Does integrate with Google calendar? (+in-house calendar features)

In this article, we shall discuss if integrates with Google calendar. We shall also discuss the various steps that are required to build a two-way sync between and Google calendar. Furthermore, we shall also look at the in-house calendar features of Additionally, we will also be looking at two other useful integrations.

Does integrate with Google calendar?

Yes, integrates with Google calendar and that too quite easily. With the help of this integration, team members can easily be reminded or notified of appointments in their external calendar. This can be pertaining to meetings, calls, events and even important tasks that may require attention.

How to create a two-way sync between and Google calendar?

A two-way sync between and Google Calendar can put a stop to you missing any more meetings. This sync can be created by using the following steps in

  • Make sure you have added a Date column to your board and fill it out with the necessary information
  • Go to the top of your board and click on ‘Integrate’. This opens the Integrations Center from which you can select Google Calendar.
  • Add a recipe that involves the creation of an event in Google Calendar and then follow the steps that appear on your screen.

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  • Once the accounts are connected, you will be redirected to the recipe page. Here, you need to click on the fields that have been underlined which will configure it.
  • You can now add a second recipe, which will create an item on board from the info on your Google Calendar. For this, you need to create another integration and choose the Google Calendar from the options. Click on the ‘item’ field and select the info on how you would like the new item to be created.
  • Once these two recipes have been created, you will have a proper two-way sync between and Google Calendar. Thus, you can easily be notified about events and appointments on either calendar.

Calendar features on

While you can definitely integrate with external calendar apps or tools, you can also make great use of the calendar features available in the platform. To make the platform a lot more versatile and also to bring more customization for the user, allows two main ways to create calendars. These have been explained in detail below:

Calendar View on

With the help of the Calendar View on, users can easily have an overview of all their tasks and activities according to the date. This makes it very easy for viewers and team members to get a clearer picture of the project and when their tasks and assignments are due. Thus, the Calendar View can be used to improve collaboration as well as coordination.

You can also find more information about the task or the event by clicking on it which will let you see the item card. This item will have the description of the task and can be customized by the team who can decide what information to put out there and what they need to hold back from viewing.

Users can easily customize their calendars to suit their needs and even their personalities. While some individuals like to work on their tasks month by month, there are many who would like to live week to week. For this purpose, the Calendar View can be simply edited to remove columns or even add them according to the user’s will and wish.

Finally, you can also choose how you want to view things on your screen. If you would like to see both your Calendar View as well as your Board View, you can easily do this on In this manner, you can see your tasks and your assignments. You can also be aware of when they are due and what other appointments you might have along the way.

Calendar Widget on your dashboard

The Calendar Widget is another fun and engaging widget that provides for its users. Using this widget, you can easily see the schedule or calendar for all the boards in your account. And thus, this widget is not limited to only one board, unlike the Calendar View. If this might be too much for you, lets you easily customize and filter your columns appropriately.

The Calendar Widget is preferred by many users as with the help of this feature, they can get a lot more information about tasks and assignments as compared to Calendar Views. Here, they can also see the time that will be consumed by the task. All they need to do is add the ‘Show Hours’ feature on their calendars and voila!

Other useful integrations with

While offers a handy integration with Google Calendar as well as other external calendars, there are also many other integrations that this platform supports. Two of the user favorites are:


Slack is another popular workplace collaboration tool which can be used by team members to send messages and chat with each other, in real-time as well as in non-real time.


Zoom can be used by teams and organizations to video-conference with each other. They can also use this platform to conduct meetings and seminars.


In this article, we have discussed if integrates with Google calendar. We have also discussed the various steps that are required to build a two-way sync between and Google calendar. Furthermore, we have also looked at the in-house calendar features of Additionally, we have also described two other useful integrations.


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