Does Mickey from ‘Love’ have BPD? (+5 Signs of BPD)

The following article will be answering if Mickey from ‘Love’ has BPD by looking at the various signs and symptoms of this PD that she depicts. In addition to this, we will also be checking out the main causal factor behind Mickey’s BPD as explained in ‘Love.’

Does Mickey from ‘Love’ have BPD?

Yes, Mickey from ‘Love’ has BPD. In the series ‘Love’, Mickey Dobbs shows many of the characteristic signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. However, this has never been confirmed to have this personality disorder in the series.

The theory that Mickey has Borderline Personality Disorder has been commonly assumed and discussed in fan forums of the show ‘Love’, due to her actions and behaviors throughout the series. Some signs of Borderline Personality Disorder that Mickey shows are:

She shows addictive behaviors

In the series ‘Love’, Mickey clearly struggles with addiction. She abuses alcohol frequently and even indulges in drugs. However, she is very aware of her problems and her behaviors, and tries her best to cut down on her consumption of dangerous substances.

She throws herself into relationships

Another sign of Borderline Personality Disorder which Mickey shows in the series is the way she handles relationships, especially romantic ones. She also says that she is addicted to love and sex and frequently takes part in both.

Love and sex also seem to be extensions of addiction when it comes to Mickey. Just as how she needs alcohol and drugs to get excited about each day, she also needs to be constantly in love and accessible to sex all the time.

As a result of these addictive behaviors, Mickey has a string of unstable relationships and jumps from guy to guy. She is quite aware of this since she confesses this to Gus almost immediately, but does not do much to change her behaviors for the better.

She often goes back to past lovers

Other than going from lover to lover, Mickey also turns to past lovers, especially when she is not feeling so good about herself. This can be clearly seen when she goes back to her after her relationship with Gus seems to dwindle after him leaving town.

She does not do well with separation

When Gus prepares to leave town, Mickey very openly tells him that she does not do well with separation. She knows her patterns and her behaviors from past experiences and rearranges her life and schedule to make sure that she handles this separation well, since she really likes Gus.

But, the separation still takes its toll on the two and their relationship becomes rocky. This basically makes her run towards her ex-boyfriend, leading her to a negative but familiar pattern of self-destruction.

She shows a lot of impulsivity

Mickey also seems to show a lot of impulsivity and recklessness in the show. Her drinking, unstable relationships, casual sex, all point to high levels of impulsivity. This is also a very characteristic symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder in Mickey.

Cause of Mickey’s BPD

The series ‘Love’ takes a beautiful spin on the real struggles of a romantic relationship and highlights many symptoms of Borderline Personality in Mickey. Not much is known about Mickey’s upbringing to determine a proper causal factor.

It is only when Mickey’s father pays her a visit that the viewers get to see where her BPD might come from. Mickey’s father seems to have anger issues and does not validate her feelings or her problems, seemingly neglecting her emotional needs.

He feels that Mickey is simply overreacting to her actual struggles with her relationships and her mental health. He does not even feel that Mickey’s alcoholism is concerning. This type of negative relationship between father and child could definitely be a causal factor for her BPD.


The following article has answered if Mickey from ‘Love’ has BPD by looking at the various signs and symptoms of this PD that she depicts. In addition to this, we have also checked out the main causal factor behind Mickey’s BPD as explained in ‘Love.’

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