Does show dependencies? (+Steps to add the Dependency column)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This article will answer if can show dependencies. We will also be describing the various steps involved in adding and using the Dependency column for your boards. Furthermore, we will also look at the other advantages of using for your workplace collaboration and work management needs.

Does show dependencies?

Yes, can be set up to show task dependencies. Task dependencies or date or time dependencies are necessary for large teams. This is important as many tasks and items are related to each other, and only when one has been completed can the other one be started or initiated. Task dependencies are usually shown in Gantt charts or even project timelines.

Steps to add the Dependency column in

The easiest way to set up these dependencies in is by adding the Dependency column to your boards. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  • You will need to click on the ‘+’ sign at the right of your last column. From the options that open up, you can click on ‘More columns’.
Does show dependencies? (+Steps to add the Dependency column)

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  • This will open the Column Center from which you can choose the Dependency column. You will find this option in the Board power-up section.
  • Next, you will be prompted to choose a time column for your items.  For this you will have two options to choose from, the Date column and the Timeline column.
  • Once you have made your choice, you can click on ‘Connect column’.
  • To set the dependency, click on any cell in the Dependency column which will give you a menu of different options to choose from.

Advantages of using for your team

Other than task dependencies, provides plenty of other advantages and benefits for its users and teams. Let’s look at some of these advantages.

The platform is easy to navigate

Even newcomers will find that they can get easily acclimatized to’s interface and features. This is because the platform has been set up in such a way that users can easily find the items they are looking for with a smoother navigation. Users will also find the bright color set up of the platform quite pleasing and motivating to work in.

It offers time tracking features

Time tracking features can be easily set up in this platform. This is important not only for leaders and managers to keep an eye on the work progress, but also for teams to understand the tasks where they spend a lot of time. Time tracking can further be used for payroll and also performance review and feedback purposes.

It provides several views

Teams always want to see information through multiple perspectives and from different angles. This can greatly help in decision making and also problem solving for the team members. The different views in, such as the Gantt view, the Timeline view and the Kanban board view can be highly beneficial for teams who are seeking different perspectives.

Tasks can be easily automated

While projects require many creative and innovative tasks to be done which can take up a lot of thinking and effort, there are many mundane tasks that need to be completed. Teams can often become frustrated with repetitive tasks and might view them as tedious chores. These can be easily done by the platform through the help of customized automations.

Integrations can be seamlessly setup

Teams rarely work with only one project management or collaboration tool. Since they work with many tools at the same time, it is important that these tools or apps are integrated properly so that there is less switching back and forth. offers more than 40 integrations with popular tools and apps like Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.

There are many templates

For teams to work on efficiently and effectively, the platform has provided plenty of ready to use templates. These templates practically cover the majority of tasks and assignments from various business verticals. Teams can also choose to create their own templates and use this for their work processes.

Collaboration becomes efficient

For collaboration and communication to be efficient in a team, it needs to take place through various mediums. In, teams can choose to communicate with each other, both synchronously and asynchronously, through board comments, updates section and also through the means of tagging with @mentions.

Plenty of pricing plans has something for everyone. Therefore, it provides plenty of pricing plans that users can choose from for their needs and requirements. The platform also offers a free plan which is quite popular among individuals who are looking for a project management tool that can help them coordinate and manage their various tasks.

Viewers can be easily allowed

Projects need to be shared and viewed by not only the team members, but also by others like clients and stakeholders. They might also need to be shared for the purpose of problem solving or getting feedback. For this purpose, the platform allows teams to welcome viewers to have a look at their projects. The number of viewers can differ based on the plan in use.


This article has answered if can show dependencies. We have also described the various steps involved in adding and using the Dependency column for your boards. Furthermore, we have also looked at the other advantages of using for your workplace collaboration and work management needs.

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