Does Medicare cover Cerebral? (+4 ways to afford therapy)

In this blogpost, we shall explain if Medicare covers Cerebral. We will also be looking closely at why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we shall also be explaining various ways through which you can definitely reduce the costs of therapy and mental health care. At the time of a global pandemic, mental health has become one of the necessary needs of the hour.

Does Medicare cover Cerebral?

Yes, it definitely does. Medicare and Medicaid covers the cost of Cerebral plans and thus makes mental health care more affordable and accessible for millions of users. This is important as therapy and mental health care can be quite expensive, which is the main reason why many do not approach mental health professionals even when they need it the most.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Therapy, which is a great avenue for mental health and growth, can be quite expensive. Though many influencers and celebrities often speak up about the importance of therapy, a large percentage of the population are still hesitant due to the high cost factor of mental health care itself. Some of the reasons why therapy is actually so expensive have been explained below:


It costs a lot to study

Therapists undergo a lot of training and education to start practicing in their fields. The costs of education can be quite high and can even go higher when done at a prestigious institution. And thus, many therapists continue to pay off their educational loans even after several years in practice.

Therapist offices can be expensive

Those who have gone to in-person therapy definitely understand the effort the therapists put into creating a safe and comfortable space for all their clients. Therapists also try to establish offices in great locations so that clients have easy access. This coupled with the niceties in the office can be quite expensive.

Therapists have marketing expenses

It is not only enough for the therapist to have an office with a stunning location. They also need to promote and market themselves to bring in the right clientele. However, marketing strategies and techniques can cost a lot especially since they are dealing with a topic as serious as mental health itself.

They have licensing fees

Therapists also need to be licensed in addition to their degrees and diplomas so that they can practice independently in their respective states and regions. Licensing fees, however, can be quite expensive and also are required to be renewed regularly. Furthermore, licensing requires the therapist to undergo continuous education which can again bring in more expenses.

Clients may come and go

A therapist’s calendar cannot always be expected to be full. Client flow may dwindle at times, while at others it may be difficult to fix an appointment. Clients may switch therapists or may move to another location and this can greatly reduce the business profit of the therapist. Thus, many therapists try to cover their expenses for dry times during the busy seasons.

They have a lot of paperwork

Therapists also have a lot of paperwork that can take their focus and concentration away from their clients. Instead of preparing for their next client, therapists often find themselves buried deep within insurance forms and other kinds of paperwork for which they are required to hire external help. This can additionally create expenses for the therapist.

How to reduce the costs of therapy?

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy can definitely be expensive for many to afford, there are still plenty of ways through which you can bring down the costs. A few ways through which you can do this are:

By using a sliding-scale therapist

In comparison to a traditional therapist who charges their clients by the hour, a sliding scale therapist charges according to the work that has been done. And thus, this can definitely bring down the costs of therapy. However, sliding-scale therapists are difficult to find and usually require a referral from a close friend or colleague.


By using EAP services

If you are an employee, you can also reach out to your HR manager and ask them about the various Employee Assistance Programs in the company. EAPs are becoming increasingly common in organizations as more and more managers understand the necessity of good mental health for increased productivity among employees.

By using school services

If you are a student, you can ask your school administration if they provide in-house counseling for their students. Most of these services are definitely free. Schools and universities may also provide counseling and therapy services for their students that can be easily availed at quite concessional fees.

By trying online therapy

The best way to afford therapy is to try online therapy and mental health subscription platforms such as Betterhelp, Talkspace and Cerebral. While Cerebral and Talkspace provide insurance coverage for all their plans, Betterhelp additionally offers financial assistance for those who are finding affordability an issue.


In this blogpost, we have explained if Medicare covers Cerebral. We have also looked closely at why therapy is actually so expensive. In addition to this, we have also explained various ways through which you can definitely reduce the costs of therapy and mental health care.

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