Does integrate with Quickbooks? (+3 great features)

This article will examine if integrates with Quickbooks. We shall also be describing some of the aims and objectives that wants to achieve with its users. In addition to this, we will be looking closely at Quickbooks and some of the features that can be advantageous for organizations and teams.

Does integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes, can be integrated with Quickbooks. However, it cannot be integrated using the platform as there is no feature to support this. Still, users who want to integrate their accounts with Quickbooks can do so with the help of Integromat or Zapier so that there is a custom integration between the two platforms.

While does not integrate with Quickbooks, it still does offer many useful integrations with other apps and services. And this is one of the reasons is so popular with organizations. Some of the common integrations are with Zoom, Dropbox, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

Aims and objectives of calls itself a Work Operating System which basically works as a project management cum workplace collaboration tool. Some of the aims that seeks to achieve are:

Making work environments fun and engaging

The word ‘Monday’ can induce panic and stress among many individuals. Those who are working in stressful jobs can really relate to this. However, the folks at want to change this scenario. They aim to make work more pleasant and employee-centered by creating an engaging environment that will make workers be more enthusiastic about Mondays.

Improving collaboration and communication

Without effective communication and collaboration between team members, the organization cannot be successful. While collaboration and communication strategies and policies may be employed by the management, the team members will simply not communicate effectively if there is no proper tool to do so. bridges the gap, thus increasing collaboration.

Reducing the workload for team members

While team members may already be encumbered by the high workloads, a good project management tool will aim to cut down work and improve the use of company time. With the help of features in the platform, team members can set automations for their tasks to be completed without their intervention at all.

Building better infrastructure

Organizations do not only require collaboration and communication tools. They also have many other work processes in different sectors such as billing, customer relations, employee relations, sales and marketing, finances, inventory, etc. aims to be a one-stop shop for all the needs and requirements of an organization.

Encouraging creativity and innovation

When there is creativity and innovation in a workplace, an organization thrives due to the generation of new ideas and creation of better products and services. Creativity also boosts morale in the organization and can improve the job satisfaction of employees. With the help of’s flexible features, users are encouraged to let their creative juices flow.

Leading by example

While the platform wants to create better work environments for employees in other organizations, they also encourage this by leading and demonstrating by example. Those who work at can easily vouch for the flat organizational structure and the transparency that is in play every day.

What is Quickbooks?

The Quickbooks Enterprise is basically a platform that is used for the purpose of accounting and maintaining finances in organizations. With the help of Quickbooks, companies can easily create invoices and billing, track payments and also track their profits. In addition, HR departments can use this for the purpose of payroll and bonuses.

Quickbooks has three different plans that users can opt from. These plans can serve the different needs of various organizations. The Quickbook Pro and Quickbook Premier can be used for medium sized and small sized businesses. The Quickbook Enterprise version can be used for larger organizations.

Features of Quickbook

With the help of the features available in Quickbook, businesses can be less worried about their finances and thus focus more on their daily workflows and work processes. The features of this great platform that allow this to happen are discussed as follows:

Inventory is made easy

With the help of Quickbooks, companies and organizations can easily manage their inventories of customers, stock and vendors. Through Quickbooks, barcodes can be easily created for the items thus improving the time and work efficiency. They can also use the Quickbooks platform, especially the Enterprise version to get an easy overview of the supply chain.

Sales can be tracked and managed

Through Quickbooks, companies can also manage their sales as well as marketing in a smooth and efficient manner. This platform makes the tracking and sales a highly simplified process which helps in better coordination of all the team members in the organization. Furthermore, organizations can also make use of this tool to generate and track leads.

Employees can be paid on time

When employees are paid on time, they show higher job satisfaction and also stay for longer periods of time at the organization. This not only includes the original payroll but also the incentives and bonuses. With the help of Quickbooks, organizations can easily streamline and ensure their employees are paid on time.


This article has examined if integrates with Quickbooks. We have also described some of the aims and objectives that wants to achieve with its users. In addition to this, we have looked closely at Quickbooks and some of the features that can be advantageous for organizations and teams.