Does Killua from Hunter x Hunter have BPD? (+3 Causal factors)

The current detailed post will be answering if Killua has BPD. Additionally, we will also look at a few signs of psychological issues that Killua shows in the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series, along with some of the factors which could have caused these.

Does Killua from Hunter x Hunter have BPD?

No, Killua does not have BPD. Killua Zoldyck from the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series definitely does not have Borderline Personality Disorder and is not confirmed to have this PD by the creators of the series.

At the same time, Killua definitely seems to be struggling with a number of emotional and psychological issues. In the series, Killua is the best friend of Gon and the middle child of the Zoldyck Family.

Among fans and critics of the show, it is often assumed that Killua might actually have Bipolar Disorder. This is mainly because of his mood swings and his emotional instability that he depicts in the series.

Killua also lives with a needle in his head which regulates and controls his mood and his emotions. However, after this needle is removed, he displays many signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Killua is certainly full of life and also very powerful. While he is quite similar to Gon in many ways, he is also contrasting and can be pretty rude and condemning of others. Still, Killua is one of the most loved characters in the series due to his wit and his powers.

Signs of Killua’s psychological issues

In the series ‘Hunter x Hunter’, Killua decides to become a Hunter to bring more justice into the world. While Killua is definitely a very strong character and one of the most adored persons in the gang, he definitely has a number of psychological issues.

There has been no proper diagnosis when it comes to Killua. But, many critics of the series have discussed that it is most likely that Killua might be suffering from bipolar disorder. His signs of bipolar disorder can be clearly seen after the needle is removed. These signs are:

He definitely shows up and down phases

Killua definitely goes through the up and down phases which are characteristic of bipolar disorder. His mood fluctuates plenty of times, and this can be seen especially after the needle was taken out of his head.

He has a lot of self-confidence

In his up phase or the manic phase, Killua shows plenty of self-confidence. While he otherwise is also quite confident of his abilities, there is a pretty clear shift to a much more confident and almost reckless state of mind in his ‘up’ phase.

He does not seem to get tired

He also does not seem to get tired when he is in his up phase. He rarely finds the need to sleep for recovery, which is also quite characteristic of Bipolar Disorder. In one instance, he does not sleep for three whole days.

He is very positive even during challenges

When he is in his up phase, Killua does not feel encumbered or anxious even when he is taking on some major challenges. He is certainly not perturbed even when Pitou does not allow the citizens of the city to listen to Killua.

He sleeps a lot in his depressive phase

On the contrary, during his depressive phase, Killua tends to sleep a lot. When he is in the hospital, Killua sleeps for a couple of days without getting up. Sleep patterns are surely affected in bipolar disorder, leading to lesser or excessive sleep. Excessive sleep is seen in depression.

He becomes depressed for Gon

During his hospital stay, Killua seems to go into his depressive phase. He lacks energy and motivation to do things. He even becomes depressed for Gon and feels that he does not care about him anymore.

Causes of Killua’s psychological issues

Killua’s psychological issues in ‘Hunter x Hunter’ can be blamed on a number of factors. A few of these have been listed as follows.

  • His family’s torture: Killua was one of the Zoldyck children. As a result of the family’s reputation, Killua undergoes a lot of training which can even be called childhood trauma. Killua does not like this and eventually runs away.
  • The needle in his head: Killua has a needle implanted in his head by his brother Illumi which mainly keeps his emotions checked. The needle itself could have contributed widely to Killua’s psychological issues.
  • His affection for Gon: Once he meets Gon, Killua develops a very deep relationship with him and adores him. In fact, his adoration for Gon also leads him to mirror his moods and emotions so much, which reflects the intensity of their relationship.


The current detailed post has answered if Killua has BPD. Additionally, we have also looked at a few signs of psychological issues that Killua shows in the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series, along with some of the factors which could have caused these.

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