Does Minx have BPD?

This brief article will be explaining if Minx has BPD. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the various mental health issues and disorders that JustaMinx has been diagnosed with or seems to struggle with.

Does Minx have BPD?

Yes, Minx has BPD. Popular YouTuber JustaMinx who also streams on Twitch has confirmed on her social media that she has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She may also have a number of other mental health disorders.

Rebecca, who is better known by her YouTube tag name JustaMinx, is popular for her streams covering her playing games and chatting about random topics. She has also appeared as a guest on a number of other YouTube channels.

JustaMinx has also been known for her outspoken and often not well-accepted takes and opinions on a number of topics and even other popular celebrities. She has also been quite vocal about her struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder.

However, there is not a lot of information about her Borderline Personality Disorder since the YouTuber has not thrown a lot of light on her personal life. At the same time, the YouTuber has also mentioned that she struggles with a number of other mental health issues.

She has also confirmed in her social media that she struggles with Bipolar Disorder. She even had a breakdown or manic episode in one of her streams. After this, she took a break from streaming to focus on her mental health.

She also seems to struggle in controlling her impulses. This may be a sign of her Bipolar Disorder and even her Borderline Personality Disorder. For example, she appeared intoxicated in one of her streams, which caused her to be banned for a while.

This was not the first time Minx was banned, making it her third such ban from Twitch. She has violated a number of Twitch community guidelines in the past, causing the streaming platform to ban her for a certain period of time.

Such activities can point to the presence of a number of mental health disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder and even Bipolar Disorder. Minx has seemingly tried to actively get help for her mental health issues, even trying to get institutionalized at one point.

Her signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder can also be seen in her attitude towards her streaming and her social media activities. For instance, she seems to have a fear of abandonment by her own fans and viewers, and can never let go of the channel.

She also shows a lot of impulsivity and recklessness, and even has depicted signs of dissociation in her streams, leading many viewers and fans to be very concerned for the Twitch streamer’s mental health.


This brief article has explained if Minx has BPD. In addition to this, we have also checked out the various mental health issues and disorders that JustaMinx has been diagnosed with or seems to struggle with.

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