Does integrate with Outlook? (+ Steps to integrate)

In this blogpost, we shall discuss if integrates with Outlook. We shall also describe the various steps you need to follow in order to set up integration between your account and Outlook. Furthermore, we will also examine the various advantages of using Microsoft Outlook for your work.

Does integrate with Outlook?

Yes, integrates with Outlook. This is just one among the large number of integrations that allows. For professionals who are looking to connect their email inboxes with, this integration can bring a seamless coordination in their work flows and work processes.

Steps to integrate with Outlook

In order to integrate your account with Outlook, following these steps given below:

  • On the board you want to integrate, click on the Integration button. You can find this at the top right part of your screen. From the Integration Center, you can choose the Outlook option.

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  • From the recipes available, choose the appropriate one that suits your needs and requirements better. Once you click on the recipe, you now need to connect your account with your Outlook account.
  • Click on the ‘accept’ option that appears in the permissions screen. This will happen after you have chosen the Outlook account you want to integrate with

Advantages of using Microsoft Outlook

This email client from Microsoft is a very popular option among individuals and organizations alike. Not only does it provide a great email service, but also brings many other advantages to the table. These advantages are discussed below:

It provides sturdy security features

With the rise in cybercrime, internet security is the need of the hour. Microsoft takes this very seriously and thus incorporates heavy duty security features into all of its products, including Outlook. With Outlook, you can be notified if an email looks suspicious and thus avoid opening. You can also easily block unwanted senders and also disable live links.

You can have multiple accounts

Outlook allows you to have several accounts in its system. You can also synchronize all these accounts so that you can store their information in one folder. If you want separate folders for these accounts, you can customize your settings to suit your needs better. In this manner, Outlook can be your one email service catering to both your professional as well as personal needs.

It can be easily integrated

Since Outlook is the go-to email service client for many individuals and organizations, it needs to be integrated or synced with many other project tools and collaboration. This highly increases the effectiveness of the project tool itself. Outlook allows itself to be easily integrated with most of the popular work and collaboration tools out there, making it even more advantageous.

Short learning curve

Who out here is not familiar with Microsoft? This popular company has been in play for quite a long time now. Most individuals are already familiar with how the product and the platform will operate. Thus, those who are using the features of Outlook will find that the software is very easy to use and thus are guaranteed a short learning curve.

Easy to organize info

Nobody likes a cluttered inbox, especially when you are searching for something important. With the help of Outlook, inboxes can be easily organized so that files and documents are sorted into different folders. This not only gives you a clear overview when you open your inbox and can help you find your items in a faster manner.

Robust search options

It might be difficult to find what you are looking for among the many folders and files in your inbox. In order to find something in a quick and easy manner, you can easily type it in the search bar through which you will be directed to the item immediately. This can save a lot of time and effort in your workday.

Various keyboard shortcuts

Since keyboard shortcuts allow you to do things quicker and easier Outlook has incorporated many shortcuts, so that your workflow goes by smoothly and uninterrupted. You can use these shortcuts for many different purposes such as sending and responding to messages. You can also go through your inbox and folders with the help of these shortcuts.

Superb calendar features

With the help of the Outlook calendar, you can be ensured to never miss a meeting or an appointment ever again. You can also integrate the calendar with other tools to make it even more effective in your work processes. Furthermore, the calendar can also notify or remind you about events and appointments way ahead of time so that you can prepare accordingly.

Reminds you about attachments

Outlook also reminds you about attachments that you might have forgotten in your emails. This is an automated setting that picks a message which might need attaching and reminds the user when they have not attached anything in it.


In this blogpost, we have discussed if integrates with Outlook. We have also described the various steps you need to follow in order to set up integration between your account and Outlook. Furthermore, we have also examined the various advantages of using Microsoft Outlook for your work.