Does have a free version? (+4 alternatives)

This article will discuss if has a free version. We shall also explain the various features and disadvantages of the free version in In addition, we will be describing some of the key features of and also list out some of the other free alternatives to

Does have a free version?

Yes, does have a free version. This plan is mainly proposed by individuals who want to use the essential features of This plan is also free forever, further making it a great choice for individual users. In addition to the free version, has a standard version, a pro version and also an enterprise version.

Features of the free version in

The free version of includes the following features:

  • You can invite up to two members for your account
  • You can create an unlimited number of boards but are restricted with the number of items
  • You can easily communicate and collaborate with your team members using the tagging and updates section
  • You can search for information on your boards using the search bar
  • You can get an overview of the project through the use of Kanban boards\

Limitations of the free version in

While the free version is great, it still has many limitations. Some of these limitations are:

  • Only two members can be invited for an account
  • No viewers are allowed for the account
  • While you can create an unlimited number of boards, you are limited to 200 items
  • You can have as many dashboards, but each dashboard will contain information from only one board

Features of

The various features of that make it a popular choice among organizations and teams are described below:

Automation settings useful automation settings that can be programmed to complete recurring tasks for employees. In this manner, employees and team members can save a lot of time and effort that goes into performing tedious tasks. Furthermore, the platform can also notify and let users know when the task has been completed so that they can move on to the next task.

Strong and stable security

The security features of are strong and sturdy. This includes features like a strong firewall, multi-step authentication and end-to-end encryption for all the data traffic. The platform also makes use of the servers at Amazon Web Services and has two data regions, one in the US and another one in the EU.

Highly user friendly interface

The interface of is also very user friendly. Even though the number of features available on the platform may require some time to learn, the platform is quite simple to navigate and get the hang of. This user-friendly interface of is one of the top reasons why organizations and team members love using it.

Different ways to collaborate

Since the folks at realize that collaboration and communication are highly important for an organization, they have created a platform that encourages these factors among team members. Not only is the collaboration relatively easy in, but can also be implemented through various mediums.

Useful integrations also offers many integrations that users can find handy and purposeful. The integrations can be used to make the platform a lot more effective and efficient. The most popular integrations are with Slack for the purpose of communication, Zendesk for collaboration and coordination and also Google Calendar for synchronizing events.

Other free alternatives like

If you are on the lookout for free project management tools that are similar to the free version of, you can go through the following list:


Asana easily makes the list for alternatives to This project management tool also has plans that have a price. The platform also offers a free plan which has great features that leaders and managers, as well as team members will find highly useful. With the help of this plan, tasks can be easily assigned and tracked, ensuring better coordination in the organization.


Wrike is another great alternative to This project management tool is very easy to use and at the same time offers a wide range of features that team members will love. While there are paid plans which are not so pricey, the free plan that Wrike offers has a great number of useful features such as time tracking, easy email integrations and tagging team members.


Trello is a popular work management tool that small and medium sized organizations find very useful and highly agile. The free plan that Trello offers is free forever and can make work management easy with features like event notifications, easy file attachments, robust integrations and also simple organization of tasks.


This alternative is popular because it is quite agile in its framework. Teams which work with a lot of data and analytics will find the Scrum and Kanban features quite useful. You can get all this and more in the free forever plan. Teams can also easily track the time of tasks while being able to access their work through both iOS and Android apps.


This article will discuss if has a free version. We shall also explain the various features and disadvantages of the free version in In addition, we will be describing some of the key features of and also list out some of the other free alternatives to

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