Does Kazutora have BPD? (+3 Causes of issues)

This detailed article will explain if Kazutora has BPD. We will also be discussing the various signs and symptoms of psychological issues that Kazutora depicts in ‘Tokyo Revengers.’ Finally, we will be looking into a few causal factors which could have led to these.

Does Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers have BPD?

Yes, Kazutora has BPD. Kazutora Hanemiya from the ‘Tokyo Revengers’ series definitely shows a number of characteristic signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. But, this is never confirmed in the story.

Kazutora is actually one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and comes from a dark and painful childhood. After he spends a couple of years in juvie, he joins Valhalla as the third most important member.

While he was in the Tokyo Manji Gang, Kazutora gets the family he never had as a child, and becomes devoted to Mikey. Unfortunately, they fall apart after he accidentally kills his brother. Kazutora fails to understand his mistakes and blames the death on Mikey.

After his time in juvenile detention, Kazutora starts unraveling and goes on to show a lot of unhinged behavior. During this time, he kills and injures many people. It is only after his second time in prison that Kazutora finds help and recovery which makes him a mature adult.

Signs of Kazutora’s psychological issues

Kazutora shows a number of signs that he is indeed struggling with psychological issues right from the start in ‘Tokyo Revengers’. The most common theory regarding his mental health is that Kazutora might actually have Borderline Personality Disorder.

Some of the signs and symptoms that Kazutora shows in the series that he is indeed struggling with his mental health and needs professional help have been discussed in the following section.

He does not like happy families

Kazutora does not like it when other families are happy in the series. Whenever he sees children smiling with their families, Kazutora is openly disgusted. This is quite understandable since he did not get the happy childhood that he deserved as a result of his parents’ divorce.

At the same time, this shows that Kazutora was never able to cope with his traumatic childhood and still took it on himself to continue hating happy families and those children who definitely love their parents.

He is definitely devoted to Mikey

Kazutora somehow manages to find his family in the Tokyo Manji Gang. At first he does not understand why everyone is devoted to Mikey, but soon starts liking him a lot. In fact, Kazutora becomes wholly devoted and maybe even slightly obsessed with him.

In one dreadful instance, Kazutora goes to steal a bike for Mikey to give him for his birthday. However, he is caught red-handed by Shinichiro, Mikey’s brother. He accidentally hits him on the head and kills Shinichiro, following which he is sent to juvenile detention for two years.

He develops a strong delusion

When he is in detention Kazutora lives with the guilt of killing Shinichiro and hurting Mikey. His mind becomes too fragile and insecure and he starts pinning the blame entirely on Mikey. This delusion slowly becomes very strongly imprinted on Kazutora.

This is also encouraged by Baji, who constantly convinces Kazutora that Mikey is to blame for everything wrong in his life. Later on, when he is released from juvie, Kazutora goes on to develop another delusion that he can become a hero by killing enemies randomly.

These types of paranoid delusions are pretty common in personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder and even Paranoid Personality Disorder. It is also common in psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

Causes of Kazutora’s psychological issues

Kazutora’s psychological issues and his delusions are painted pretty accurately in the ‘Tokyo Revengers’ series. The different factors which could have played a role in Kazutora’s psychological issues have been described as follows.

  • His parents made him choose between them: When he was a child, Kazutora’s mother and father made him choose between them in a case of domestic violence. This split the family apart which led to Kazutora feeling bitter towards happy families.
  • His juvenile detention: Kazutora somehow manages to find a family in the Tokyo Manji Gang and Mikey. But, he accidentally kills Mikey’s brother Shinichiro after which he is sent to juvenile detention which really hurts him psychologically.
  • The prodding of Baji: When in juvenile detention, Kazutora develops a delusion that Mikey is somehow responsible for everything bad in his life. Baji constantly prods him on, further strengthening this delusion which leads to Kazutora’s mean streak.


This detailed article has explained if Kazutora has BPD. We have also discussed the various signs and symptoms of psychological issues that Kazutora depicts in ‘Tokyo Revengers.’ Finally, we have looked into a few causal factors which could have led to these.

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