Does Danielle from ‘Love is Blind’ have BPD?

This detailed blogpost will be answering if Danielle from ‘Love is Blind’ has BPD. Danielle Ruhl appeared in Season 2 of the dating reality series ‘Love is Blind’ where she was matched with Nick Thompson.

Does Danielle from ‘Love is Blind’ have BPD?

No, Danielle does not have BPD. In the second season of dating reality series ‘Love is Blind’, Danielle Ruhl appears as one of the characters. Due to her odd behaviors and eccentricities, many viewers of the series have felt that she indeed has some mental health issues.

Danielle Ruhl does not exactly portray many of the characteristic signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. However, she does depict a number of signs of dealing with anxiety in the series.

In one of the episodes, Danielle experiences a panic attack when Nick is not there. This essentially happens on the day when Danielle and Nick were supposed to meet the other couples from the show.

Danielle tells Nick that she is not feeling too well and chooses to lock herself in the closet for almost three hours, all the while crying. When she expresses this to Nick, he does not provide the sympathy and attention that she needs which eventually leads to an argument.

It is this panic attacks that Danielle experiences which leads many viewers to assume that Danielle Ruhl might actually have an undiagnosed mental health disorder. However, even before the panic attack, Danielle has been pretty open about her struggles with mental health.

After Danielle leaves the reality series, she has become a mental health advocate to raise public awareness about mental health disorders and issues. In several interviews, Danielle has expressed that she has actually struggled with her mental health throughout her life. For instance,

  • Danielle has mentioned that she actually thought about suicide at the age of 8, even though she had a happy childhood with a loving family.
  • She constantly struggled with her self-esteem even as a child and kept thinking negatively about herself for no reason at all.

After her time in ‘Love is Blind’, Danielle Ruhl took the time to really work on her mental health and consulted a therapist and a psychiatrist. She also started taking many measures to work on her self-care at home.

One of the tactics that has really worked for Danielle is waking up early. When she wakes up early, she has the time to drink her coffee in peace and journal for a while before going ahead to start her day.

She also swears by working out in order to improve her mental health. Danielle manages to work out for at least one house every day. She usually does cardio workouts to music so that she can concentrate on her positive thoughts and not her anxious ones.

Another activity that Danielle Ruhl has found immensely useful for her mental health is song-writing. She often jots down her feelings in the form of a song. This helps her really capture her feelings so that she can go back to assessing her mindset at a much later point of time.

As she loves journaling and has really found the activity very useful for her, Danielle uses two journaling apps which help in her mindfulness and also in combating her anxiety. These apps also help her track her mindset over a period of days.


This detailed blogpost has answered if Danielle from ‘Love is Blind’ has BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder.

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