Does have a Kanban board? (+How to add the Kanban View)

In this article, we shall answer if has a Kanban board. We will also be describing the steps involved in adding a Kanban view to your account. Furthermore, we shall also discuss the different benefits of using a Kanban board for your team. offers Kanban boards and many other features that can make work highly effective and productive.

Does have a Kanban board?

Yes, does have a Kanban board. For this, users will need to build a suitable board and then add the Kanban View so that the content can be seen in this perspective. Kanban boards are highly popular as they allow teams to work with full capacity and also create task priorities and statuses.

How to add the Kanban View in

In order to do this, all you need to do is to follow the steps described below:

  • On the board of your choice, go to the top left part and click on the ‘Add View’ button. This will create a drop down menu from which you can choose ‘Kanban’.

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  • Once you have this view in your board, you can customize the settings as you wish. For this, you will need to click on the settings option in the form of a cogwheel. You can find this in the right part of your board.
  • Select the type of column that you want in your board. You can also add a File column and a Card column which will be displayed as Kanban cards.
  • You can divide the information into groups for easier viewing by ticking the ‘Divide by groups’ box.
  • You can further customize your Kanban View by clicking on the three dot menu from which you can change the name of your board.
  • You may also add a new item by clicking on the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the column.

Benefits of using a Kanban board

The various benefits of using a Kanban board have been explained in this section:

Kanban boards can save a lot of time

With the help of Kanban boards, tasks are delegated in a smarter manner. In addition, the boards can also give the right information and resources to the team members. In this manner, teams save a lot of time that goes into discussing, clarifying doubts and needlessly searching for information from different sources.


They can increase productivity

With the help of Kanban boards, team members are highly motivated to achieve the goal. This is because these boards create a lot of visibility about the project and thus team members know what their role is and how it affects the project. Through this way, Kanban boards can bring more productivity and work efficiency in the team.

They provide plenty of information

There is plenty of information to go around while using Kanban boards. These boards not only give information about teams and team members but can also be used to give information about customers and customer processes. With the help of this information, teams can create better work processes and smoother workflows.

They can reduce wastage

Wastage is also considerably less when teams work with Kanban boards. Wastage does not only refer to wasting of money but also time and effort. Through Kanban boards, teams can be more aware of the tasks that take up too much time and also those team members who are wasting precious company time.

They can easily give an overview

For a project to be successful, teams should not be oriented only during the initial stages. Team members need to know what is going on and what is to be expected next at all times. This means team members need access to the right information about the project in an easy and simple manner. What better way to do this than a Kanban board?

Workload is equally shared

There are many instances where some team members are miserably overworked while others are absolutely free in their day. This can greatly affect the team morale in a negative manner. It can also lead to a waste of company time. With the help of Kanban boards, teams can easily understand how they need to share the workload among all the team members.

Kanban boards lead to transparency

Kanban boards give a lot of transparency to the team members. This is because everyone knows what the other person is working on and what they are working on. When there is high transparency in an organization, it leads to better accountability and responsibility from the team members. This can then lead to a lot more productivity among teams.

Risks can be easily foreseen

While Kanban boards can give teams plenty of information about current work processes and tasks, they can also give a lot of information that can be used to predict and foresee risks and problems in the future. When problems are foreseen, teams can easily prepare for these ahead of time and thus avoid major disruptions in the work processes.


In this article, we have answered if has a Kanban board. We have also described the steps involved in adding a Kanban view to your account. Furthermore, we have also discussed the different benefits of using a Kanban board for your team.

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