Does Jinx have bipolar? (+9 Signs & symptoms)

This detailed blogpost will be answering if Jinx has bipolar. We will also be checking out the different signs and symptoms of mental illness that Jinx seems to be suffering from, along with some of the causal factors which could have led to these.

Does Jinx have bipolar?

No, Jinx does not have bipolar. It is not actually confirmed in the ‘Arcane’ animated series as to what mental illness Jinx suffers from. However, it is mostly assumed that Jinx actually suffers from schizophrenia.

This is mainly due to the different psychotic symptoms that the character portrays throughout the show. Mental health experts and fans who have deeply studied the show have come up with several theories as to what mental illness Jinx actually suffers from. Some of these are:

  • Schizophrenia: Most of the fans who have the series ‘Arcane’ and studied Jinx as a character mention that she might be indeed suffering from schizophrenia. The character can be seen experiencing a lot of symptoms specific to schizophrenia.

For instance, Jinx can be seen experiencing many hallucinations, mainly of her dead family. The hallucinations cover both visual and auditory types. She also shows many delusions and an obsession with death and killing.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder: Borderline Personality Disorder is another mental illness that Jinx is theorized to have. Jinx can be seen going through several emotional breakdowns and suffering from identity issues in Arcane.

She also swings between extremes of moods and mindsets and this further damages her self-esteem. She also experiences a lot of anxiety when she goes through these mood-swings and impulsive activities.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Jinx is also theorized to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as her mental illness. This is mainly due to the emotionally scarring and traumatic experiences that Jinx went through as a child.

Her manifestations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are seen in the fact that Jinx continuously has hallucinations of her dead parents and her separate sister. She also experiences anxiety whenever she is reminded of her tragic past.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Some fans who have studied the series and the character feel that Jinx simply suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is proven by Jinx’s inability to focus on tasks for a long period of time.

The fans who stick with this theory mention that the character might suffer from a mix of disorders, which include ADHD.

  • Anxiety: Anxiety disorder is another theory that is tossed when it comes to Jinx’s mental illness. Jinx especially experiences a lot of anxiety whenever she is reminded of her painful experiences from the past.
  • Depression: Jinx may also be suffering from depression according to some fans who have studied the character. At the same time, this also cannot be concluded since the character can be seen as very vindictive which is not common in Jinx.
  • Psychosis: Jinx shows many signs of psychosis throughout the series. As a result of this, she can be seen taking irrational and very impulsive decisions throughout the series. However, some fans claim that this can be due to schizophrenia. 

Signs of Jinx’s mental health issues

Jinx’s mental health issues are many but are clearly specified in the ‘Arcane’ series. A few signs of the various mental health issues that Jinx might be suffering from have been shared in the following section.

She is obsessed with violence

One thing that can be clearly understood about Jinx’s character is that she is thoroughly obsessed with violence. It does not stop here since the character is hell-bent on killing anyone who decides to cross her path.

She also does not care about the others who are also killed or hurt when she is out for violence. The killing obsession in Jinx becomes so much that she is actually addicted to it and even becomes aroused by it.

She talks to her weapons

Jinx can also be seen talking to ‘Fishbones’ which is one of the weapons she has designed and created. In fact, all of Jinx’s weapons are designed as a physical manifestation of her innermost feelings and emotions.

This is also seen as an important sign of mental illness. Illnesses like schizophrenia can often cause people to talk to inanimate objects as if they are truly alive. This can be seen in Jinx throughout the series.

She gets bored very easily

Jinx also can be seen to get bored very easily. Whenever she gets bored, she tends to go back to her obsession with violence. Only killing and physically hurting other people seems to be the hobby or activity that Jinx seems to care about.

She does not show any remorse

She also does not now show any remorse or guilt when she kills and hurts others. This lack of empathy is very characteristic about Jinx’s personality. A lack of guilt and remorse for any wrongdoing is also characteristic of certain mental illnesses.

She experiences hallucinations

Jinx can also be seen experiencing a number of hallucinations. The hallucinations that Jinx experiences are auditory as well as visual in nature. The hallucinations mainly cover her past experiences in losing her parents and being separated from Vi, her sister.

She talks with dead people

Jinx definitely lacks healthy relationships with others and does not have many friends. One characteristic sign of mental illness that Jinx portrays is that she talks with the bodies of Claggor and Mylo. The conversations are mostly them criticizing her and mocking her.

She hurts herself voluntarily

Jinx also shows signs of self-harm and abuse, especially when she is going through stress and anxiety. For example, she staples her own wound and actually seems to calm down from the pain and hurt.

She experiences many mood swings

Constant mood swings are also experienced by Jinx and very intensely in nature. The mood swings can also point to the presence of some underlying mental illness and are characteristic of bipolar disorder and even schizoaffective disorder.

She cannot judge people easily

Jinx is definitely not in touch with reality and is not a good judge of others and their characters. For example, she is very close to Ziggs and conspires with him, even though he is not the best of people.

Causes of Jinx’s mental health issues

Jinx’s mental health issues seem to be caused and affected by many factors which are active ever since her childhood. The different causal factors which might have led to Jinx’s mental health issues have been described in the points below.

  • Her childhood as an orphan: As a child, Jinx grew up as an orphan in the streets of Zaun. As a result, her childhood was not that positive and Jinx experienced many dangers as a result of having no stable home.
  • The accidental death of Mylo & Claggor: Jinx showed a lot of enthusiasm as a child in bomb-making and would often make them in order to help Vi in their different escapades. However, her bombs would mostly fail and never work.

On one fateful day, the bombs which were made by Jinx finally exploded and as a result of the explosion, her adoptive father and two brothers, Myle and Claggor were killed. This pain does not leave her since she talks to their bodies and regularly hallucinates about them.

  • Her sister separating from her: After her bombs killed off the only family they knew after the death of their parents, Vi separated from Jinx. This in fact was the last straw and actually started off Jinx as a vengeful and dangerous villain.


This detailed blogpost has answered if Jinx has bipolar. We have also checked out the different signs and symptoms of mental illness that Jinx seems to be suffering from, along with some of the causal factors which could have led to these.

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