Does Mikasa from Attack on Titan have BPD? (+3 Alternate Diagnoses)

This info-rich post will be discussing if Mikasa has BPD. We will also be checking out the various other mental health disorders and issues that Mikasa Ackerman seems to struggle from in the series ‘Attack on Titan.’

Does Mikasa from Attack on Titan have BPD?

No, Mikasa does not have BPD. In the series ‘Attack on Titan’, Mikasa Ackerman does not show many signs of struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder. This has never been confirmed by the creators of the series.

Many fans and critics assume that Mikasa Ackerman may have Borderline Personality Disorder mainly due to her relationship with Eren Yeager. Early in her story, Eren saves Mikasa from a band of kidnappers.

After this, Mikasa shows an incredible loyalty to Eren and will literally do anything for him. It is often hinted that her feelings toward Eren might actually be romantic in nature. Other than her feelings toward Eren, Mikasa actually does not show many other signs of struggling with BPD.

Mikasa’s mental health disorders

Mikasa Ackerman from ‘Attack on Titan’ seems to be struggling with a number of mental health issues throughout the series. However, this has never been confirmed in the series, but only been theorized based on the signs that Mikasa depicts.

Mikasa definitely had a traumatic experience when her parents were killed and she had to depend on Eren for her life. This led to a number of mental health issues in Mikasa. Some of the alternate diagnoses that Mikasa has been tagged with have been shared as follows.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It is quite obvious that Mikasa Ackerman has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after witnessing her parents being murdered by kidnappers when she was a child. Even though she was somehow saved by Eren, the trauma of the experience stayed permanently with Mikasa.

Mikas remembered each and every aspect of her experience, and permanently changed her view of the world after this. She went on to think of the world as a dark and tiresome place and that she really needed to fight every day for her life to survive.

At the same time, Mikasa does not really depict the anxiety attacks which are quite common in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This has made many fans and critics of the show feel that she might actually not have PTSD at all.

Dependent Personality Disorder

Another commonly accepted theory regarding Mikasa Ackerman is that she has Dependent Personality Disorder. This is quite true since Mikasa is completely dependent on Eren Yeager for even her existence.

Mikasa looks up to Eren as her savior, which he truly is since he saved her from the kidnappers. Mikasa takes this to another level by depending on him completely and looking up to him as the definition of perfection itself.

It is quite well known that Mikasa likes Eren and many times it is hinted that she might have romantic feelings for him. She even expressed a lot of negative feelings at the very thought of Eren leaving her.

Major Depressive Disorder

Some fans and critics also feel that Mikasa Ackerman might actually have Major Depressive Disorder. This is quite understandable since Mikasa loses her parents at a very young age in a brutal manner.

Mikasa is almost always depressed and does not show many emotions other than when she is aggressively fighting with others and trying to save Eren. At the same time, this theory is not well-accepted by many fans and critics of the series.


This info-rich post has discussed if Mikasa has BPD. We have also checked out the various other mental health disorders and issues that Mikasa Ackerman seems to struggle from in the series ‘Attack on Titan.’

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