Does do invoicing? (+steps to create an invoice)

This blogpost will discuss if does invoicing. We shall also be directing the steps you need to follow if you want to create invoices on Furthermore, we shall also be comparing the features of and Invoice Ninja in this aspect. is a popular project management tool that is sought-after for its many other features as well.

Does do invoicing?

Yes, does invoicing. With the Quotes and Invoices app, users can easily create invoices for their businesses on This can be highly helpful for organizations which deal in sales and marketing, Customer Relationship Management, finance services and also manufacturing services.

How to create invoices in

To create an invoice in, it is fairly easy. The various steps that are involved in creating invoices in are described below:

  • Open the updates section in your boards, by clicking on the speech bubble. You can then click on ‘+Add View’ which will lead you to the Views Center. Here you can see all the apps that are available on You can choose the ‘Quotes & Invoices’ option which will add the app to your workspace.
  • You can then choose the template from the updates section and click on ‘Quote’ to change the name of the document. Now, you may add the information in the template such as the company information, the customer’s information.

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  • You can also add your company logo to the invoice by clicking in the ‘Add company logo’ option. This opens a window that will allow you to choose an image from your computer.
  • Once you have entered all the introductory information, you may add items that you are preparing the invoice for. To do this, go to the updates section and click on ‘Add line item’ after which you can fill in the required details.
  • You can then make adjustments to the invoice, such as discounts, VAT, etc. To do this, click on the ‘Add adjustment’ and choose from the options that come up.
  • You may also add your signature to the invoice by checking the ‘Add signature’ box after which a signature line and a date line will be added to the invoice.

Features of and Invoice Ninja

Both these tools can be used for the purpose of creating invoices. While is originally a project management and workplace collaboration tool, Invoice Ninja is specifically intended to create invoices and expense forms. Let’s compare some of the features of and Invoice Ninja. vs Invoice Ninja defines itself as a Work Operating System and acts as a combination of project management and workplace collaboration systems. With the help of, team members can delegate tasks to each other and also track the progress of tasks. They can also easily share files with each other and have an easier access to information and resources.

On the other hand, Invoice Ninja has been particularly branded as a tool to create invoices and quotes for organizations. Thus, Invoice Ninja is an important tool that can be a great add-on for any type of organization. Through the use of this tool, team members can easily create invoices, accept payments and also track expenses in their organizations.

Type of customers

Since is a project management tool that has a great number of features that team members can find useful, it can be used in a wide variety of business verticals and industries. In fact, the company boasts of helping more than 200 business verticals for their project management and collaboration needs.

Invoice Ninja is a very useful tool in handling the finances of an organization. However, there are not many features that allow it to be used for large organizations. Thus, this tool is used only among freelancers and small businesses that will have lesser needs and requirements when it comes to maintaining finances.

Use of platforms

Both these tools share the same specs when it comes to the point of platforms. Both and Invoice Ninja can be used on all platforms, and also are available in desktop and mobile versions. Thus, these apps can be used on iOS devices, Android devices and also can be used on web browsers. However, neither of these apps can be supported on a Windows phone.

Special features

When it comes to the amount of features, definitely takes the cake when compared to Invoice Ninja. This is understandable as Invoice Ninja is a lot more specified in its scope. The app also does not allow as many integrations as compared to This is one of its major drawbacks as organizations seek tools that can be easily integrated with others.


This blogpost will discuss if does invoicing. We shall also be directing the steps you need to follow if you want to create invoices on Furthermore, we shall also be comparing the features of and Invoice Ninja in this aspect.

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