridgette Doremus in the year 2018, early September.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

OCD is one of the extremely misunderstood illnesses and it is believed to be one of the top 10 disabling disorders in the world. It is a type of mental illness that results in repeated unwanted and irrational thoughts or a sensation in the person which is the “ obsession” and as a result of that, there is an urge in the person to do something or perform a behaviour repeatedly to escape from this thought which is the compulsion.

While some people can only have one of them, there are others who develop both the symptoms.

Obsession can be both good and bad, unlike the normal habit in the person, obsessive behaviour and thoughts are known with the following symptoms:

  • One takes up the behaviour at least an hour a day
  • It is beyond their control 
  • They don’t enjoy in engaging behaviour
  • It cause and results in severe impairment as well as interference with one’s life and other functionings of life

Obsessive thoughts

Some major types of Obsessive thoughts that they don’t make sense to others, however, the individual has does it and enjoy it since they are unable to quit are:

  • Worrying about self and others getting harmed and hurt
  • Constant awareness about breathing and other body sensation
  • Suspicion and harm other people being unfaithful

Compulsive habits

There are compulsive habits performed by the individual when there is obsessive thought in the person. Some of the compulsive habits includes;

  • Doing task and finishing it with specific order and structure
  • Counting things 
  • Fear of touching other stuff due to contamination issues.

Types of OCD

There are different types of OCD and each individual doesn’t exhibit the same symptoms and type of OCD. The major four categories of OCD are:


Some people are suspicious and bothered by the security and safety, thus for them, they exhibit symptoms like constant checking at the exit, their windows etc.


With the excessive fear and thoughts of cleanliness, tidiness and contamination, there is compulsion in some people to regularly clean up and undo the mess.

Symmetry and ordering

The need to set everything in order and lined up is one type of OCD which can be bothering for the person itself as well as for the family.

Intrusive thoughts and rumination

Some people faced obsession with a train of thoughts and this behaviour and obsession can be disturbing as well as violent for them.

It is often not known about the aetiology of OCD, however, some of the risk factors include stress, parents or family having OCD, depression and anxiety, experience with a traumatic episode in life, history of physical as well as sexual abuse and physical deformities and the difference in the brain. At times, the child develops OCD after infection with Streptococcal, which is believed to be an Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder. 

Treatment of OCD majorly includes giving Psychotherapy like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Relaxation Techniques and medication like citalopram, escitalopram and fluoxetine.

NF and OCD

Nathan shared and came out with his struggle openly with the release of his new album, “ The Search: Let me warn you”. Each song from the album outpours and shares his soul, very heavy and candid.

In his song, he shared how it is fine and acceptable not needing to swear to become a rapper, not needing to be perfectly neat, organised and clean to have been diagnosed with OCD and to be a perfect and a full devotee of Jesus Christ.

He confessed that OCD is not an adjective rather a noun, thus when the individual was diagnosed with OCD, it is not that they are always hyper-organised and clean. There are variations in OCD to all individuals and not all OCD is the same as the symptoms and it’s severity. 

From his song, “ Leave me alone”:

Panic-stricken, handle business, not a joke, yeah

Manners missing, travel different, no control, yeah

Time to listen, time to zip it, keep it closed

My description, highly gifted, take some notes, yeah

Lack of interest, why’d you visit? Hit the road, yeah

I’m kinda twisted, so keep your distance, be a ghost

Yeah, see I’m inventive, but quite the menace, you ain’t know?

Well then I’m offended, let’s jog your memories, here we go, yeah

I went from nobody to kinda famous

Hide my plaques inside the closet, I just can’t explain it

My wife, she tells me that she’s proud and thinks that I should hang ’em

But I just leave ’em on the ground right next to my self-hatred

Yeah, yeah, mental health, where’s my mental health?

 “Diagnosed with OCD, what does that mean? Well, gather ’round

That means I obsessively obsess on things I think about

That means I might take a normal thought and think it’s so profound

Ruminating, fill balloons up full of doubt

Do the same things, if I don’t, I’m overwhelmed

Thoughts are pacing, they go ’round and ’round and ’round

It’s so draining, let’s move onto something else, fine.”

“I keep it together but have a disorder

I go to my room and I sit in my corner

And talk to myself in a language that’s foreign

I think of a rhyme and I have to record it

But know if I don’t, I’ll wake up in the morning

And question my life again, always avoiding

I hate to be different, but hate to be normal, so I…”

An excerpt from his song, “ The Search” where he shared about his diagnosis

“OCD, tryna push my buttons

I said don’t touch it, now y’all done it…”

“The sales can rise

Doesn’t mean much though when your health declines

See, we’ve all got somethin’ that we trapped inside

That we try to suffocate, you know, hopin’ it dies

Try to hold it underwater but it always survives

Then it comes up out of nowhere like an evil surprise

Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies

You don’t relate to that? Must not be as crazy as I am…”

NF’s songs and kinds of music speak very loud to the youth and offer them hope and voice. Some of his songs that cover the topic around mental health include a broken relationship with the song “ Time”, “Nate” mental health and the song “ outcast” that talks about how it is acceptable and okay to be different and unique.

As per his word, he shared, “ I was having a mental breakdown. I was questioning my life. I was questioning everything, The song ‘Nate’, that’s where I’m rapping to the younger version of me, that was inspired from checking myself into therapy after I got off the ‘Perception’ tour because I was so mentally in a bad place… I ended up getting diagnosed with OCD.”

In the song, “ The Search”, NF has shared his struggle where he had a really tough time owing to the fame that he had earned, the lack of time for self and me-time, and also the underlying breakdown he was dealing with. 

Rapping and his song is believed to be the mean through which he connects with the youth and larger audience.  His humility and groundedness to appear in front of thousands and share his struggle were aimed to normalize mental health-related issues and inspire those who are struggling with it.

He was treated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Exposure Response Therapy which is believed to be the ideal treatment for OCD.

Does NF have a kid?

No, the married with Bridgette Doremus only in 2018

Is NF Eminem’s brother?

No, Eminem is not the biological brother of NF, rather he sees him as an inspiration.

Does NF produce his own music?

Yes, NF has his own music.

How much is Eminem worth?

The worth of Eminem is $210 million for 2020

How did NF get famous?

He started off his career by attending a “ Fine Arts Festival” and made his music in the year 2010, after that he released his debut album “ Moment”. 

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In this brief post, we answered the question, “ Does NF have OCD”, further we discussed Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, the major symptoms, subtypes of OCD, shed some light on Obsessive symptoms as well as Compulsive behaviour, we explored the topic and finally answered some of the questions regarding the topic.

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