Does Klaus from Vampire Diaries have BPD? (+3 Causal factors)

In this interesting post, we will be explaining if Klaus has BPD. In addition to this, we will also be checking out some of the signs and symptoms of psychological issues that Klaus depicts. Finally, we will be looking closely at some of the causal factors of these issues.

Does Klaus from Vampire Diaries have BPD?

No, Klaus does not have BPD. It has never been confirmed that Niklaus Mikaelson has Borderline Personality Disorder in the series ‘Vampire Diaries.’ However, the theory that Klaus might have BPD has often been discussed in fan forums.

Along with Borderline Personality Disorder traits, Klaus presents with a number of other personality-disorder traits like Narcissistic Personality Disorder and even Paranoid Personality Disorder. Basically, he fits many of the signs of cluster-B personality disorders.

In the ‘Vampire Diaries’, Klaus is a member of the legendary Mikaelson family and appears as the main protagonist of ‘The Originals.’ He is also a very powerful and strong vampire, as he also has a werewolf side.

Signs of Klaus’ psychological issues

In the Vampire Diaries franchise, Klaus plays a titular role. He also gained a lot of attention from mental health experts and even psychology students because of his personality and actions. Some signs of Klaus’ psychological issues have been discussed in the following section.

He tries his best to keep family together

Klaus really tries his best to keep him and his siblings together. He, Elijah and Rebekah all made a vow when they were younger that they will stay together. Among the three, Klaus is the most active and almost desperate to keep the siblings together.

This may seem like a good thing, but can also show a toxic and unhealthy side to the person. Klaus’ activities to keep him and his siblings from growing apart are definitely unhealthy, when looking at it from a psychological side.

He shows paranoid ideations

Klaus also shows very paranoid ideations and consistently doubts the ideas and beliefs of others. He is definitely suspicious of others and their activities. Therefore, a lot of people assume that Klaus may actually have Paranoid Personality Disorder.

The main source of evidence which points to the fact that Klaus may have PPD is because of him killing his father. This is again because of his paranoia and mistrust of anyone and their activities.

He definitely shows anger outbursts

He also shows anger outbursts frequently. This is quite commonly known among those who are close to Klaus. His anger outbursts are very physical in nature, and during these times, he does not hesitate to kill others in cold blood.

He feels that love is a weakness

Another odd thing about Klaus is his perceptions on love. He feels that love is a weakness and does not like to show love or be loved by anyone. However, he feels that family is important and becomes depressed when those who are close to him abandon him.

He complains that he is alone

Despite the fact that Klaus is actually surrounded by a number of people all the time, those who definitely admire him and respect him, he still feels very lonely and depressed. This is a tell-tale sign of mental illness, such as depression.

He is quite impulsive in nature

He is also quite impulsive in nature and is very reckless in nature. For a very old vampire, Klaus has still not managed to control his impulses and his actions. He constantly tries the same old tactics, even if they don’t end in results.

He is a terrible father

Right from the beginning, Klaus shows a lot of contempt for his father and does not want to be like him. However, he turns out to be a terrible father to his own daughter, Hope. Klaus basically turns into his father.

Causes of Klaus’ psychological issues

Klaus’s psychological issues and emotional conflicts can be blamed on a number of causal factors. The various causal factors of Klaus and his psychological issues have been described in the following list.

  • His father’s torture of him: The main psychological issues that Klaus seem to be suffering from are because of his father’s abuse and torture of him. As a result of this, Klaus has an extreme hatred of his father and eventually kills him.
  • His dual identity: Klaus is very different from others in the fact that he has a vampire identity as well as a werewolf identity. This duality definitely gives him more power and strength, but soon becomes a problem for his identity and his ego.
  • The selfishness of his siblings: Klaus is very protective of his family and wants to keep his siblings together. However, his siblings do not share the same feeling and are very selfish. This causes him a lot of distress and even more depression.


In this interesting post, we have explained if Klaus has BPD. In addition to this, we have also checked out some of the signs and symptoms of psychological issues that Klaus depicts. Finally, we have looked closely at some of the causal factors of these issues.

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