Does Misa Amane have BPD? (+3 Additional diagnoses)

This info-rich article will be answering if Misa Amane has BPD, by listing out the various signs and symptoms of this PD that she depicts. Additionally, we will be describing the other mental health issues that Misa seems to struggle from.

Does Misa Amane have BPD?

Yes, Misa Amane has BPD. Although this has not exactly been confirmed in ‘Death Note’, Misa definitely portrays a number of signs that she is truly struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with some other mental health issues.

In ‘Death Note’, Misa Amane has the main aim of identifying Light Yagami’s true name and identity. She eventually becomes obsessed with him and even romantically interested with Light Yagami, showing true devotion and admiration of the character.

In the series, Misa Amane definitely shows a number of signs that she is struggling with some personality disorder, most likely Borderline Personality Disorder. Some signs that Misa Amane struggles with BPD have been shared in the following points.

She struggles with her self-image

Misa Amane definitely struggles with her self-image in Death Note. She actually starts out her story as a model that shows so much potential. She even gets offers from Hollywood. However, this confidence is shattered after she meets Light and basically throws her career away.

After her meeting with Light, she basically mirrors his self-image. When Light is happy, Misa is happy as well. But, when Light is upset or avoids her, Misa also forgets her own identity and struggles to find her confidence.

This self-image disruption in Misa Amane is one of the main symptoms of her Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a characteristic one. Until the end, Misa Amane never seems to really find grounding or stability in her self-image and struggles with it constantly.

She changes her perceptions of others often

Apart from her self-image, Misa Amane also changes her perceptions of others quite often. This mostly applies to her friends and others. For instance, at one point Misa can be seen saying that she would never betray her friends and then almost immediately changes her opinion about them.

Her favorite person is Light

Those who have Borderline Personality Disorder also almost always have a favorite person. For Misa, her favorite person is clearly Light Yagami. She develops an obsession with him as soon as she meets him after he kills the man who murders her family.

Favorite persons are quite characteristic in Borderline Personality Disorder, especially in a romantic manner. Misa Amane’s obsession becomes Light and this becomes so strong that she basically throws away her life just for him.

Her moods change frequently

Another characteristic sign of Misa Amane’s Borderline Personality Disorder is the frequent changes in her moods. Misa is definitely a very moody person and can be seen sometimes being very jovial and immediately changing her attitude and her mood without any major reason.

She gives up half her life

Misa Amane in fact meets Light when he dons on his identity of Kira and kills the man who murdered her family in the past. She becomes so obsessed with finding the true identity of Kira that she trades half of her life for the Shinigami Eyes.

It is through these eyes that Misa Amane is able to find out the actual identity of Kira in Light Yagami, thereby starting her tumultuous relationship with him. This act of Misa shows the extent that she will go to just to get close to Light and be with him forever.

She shows addictive behaviors

While Misa Amane definitely does not show any major addictions in ‘Death Note’, she definitely shows her proneness to addiction. Her addictive behaviors can be mainly seen toward wine and alcohol.

She shows suicidal behaviors

Misa Amane also shows suicidal behavior that is also another characteristic symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. After Light’s death, Misa is unable to find any reason to stay alive and actually kills herself.

Misa Amane’s mental health issues

Misa Amane from ‘Death Note’ definitely struggles with a number of mental health issues. Most fans and critics feel that Misa Amane might actually be struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder. She also shows a number of signs and symptoms of struggling with this PD.

However, according to many other fan forums and discussion forums, Misa Amane might actually be struggling with some other mental health disorder. Some of the alternate theories regarding Misa Amane’s mental health status have been discussed below.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

One important alternate theory regarding Misa Amane’s mental health status is Antisocial Personality Disorder. Misa Amane certainly shows a number of signs that she struggles with ASPD.

However, due to her age factor, some fans feel that Misa might actually have Conduct Disorder. At the same time, the theory that Misa Amane might have Antisocial Personality Disorder sticks since she depicts a number of signs.

For instance, Misa Amane truly does not care about her life and shows no self-preservation skills. She is very ready to sacrifice half of her life just to learn about Kira’s true identity. She also does not have any other purpose other than serving Kira/Light.

She is also very manipulative in nature and is easy to deceive others. She also does not seem to show any remorse or guilt for her actions. She also struggles to plan for her life and actually see the logical and moral consequences of her actions.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Another diagnosis that Misa Amane has been tagged with is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is mainly because of her impulsive nature. Misa definitely struggles to maintain focus and concentration for long periods of time, especially in things that don’t involve Light.

Obsessive Love Disorder

Misa Amane is truly obsessed with Kira and then later on falls in love with him after she finds out his true identity as Light. She has a very toxic and unhealthy relationship with Light and is basically like a puppy around him.

As a result of her perceptions of Light, many fans and critics of ‘Death Note’ have felt that the character might actually have Obsessive Love Disorder. Misa is truly obsessed with the character and will basically go to any extent to stay with him.

Misa only thinks and assumes that Light may be in love with her. Love does not show many signs of liking her back, and basically only uses her for his means and ends. However, Misa is still bent on the theory that Light is in love with her and that they are in a relationship.

She also shows tremendous willingness to do anything for Light, even if it is hurting others. Even before meeting Light, Misa also shows her obsessive and possessive side by halving down her life just to get the eyes to see Kira’s true identity as Light.

Obsessive Love Disorder is not exactly classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. At the same time, many mental health experts and psychologists feel that this disorder needs to be included since it affects a sizable percentage of the population.


This info-rich article has answered if Misa Amane has BPD, by listing out the various signs and symptoms of this Personality Disorder that she depicts. Additionally, we have described the other mental health issues that Misa seems to struggle from.

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