Does integrate with MYOB? (+6 benefits of

This post shall answer if can integrate with MYOB. We shall also discuss some of the benefits of using MYOB Accounting software while looking at how can help in accounting. is a project management tool that can be used for many different purposes and thus is highly preferred by many organizations all over the world.

Does integrate with MYOB?

Yes, can easily integrate with MYOB. However, MYOB cannot be found in the Integrations Center of For the integration to be seamlessly set up, users will need to purpose an external party like Zapier or Integromat. Since MYOB is an accounting software, integrating it with a project management tool like can make it effective.

Benefits of using MYOB

The versatile features of MYOB make it a very useful and versatile tool that can be highly beneficial for organizations of all sizes. Some of these benefits are explained below:


Taxes can be calculated easily

With the help of MYOB, organizations can easily calculate their taxes. You can also opt to create a report that can show you a comparison between different EOFY reports. This can save you a lot of time and effort. Since it is easy to use, the platform can be quite helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Budgets can be easily set

Projects require money and also the investment of time and effort. For this, they require a budget. Many times, the budget itself can determine the course of action that needs to be taken by the team and the team members. Furthermore, the budget needs to also be split and allocated to the right sectors in order to ensure productivity and work efficiency.

Profits can be calculated

Profits can also be calculated in a easy manner using MYOB. Since the budget has already been set for each project and also every sub goal or sub task, the returns on the project can be easily generated.


Payroll is made easy

With the help of MYOB, payroll can be easily managed. The software also allows you to take care of the payroll for an unlimited number of personnel. It can also handle different types of salaries and payments. In addition, the software is tied closely with the current tax laws and thus ensures the right payment is made.


Multiple accounts can be created

The software also allows a single user to create multiple business accounts. This is particularly useful if you own several businesses and need to take care of their accounting and finance needs from a single platform.  

Inventories can be managed

Since all businesses have some type of inventory or the other, inventory management is an important part of the business operations. With the help of MYOB, businesses can manage their inventories and be more aware of their stock levels. This tool can also track inventories of warehouses even if they are located elsewhere.

How can help in accounting?

With its large number of features, can help in accounting through the following ways:

It can make team collaboration easier

Through the use of, team members can easily collaborate and communicate with each other. Even though the platform does not have a live chat feature, teams who want this can easily integrate their accounts with Slack. The platform instead encourages communication through the Updates Section, board comments and also tagging.

It can make task management smoother

Leaders and managers can easily relax when it comes to delegating tasks and tracking progress while using With the help of this platform, tasks can be easily assigned to the right team members and progress can also be tracked with the help of the informative dashboards that the platform offers.

It can provide a lot of information

The dashboards in are highly intuitive and informative. They provide information about the statuses of different tasks and can also give a lot of analytics and data about customer behavior and trends. Furthermore, this information can also be used to spot loopholes and reduce wastage of time and money.

It can make work easier through automations

Repetitive tasks that can take up a lot of time and can bring frustration and stress to team members can be easily automated with the help of the automations feature in Based on the plan that the users have chosen, they are entitled to a certain number of automations per month which they can set up to do work for them.

It allows many integrations

Integrations are necessary as teams work with many project tools and collaboration tools at the same time. offers more than 40 great integrations with communication tools, CRM tools, social media tools, accounting tools and finance tools. The most popular integrations are with Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Zendesk, etc.

It is easy to learn

The interface is quite simple and extremely user-friendly. The platform is also filled with bright and bold colors that make it quite visual and highly visible for users to navigate. This creates a fun and positive work environment for users, which along with the wide range of features brings more effectiveness and productivity to teams.


This post has answered if can integrate with MYOB. We have also discussed some of the benefits of using MYOB Accounting software while looking at how can help in accounting.

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