Does Erin Silver have bipolar? (+9 Signs & symptoms)

The current blogpost will be explaining if Erin Silver has bipolar. In addition to this, we will be checking out the various signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Erin Silver demonstrates in the series, ‘90210’, along with some of the factors which could have contributed to this.

Does Erin Silver have Bipolar?

Yes, Erin Silver has bipolar. In the show ‘90210’, Erin Silver is seen to demonstrate many signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, such as impulsivity, frequent mood swings and even an increased libido.

The show ‘90210’ which follows a group of teenagers was actually praised by fans and critics for the very accurate portrayal of bipolar disorder. More specifically, the show portrays Erin Silver as suffering from Bipolar Disorder I.

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Erin starts taking treatment in the form of medication while also seeing a therapist for psychotherapy sessions. Apart from Erin Silver, her boyfriend Dixon’s mother is also portrayed to have bipolar disorder.

Signs of Erin Silver’s Bipolar

Erin Silver’s bipolar is portrayed in the show ‘90210’ through a number of signs and symptoms. In the following section, we have discussed a few of the signs of bipolar that Erin Silver clearly shows.

She has multiple brief relationships

Throughout the show, Erin Silver can be seen jumping from one relationship to another. She also is very hypersexual in nature. Hyper-sexuality and an increased libido is a characteristic sign of bipolar disorder.

In the show ‘90210’, Erin Silver is shown to flit from relationships with Dixon, Ethan, Navid, Liam and Teddy. These include both brief and long-term relationships but she shows some seriousness towards Dixon.

She goes through many mood swings

Erin Silver can also be seen going through multiple mood swings in the series. She can be happy and elated at one point and then completely depressed at another. These mood swings are also characteristic of bipolar disorder.

She resorts to physical violence

In several instances in the show ‘90210’, Erin Silver is shown to resort to physical violence. This is particularly during her manic phases and when she is angry with someone. Physical violence is also another sign of bipolar disorder.

She shows very poor self-awareness

Even after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Erin Silver fails to understand whenever her symptoms are manifesting. In one episode, when her pills are swapped out for placebos, Erin cannot understand that her manic symptoms are taking over.

This lack of self-awareness is another sign of bipolar disorder and even other mental health issues. In fact, this is the main reason why those who are suffering from some mental illness rarely ask for help immediately, since they are not aware of the changes in their behavior.

She destroys public property

Another sign of bipolar disorder that is portrayed by Erin Silver is that she takes part in destroying public property. In one episode, Erin can be seen lighting garbage cans on fire, causing some serious damage.

She is unable to sleep properly

Erin Silver also suffers from sleeplessness and insomnia throughout the series. Difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep is another sign of bipolar disorder. When she is unable to sleep, Erin often sneaks out of her room and goes out into the hallway.

However, after she starts her treatment with medication and psychotherapy, Erin is able to sleep much better and seems better-rested. Sleep issues in bipolar disorder are commonly experienced during the manic phase.

She changes her style drastically

In one of her manic phases, Erin Silver spins out of control and even changes her style. In the episode where Adrianna switched her pills for placebos, Erin’s manic phase starts to take over and as a result she dyes her hair red, which is very different from her usual style.

This sudden change of behavior is also very telling of her bipolar disorder. Also, the selection of the color red also points to bipolar disorder. Manic phases caused by bipolar disorder often lead the person to choose and wear bright and flamboyant colors.

She experiences thought racing

Erin Silver also shows thought-racing which means that she has too many thoughts running in her head at any single time. This can be seen in the episode where Erin is done with her interview with the representative from New York University.

During this interview, she is clearly in her manic phase. Fortunately, the manic episode actually helps Erin make a positive impression on the representative. However, the many thoughts in her head caused her to call the rep over and over again.

This led the representative to turn down her acceptance. She also shows thought-racing by rambling and ranting continuously, leading Dixon to realize that Erin might be indeed suffering from bipolar disorder.

She has poor self-esteem

While Erin Silver certainly looks very confident on the outside, many times throughout the show, she can be seen to have very poor self-esteem. Bipolar disorder and even other mental illnesses can negatively affect a person’s esteem and self-confidence.

Causes of Erin Silver’s Bipolar

The actual cause of Erin Silver’s bipolar and her other mental health issues are not openly shared in ‘90210’. But it can be understood that there is indeed some family history of bipolar in Erin Silver’s household.

Erin Silver’s brother, David Silver, also has been diagnosed with bipolar and they both shared similar personality traits and characters. Erin and David were also both very creative types and this actually can be attributed to the manic phases of bipolar.

But, the trigger factors which increase her symptoms are clearly mentioned. For instance,

  • Erin Silver tapes Dixon and herself having sex and then proceeds to show the tape to an entire theater audience. While the actual reason why she does this is not properly mentioned in the show, the sex tape hurts her life.

After she shows the sex tape in the theater, Dixon breaks up with her. This causes her to go into a downward spiral and she also takes part in destroying public property and threatening Ryan Mathew’s with a wine bottle.

At this time, Erin Silver already seems to be showing many signs of a manic episode which may have caused her to show the video. This stressful experience with the video and the break-up could have led to a worsening of her symptoms.

  • Another factor which further triggered her bipolar symptoms is when Adrianna switched her medication for placebos. Erin lacks the self-awareness to understand that she is indeed going through a manic phase as a result of the placebos.

In this manic phase, Erin starts acting very brash and arrogant and also shows a lot of impulsive behavior. For example, she dyes her hair bright red, which is a favorite color of those who are in manic phases.

  • Erin Silver’s first portrayal of bipolar is seen when Dixon confesses his feelings for her. Erin cannot stand this and accept this and this shows that she finds herself pretty much unworthy of love.

This emotional-filled situation also acts as another trigger factor for Erin Silver. Throughout the series, Erin also expresses bipolar symptoms whenever she is particularly stressed or anxious due to some factor or the other.


The current blogpost has explained if Erin Silver has bipolar. In addition to this, we have checked out the various signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Erin Silver demonstrates in the series, ‘90210’, along with some of the factors which could have contributed to this.

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