Does Forty Quinn from ‘You’ have BPD? (+5 Signs of issues)

This detailed article will be answering if Forty has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We will also be detailing some of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Forty Quinn depicts in the series ‘You’, along with some of the causal factors.

Does Forty Quinn from ‘You’ have BPD?

No, Forty does not have BPD. In the thriller series ‘You’ in which Forty Quinn appeared in the second season, he is never confirmed to have Borderline Personality Disorder, although he shows a number of signs of struggling with mental health.

In the series, Forty Quinn appears as the twin brother of Love Quinn, who becomes the new love interest and obsession of stalker and serial killer Joe Goldberg. Forty, along with Love, are part of a very wealthy family.

While he never lacks money, he still struggles with his identity and is constantly trying to prove himself. Forty is bent on creating a movie using the book about a therapist who killed his patients, not knowing that the murderer is actually Joe.

The story does not end well for Forty who is soon murdered by Joe when he tries to save Love from him. When Forty points a gun at Joe, he is shot dead by Officer Fincher and is wrongly framed for Henderson and Candace’s deaths from earlier by Love herself.

Signs of Forty’s mental health issues

Forty Quinn in ‘You’ is never properly diagnosed with a certain mental health disorder. However, he shows many signs and symptoms of mental health issues and emotional conflicts in the entire second season of ‘You.’

Some of the main signs and symptoms of Forty Quinn’s mental health issues and struggles as shown in the series have been described in detail in the points below.

 He is very impulsive in nature

Forty definitely exhibits a number of impulsive behaviors throughout his appearances in the second season of You.’ It is in fact his highly impulsive and reckless nature that gets him killed in the end.

High levels of impulsivity are found in a number of mental health disorders, such as mood disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and even Impulse Control Disorder. It is also characteristically present in Borderline Personality Disorder.

His self-image constantly changes

Forty Quinn’s perception of himself also changes constantly. Most of the time, Forty can be seen having an inflated self-esteem and ego and more likely has delusions of grandeur. At other times, his self-esteem and image completely drops.

Constant fluctuations in self-image are mainly seen in PDs like Borderline Personality Disorder. It can also be seen in bipolar disorder, where the person’s self-image and self-confidence is boosted during the manic phase and falls in the depressive phase.

He fails to understand people’s motives

Despite being smart enough to put together that Joe is a serial killer, Forty Quinn is not that great at reading people. As long as someone sticks with him and regularly boosts his ego, Forty thinks that they are pretty harmless and nice people.

He is very attention-seeking

Another constant in Forty’s personality is his attention-seeking nature. Forty always aims to be liked and loved by those around him, especially by his parents. While it is already clear that Forty is clearly their favorite when compared to Love, this is not enough for him.

He has issues with addiction

Forty Quinn is definitely a recovering addict, but has broken his sobriety many times. He turns to alcohol and drugs whenever he is stressed or does not get what he wants. Addiction issues like this can be present in several mental health disorders.

Cause of Forty’s BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder does not have an exact causal factor, but according to research there are numerous contributing factors. In terms of Forty Quinn, the main cause of his mental health issues is because of his childhood abuse from his nanny.

The nanny also introduces Forty to drugs, which further worsen his mental health. The abuse is however, later witnessed by Love who kills her. This is definitely one of the main factors which have led to Forty’s mental health issues.

Another factor which could have also contributed to these mental health issues is because of the way Forty’s parents treat him and his sister. He is definitely their favorite right from an early age and this made him a spoilt and arrogant person as an adult.

At the same time, Forty’s parents are not exactly proud of him and his successes, and he constantly aims to please them. Thereby, he always takes on new projects to get their attention and approval.


This detailed article has answered if Forty has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. We have also detailed some of the signs and symptoms of mental health issues that Forty Quinn depicts in the series ‘You’, along with some of the causal factors.

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