Does Lana have BPD? (+7 Signs & symptoms)

This detailed blogpost will be answering if Lana has BPD. We will also be checking out the other mental health disorders and emotional issues that Lana Del Rey might actually be suffering from.

Does Lana have BPD?

No, Lana does not have BPD. The famed singer Lana Del Rey has never confirmed that she has Borderline Personality Disorder. However, many fans of Lana Del Rey have felt that she might have an undiagnosed BPD because of her actions and because of her song lyrics.

Lana Del Rey has frequently been in the news for her wild takes on social issues. She is also very popularly known for her odd and eccentric singing style, covering a number of mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

While the singer herself has never confirmed that she has Borderline Personality Disorder, many fans and followers of the singer have felt that she might have the PD, due to a number of actions and behaviors. Some signs why fans feel Lana might have BPD have been discussed below.

She talks about her fear of abandonment

In many of her songs, Lana Del Rey talks about her fear of abandonment. Fear of abandonment is a very characteristic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder. This fear in Lana Del Rey can not only be seen in her lyrics, but even her actions.

At many times, Lana tends to take on the persona of the person whom she is currently dating. For example, when she was dating the rapper G-Eazy, Lana started using more hip-hop beats in her music.

Another example is when Lana Del Rey dated a cowboy and started collaborating with more and more country artists, which was not common in her earlier forms of music. One example of a song where Lana talks about her fear of abandonment is in the song ‘Ride’,

“Don’t leave me now

Don’t say goodbye

Don’t turn around

Leave me high and dry”

She changes her perceptions of others

At many instances, Lana can be seen changing her perceptions of others, which again can be explained through her songwriting. She has been known to idealize and worship the men whom she dates and adores, often writing heart-wrenching lines in her songs for them.

At the same time, she also writes songs about devaluing them and bringing them down from their pedestal. Lana Del Rey has been known to write many songs about her hating men, especially after a break-up. One example is the song ‘Damn You’ as shown below,

“I pray your life is sweet,

You f*****.

Damn you.

Uh-oh, damn you!

Damn you.”

She changes her self-image often

Her perceptions of not only others, but even herself changes pretty often. More often than not, Lana’s self-image often reflects that of the person whom she is dating. She has even stated in several interviews that she has changed her identity many times.

Distorted self-image is quite common in Borderline Personality Disorder. An example of a song where Lana Del Rey speaks about her self-image is the song ‘Ride’ where she sings, “My mother told me I had a chameleon soul.”

She definitely shows impulsive behavior

The eccentric singer who sings about many dark issues also seems to struggle with impulsivity. According to the singer herself, she has struggled with an addiction to alcoholism right from the teenager.

Furthermore, she even has a tattoo of the quote, “Live Fast, Die Young.” Lana Del Rey has also confessed in interviews that she is a chain smoker and often makes references to drugs and addiction. One example is the song ‘Velvet Crowbar’ with the lyrics,

“You’re like crack to me.”

She has poor self-esteem

Lana Del Rey has also been very vocal about struggling with poor self-esteem, apart from a distortion in her self-image. Often, she is referred to as a crazy person by those around her, and even calls herself crazy.

In many of her songs, Lana Del Rey sings openly about trying to mold her personality to match that of a person she likes, which depicts her poor and struggling self-esteem. For example, in ‘Pride’ she says, “It made me nervous to know you didn’t like me.”

Poor self-esteem is actually not a characteristic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder and is not known as a core sign or symptom. However, due to the other manifestations of the personality disorder, someone who has BPD is bound to present with poor self-esteem.

She shows chronic feelings of emptiness

Chronic feelings of emptiness are also quite visible in Borderline Personality Disorder. In Lana Del Rey, she seems to fill these voids with her songwriting. Additionally, she also seems to fill this void through attention from men.

She forever seems to want to escape the world that she is in, and the person who she is and the person who she is with. While this leads to a number of beautiful and touching songs from Lana, it cannot make fans wonder if she actually has Borderline Personality Disorder.

These chronic feelings of emptiness can not only be seen in her songs but even in her relationships where she bounces from person to person. One example of a song which reflects this feeling is ‘Cola’ as shown below,

“Come on baby let’s ride, we can escape to the great sunshine.”

She has supported suicide behavior

Lana Del Rey came under the spotlight for the wrong reason by mentioning that she wishes she was dead already. This was not received kindly from the public since it involved two other music icons, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, who died very young.

According to Lana Del Rey, she looks up to these heroes as her inspiration to music and song-writing. And just to be like them, she announced, “I wish I was dead already.” This led Cobain’s daughter to tweet against the romanticizing of the death of young musicians.

While Lana Del Rey has not admitted that she has tried to take her life before or has involved herself in self-harming behaviors, speaking out in such a manner shows her suicidal ideations and thoughts.

It further shows how impulsive and reckless she can actually be. Being a very well-known musician, Lana surely knew the dire weight of her words and still chose to discuss them openly in a public sphere.

Lana Del Rey’s mental health issues

Lana Dey Rey has been quite vocal and expressive about mental health, both through her songwriting and even on many other platforms. Many fans and critics who have closely studied Lana Del Rey’s songs have felt that she might have Borderline Personality Disorder.

Others have felt that Lana Del Rey may actually have Histrionic Personality Disorder. But, neither of these ‘diagnoses’ hold much water since the singer herself has not spoken out about them.

On the other hand, Lana Del Rey has been very open about struggling with depression and anxiety. She has also experienced several panic attacks. In one interview, the singer even mentioned that she has gone to therapy sessions for her mental health.

According to Lana, she has consulted a therapist thrice. But the therapy sessions really did not help her much. She felt that being in her studio and writing songs and singing them has helped her mental health a lot better.


This detailed blogpost has answered if Lana has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We have also checked out the other mental health disorders and emotional issues that Lana Del Rey might actually be suffering from.

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