Does offer scheduling? (+7 benefits)

This article will answer if offers scheduling. We shall also look at the different steps involved in setting up a shift scheduling board for teams. We will additionally be looking at the benefits of planning and scheduling and also for the purpose of project management.

Does offer scheduling?

Yes, offers scheduling for its users. Users can opt to use the inbuilt scheduling features of and customize their boards in such a way. They can also choose to create a Google Calendar Integration with their accounts for their planning and scheduling needs.

How to set up shift scheduling in

If you want to create a board for shift scheduling in, you will need to follow these steps:

  • You will need to add the People column to your board with the right details
  • The groups need to represent weeks so that it becomes easy to assign people accordingly
  • You can also set up an automation so that you are notified every time a team member is assigned to a shift
  • In order to track scheduling and progress in a better manner, you can also add a Formula column to check the attendance of team members

Benefits of planning and scheduling for project management

Planning and scheduling can bring many benefits to organizations, teams and also individuals. Some of the benefits of planning and scheduling have been discussed below:

Scheduling can make teams goal-oriented

When there is a proper schedule of tasks and assignments, teams can become goal oriented and better aligned with the goals. Goal orientation is important as it helps teams become more focused and committed to the goals. It becomes even more relevant as teams are working towards achieving a shared purpose rather than individual or personal goals.

It can make teams highly productive

When teams are not aware of the time and have no idea as to what their daily tasks and assignments are, they tend to reduce their productivity and work efficiency. Teams who follow a strict schedule which has been planned and organized, tend to work in a smarter and more constructive manner.

It can cut down costs

Costs don’t necessarily mean money. Costs can also relate to time and effort. Any kind of wastage needs to be worked on and lessened by the organization in order to generate more profit. Through efficient planning and scheduling, organizations can waste less resources, cut down on costs and there increase their work efficiencies.


Benefits of using brings more to a team and an organization than just efficient project management. Let’s discuss a few benefits of bringing in to your organization or your team’s work processes.

It can increase collaboration

Through collaboration and communication, organizations can increase their success rates and also benefit their employees and teams. Thus, leaders and managers always look for new and effective ways to implement collaborative strategies. One great way is by bringing in a tool like which has been known to improve collaboration among team members.

It can give plenty of information

Since data is the new oil, teams and organizations require plenty of information and data related to practically all their work processes. With the help of the intuitive dashboard in, teams are provided with plenty of information and analytics that they can use to make their work a lot more efficient and scientific.

It has features for CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a serious business for any organization or team. Through efficient CRM practices, customers can be taken care of throughout their entire lifecycles. Their problems can also be easily resolved and queries can be answered smoothly. This highly appreciates the brand value and also helps in brand promotion and marketing.

It can be used content management

The great thing about is its versatility due to which it can be used in almost any business vertical and all types of work processes that can go on in an organization. can also be used by content teams to create content, plan their posts and also schedule their posts. Furthermore, the platform has a lot of handy tools that can be used to make creative content.

It can be used for presentations

Presentations occur in an organization or a team all the time. They can be used to orient teams about new projects or even existing ones. They can also be used to present information to stakeholders and clients. With’s help, teams can create highly effective and graphic presentations which can deliver the message in an efficient manner.

It aligns teams better

Team members need to be on the same page at all times in every stage of a project. When team members are better aligned to the project and its goals, they work with more direction and commitment to the shared purpose. With the clear overviews that provides, team members are aligned better and thus work closely together in order to achieve the goal.

It is simple to use

The tool is quite simple to use and thus teams will have a smooth ride while experiencing The navigation is quite simple as the features and items on the platform are placed highly visibly. Furthermore, the platform is filled with bright colors and color coded, so as to create a stimulating work environment.


This article has answered if offers scheduling. We have also looked at the different steps involved in setting up a shift scheduling board for teams. We have additionally looked at the benefits of planning and scheduling and also for the purpose of project management.

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