Does Finn from ‘Adventure Time’ have BPD? (+3 Causal factors)

This interesting post will discuss if Finn has BPD by checking out the different signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder which he exhibits in ‘Adventure Time.’ Additionally, we will take a look at some of the causal factors of these issues.

Does Finn from ‘Adventure Time’ have BPD?

Yes, Finn has BPD. In many fan forums and discussions of the series ‘Adventure Time’, Finn the Human is assumed to have Borderline Personality Disorder. Finn the Human or Finn Mertens is one of two protagonists in the series.

The theory or assumption that Finn suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder is not accepted by everyone. At the same time, he shows a number of signs of this PD. Some of the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder that Finn the Human depicts in ‘Adventure Series’ are:

He shows a lot of manipulative behaviors

Throughout the series ‘Adventure Time’, Finn demonstrates a number of manipulative behaviors. This is mainly to get the attention of Princess Bubblegum, whom Finn clearly has a liking for.

For instance, he almost destroys the world with a black hole instead of showing his actual strengths at the Science BBQ. He even gas-lights and puts down any person who barely shows a romantic interest in Princess Bubblegum.

The manipulative nature of Finn is not only limited to his relationship with Princess Bubblegum, but even with others throughout the series. For example, in one episode, Finn can be seen coaxing the animals in the forest to cook up a fake story to help Jake.

He has tries to harm himself

In many other instances, Finn also shows a number of self-harming behaviors. However, he does not exactly harm-himself out of contempt or in a bid to end his life. Most of his self-harming behaviors come up because of his impulsivity and recklessness.

In one episode, Finn confesses that he likes the ‘pain’ of a high-five and attempts to create the biggest high-five. Finn also refers to this ‘pain’ at many other instances, making him sound as if he is masochistic in nature.

In yet another episode, Finn takes part in a fight with the Gladiator Ghosts, and is quite happy and excited when he keeps getting hit in the face. He repeatedly demonstrates that he prefers experiencing physical pain over emotional pain, which is common in mental illnesses.

He has an intense relationship with Princess Bubblegum

It is quite clear from the get-go that Finn the human has a major thing for Princess Bubblegum. Many of the symptoms of his Borderline Personality Disorder and his other mental health issues are depicted in the way he acts towards Princess Bubblegum.

Finn clearly is very afraid of losing Bubblegum to others, and is not ready for her to see any other suitor. However, he is still very much aware of his own incapacities and disadvantages which might turn her away from him.

Much later on, Finn develops a relationship with Flame Princess, but he still has intense feelings for Princess Bubblegum. He is very possessive of the princess and even takes part in the Wizard Battle just so that he can stop anyone else from kissing her.

He does not take rejection very well

Finn truly cannot take rejection very well, especially in the case of his favorite person, Princess Bubblegum. Although he is clearly romantically interested in the princess, she does not exactly return the same feelings.

In one episode, Finn tries to lie on Princess Bubblegum’s lap and she swats him away. After he is rejected, Finn goes into a depressive phase. Even though they both did not exactly share a healthy relationship with each other, Finn still acts as if this was an intense breakup.

In yet another instance, Finn shares a joke with Flame Princess who does not laugh since she does not understand it. Finn immediately thinks of this as rejection, as a result of his ‘black and white’ thinking as characterized by Borderline Personality Disorder.

He moves on from Princess Bubblegum very easily

After being thwarted constantly by Princess Bubblegum, Finn immediately finds ‘love’ in the form of Flame Princess. Just after the first conversation with Flame Princess, Finn gets over his feelings for Princess Bubblegum immediately.

He also goes on to stalk Flame Princess in the forest even after she tells him not to do so. This is one of the most characteristic signs of Borderline Personality Disorder, especially in relationships, and makes the person put on grand gestures to win the other person’s affection.

He shows detachment in relationships

Finn’s clear fear of abandonment can be seen in many instances in the series. In one episode, Finn decides to stay away from women and keep them ‘confused.’ He basically does not want to lose out on his options and wants everyone to know that he is available.

This occurs when Finn develops feelings for Flame Princess. Since he fears Flame Princess abandoning him as well, he takes on this stance of detachment to avoid being hurt again in a relationship.

He can be reckless and impulsive

Finn the Human is certainly very impulsive and reckless. This again reflects his Borderline Personality Disorder. These high levels of recklessness are often seen as a form of thrill-seeking or pleasure-seeking quality in Finn.

For example, he goes on to take on the challenge of the Dungeon of the Crystal Eye, ignoring the warnings from Princess Bubblegum. Even though this can be life-endangering for Finn, he chooses to do so purely for fun.

In another episode, Finn takes on a project to guard certain magic beans from a Gnome Knight. In this project, Finn constantly uses unorthodox means and measures without thinking about the dangerous consequences of his actions.

He has a distorted self-image

Finn also has a distorted self-image, and sense of self. In Borderline Personality Disorder, the person’s self-image is often distorted or unstable. As a result, Finn shows high self-esteem at times, and at other times, he depicts very poor self-confidence.

He represses his memories

Finn also shows that he copes with stressful factors and incidences through the coping mechanism of repression. This can be seen in the episode where Finn meets the Ghost Lady. He ‘locks’ this traumatic memory in his ‘vault’ showing how he represses his painful memories.

Causes of Finn’s BPD

BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder can be caused by numerous factors, but the actual cause of BPD has never been confirmed by research studies. Some of the factors which could have contributed to the development of Finn’s BPD have been discussed as follows.

  • His abandonment as a child: Finn had a very painful past. As a child, Finn was abandoned in the forest and was left to lie on his own feces for a whole day. This memory is very repressed in Finn. Childhood trauma like this is a very strong risk factor here.
  • Family history of BPD: Upon taking a look at Finn’s biological father Martin, it can be understood that he also seems to have the same disorder. While this is not confirmed in the series, Martin shows a number of signs of BPD.
  • His identity issues: Finn the Human was never raised by humans and in fact was raised by dogs. Therefore, he never truly learnt human interaction as a child. These identity issues could have also contributed to Finn’s development of BPD.


This interesting post has discussed if Finn has BPD by checking out the different signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder which he exhibits in ‘Adventure Time.’ Additionally, we have also taken a look at some of the causal factors of these issues.

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