Does Kassidi from Shameless have BPD? (+5 Signs of BPD)

This blogpost will be explaining if Kassidi has BPD by going through the various signs and symptoms that she shows. Kassidi Gallgher appears for a brief period in the series ‘Shameless’ as the wife of Carl Gallagher.

Does Kassidi from Shameless have BPD?

Yes, Kassidi has BPD. Kassidi from the show ‘Shameless’ definitely portrays numerous signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, but this is never actually confirmed by the series or the creators of the character.

Even though she actually makes a very brief appearance in ‘Shameless’ as a recurring character, Kassidi has often been touted to be more dysfunctional than the rest of the Gallaghers put together, which is very telling of her toxic character.

Kassidi meets Carl Gallagher and instantly develops an attraction towards him. She also convinces him to write a ransom note for her wealthy father to demand money. The Gallaghers make her a part of their family, mainly for her money.

Later on, Kassidi gets married to Carl in the courthouse, but this marriage is definitely not valid considering their age. When Kassidi becomes a bother for Carl at his military school, one of his subordinates kills her, thus ending her appearances in ‘Shameless.’

Throughout her appearances in the series, Kassidi shows a number of toxic and deluded behaviors which has led people to assume that she is mentally ill. It is most likely that she has Borderline Personality Disorder as a result of the signs discussed in the following section.

She develops instant and intense feelings for Carl

When Kassidi meets Carl, she is instantly attracted to him. This is not exactly wrong, but the extent of the feelings that she has for him definitely raised many eyebrows. Kassidi once and for all decides that she cannot live without Carl, even where there is no definite proof of feelings.

She is definitely impulsive

Kassidi is also quite impulsive and most of her impulsivity and recklessness can be seen in her relationship with Carl. Right at the beginning, she tells Carl to write a ransom note to her father for money. Her father actually gives him the money knowing that it is not a real kidnapping.

This goes on to hint that Kassidi might have actually done this or something like this before. Another instance of her impulsivity is when she overspends her money on the Gallagher just to get them on her side.

Viewers can also see Kassidi’s impulsivity when she convinces Carl to get married to her right away, without thinking about the consequences. She also does not give Carl any time to think about his decisions just to selfishly support her impulsivity.

She is clingy and attached to Carl

Right from the get go, Kassidi can be seen becoming too clingy and attached to Carl. After her father gives Carl the ransom money that he demanded, Kassidi still refuses to go home and offers oral sex to him to convince him to let her stay.

Carl definitely realizes a little later on that Kassidi has become obsessed with him, but also thinks that he might be in love with her and does not want her to leave. However, he sets his mind on going to military school even though she is not on board with this.

After Carl gets into military school, Kassidi feels that she needs to support him as his wife and follows him there. She even goes as far as putting on a cheerleading outfit to cheer him on outside the school.  

She practically forces their engagement on him

Kassidi basically forces an engagement on Carl, taking his promise ring as an engagement ring. She also convinces him to get married in the courthouse after changing their documents to make their ages older.

She breaks down when Carl leaves for military school

Kassidi is definitely not on board with Carl leaving for military school. She even cuffs him to their bed to prevent him from leaving. When Carl is somehow freed by Liam, Kassidi can be seen breaking down openly, begging and screaming for him to come back.


This blogpost has explained if Kassidi has BPD by going through the various signs and symptoms of this personality disorder that she shows in the series ‘Shameless’ that she appears in as a recurring character.

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