Does Mae from ‘Feel Good’ have BPD? (+5 Psychological issues)

In this article, we will be checking out if Mae from ‘Feel Good’ has BPD. We will also be looking at the various other psychological and mental health issues that Mae has covered in the show ‘Feel Good.’

Does Mae from ‘Feel Good’ have BPD?

No, Mae from ‘Feel Good’ does not have BPD. Mae Martin who stars in the show ‘Feel Good’, does not have Borderline Personality Disorder. However, many people assume this to be since they demonstrate almost an obsession with her romantic interest in the show.

The show ‘Feel Good’ covers Mae Martin’s stand-up comedy and how they navigate romantic relationships, mainly with George. Mae Martin is an actual stand-up comedian who strongly advocates for LGBTQI+ rights.

The show covers many real-life aspects, but also has juicy tidbits for those who love queer love stories. At the same time, it has created a valuable impact on the queer sphere, especially in the area of romantic relationships.

Mae’s psychological issues in ‘Feel Good’

The show ‘Feel Good’ mainly covers the life of Mae Martin who is a stand-up comedian based out of London. They are originally from Canada and are trying their best to navigate their new romantic relationship with her partner, George.

The show delivers a lot of information about the mental health of the protagonist and even the difficulties and challenges faced by the queer community. Some psychological issues which have been covered in regards to Mae in the show ‘Feel Good’ are described below.

Mae’s struggles with addiction

Mae Martin has openly spoken about her struggles with addiction. According to the stand-up comedian, they have been struggling with addiction issues to drugs even as teenagers. Their addiction issues even led to many troublesome situations for Mae.

Fortunately, Mae got the help they needed and managed to break free of their addictions when they were 16 years old. Their troubles with addiction mainly came as a result of them moving out of their home and dropping out of school and hanging out with the wrong people.

Interestingly, in the series, Mae Martin also talks about addiction in a very holistic manner. For instance, they discuss it is also possible to get addicted to people and certain experiences. Addiction, according to them, is not always about drugs and substances.

Mental health struggles in the queer community

Mae Martin also explores a lot of the mental health struggles in the queer community, even extending the discussion to transgender persons. Mental health struggles in the queer community are often ignored or seen as a normal part of the coming out process, which shouldn’t be so.

Mae’s sexuality and gender identity

Another important psychological issue which has been covered in ‘Feel Good’ is Mae’s own struggles in completely understanding their sexuality and their gender identity. Oftentimes they have struggles to clearly communicate their principles to even their closest friends.

This situation is pretty common among the queer community, since gender and sexuality are quite fluid terms. Mae Martin considers themselves as bisexual and goes by the pronouns they/her. They have had relationships with both men and women before.

Mae’s parents abandoning them

Mae Martin was not raised in a conventional household and has called their folks ‘hippie parents.’ They also move out of their home at a very early age, often feeling that their parents abandoned them. This guilt and regret is also closely explored in ‘Feel Good.’

Mae’s relationship with George

Perhaps the most important mental health topic which is covered in ‘Feel Good’ is codependency in a relationship. Mae Martin falls head over heels in love with George, and they both share a wonderful experience.

But, it is not always a fairy-tale. Mae seems to have found a new drug to become addicted to, the drug of love. They basically get high off their relationship with George, which is not exactly a good sign of a healthy partnership between two consenting adults.


In this article, we have checked out if Mae from ‘Feel Good’ has BPD. We have also looked at the various other psychological and mental health issues that Mae has covered in the show ‘Feel Good.’

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