Does Cook from Skins have BPD? (+5 Signs of issues)

In this post, we will be explaining if Cook from Skins has BPD. We will also be listing the various signs of mental health issues that James Cook shows in the comedy-drama series, ‘Skins’.

Does Cook from Skins have BPD?

No, Cook from Skins does not have BPD. In the drama series ‘Skins’, James Cook is not confirmed to have Borderline Personality Disorder or any other mental health disorder. But, it is certainly clear that the character suffers from some undiagnosed personality disorder.

In the series, James Cook is depicted as a very fun-loving character that has a highly active sex life. He can be seen taking part in reckless and dangerous activities often, and not caring much about the feelings of others.

While his diagnosis is not exactly clear, it is most likely that James Cook has some cluster-B personality disorder among other mental health issues. But, it is not Borderline Personality Disorder.

For Borderline Personality Disorder to be confirmed in a person, they need to display a strong attachment with someone and have a high fear of abandonment. However, Cook does not show this main characteristic, or many of the other important signs of BPD.

Many fans of the series ‘Skins’ have dug deep to find a diagnosis for James Cook. One of the alternate diagnoses that come close to explaining many of his actions is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Some adults who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder struggle with impulse-control and constantly engage in many reckless behaviors. This rings true for James Cook as he portrays a complete lack of self-control throughout his appearances in ‘Skins.’

Signs of Cook from Skins mental health issues

The comedy-drama series ‘Skins’ follows a number of teenagers who are not exactly the usual role-models shown on TV. They are mostly unruly and come from maladaptive backgrounds. One of these is James Cook who is one of the most interesting characters in the show.

James Cook portrays a number of problematic behaviors in the series but has not undergone a confirmatory diagnosis. In the following points, we have shed light on the various signs of mental health issues that James Cook shows in the series ‘Skins’.

He can be very impulsive

James Cook is a very fun-loving character in the series, and definitely loves to party. He is always craving fun and is easily in the spotlight of every group or gang in town. The character is seen to be partying frivolously throughout the series.

Cook’s idea of partying is not exactly sober and is filled with alcohol and sex. In fact, these two factors motivate his actions throughout the series. As part of his outgoing character, Cook is also highly impulsive and can be seen taking part in many reckless activities.

This impulsivity of Cook has actually led to a number of problems for himself and others throughout the series. Psychoanalytically speaking, Cook seems to have an underdeveloped ego and superego and a highly active id.

In many cases, such high levels of impulsiveness and recklessness in a person can point to the presence of some personality disorder, mostly from the cluster-B. It can also be seen in mood disorders like bipolar disorder.

He shows high levels of irresponsibility

James Cook completely lacks any responsibility, both for himself and even for others. When it comes to his own safety, Cook himself admits that he does not have any self-control or impulse-control.

The same applies even for others. He does not seem to take any responsible decisions throughout the series. He in fact, seems to get only worse. By the end of the series, James Cook is a full-on criminal on the run from the law.

He is very sexually promiscuous

Sexual promiscuity can be seen as something pretty normal for an impulsive teenager. However, James Cook takes sexual promiscuity to another level. Throughout the entirety of the series ‘Skins’, James Cook constantly changes partners without having any substance.

Cook is not just driven by his own impulses, but also by his large sexual appetite. He also does not have any major criteria in terms of choosing his partners, but simply goes from person to person, only caring if they are ready to sleep with him.

High levels of sexual promiscuity are seen in a number of mental health disorders, like personality disorders and even mood disorders, particularly in the manic phase. This can also lead to a number of deeper emotional struggles and even health issues.

He does not have stable relationships

James Cook comes from a negligent household where his parents obviously do not care at all about him. He does not have any true family and at one point even mentions that he does not have a home to go to.

In the series ‘Skins’, Cook does not portray any meaningful and stable relationships, nor does he seem to care about a lot of people. He certainly does not have a great relationship with his parents. The only biological family member he cares about is his little brother.

Even with his friends, Cook does not exactly share a stable and positive relationship. Only towards the middle of the series, Cook starts developing feelings for Effy which are actually strong.

Cook’s relationship with Effy is also not strong and stable. It appears clearly that Cook is not aware of how to handle a mature relationship with anyone, even with someone whom he truly loves, like Effy.

He has frequent anger outbursts

Another sign of mental health issues in Cook from the series ‘Skins’ is that he has frequent anger outbursts. Cook gets angry pretty easily and his anger is almost always physically damaging to himself or even to others.

In one episode, Cook sees Effy and Freddie kissing at a certain party. Immediately, Cook gets really riled up and beats up another guy at the party, hurting JJ in the process as well. In many other instances of the series, Cook’s anger can be seen in forms of public vandalism.

In another instance, Cook even takes his own younger brother out on a destructive rampage, despite the fact that he originally dissuades his brother from taking his path. These anger issues from Cook actually point to the presence of some undiagnosed mental health issue.

He is a drug-dealer

Apart from just partying often and having a lot of sex, Cook also deals in a lot of illegal activities throughout the series. The primary occupation that James Cook takes part in is dealing in illegal drugs.

Cook also does not show any remorse or guilt for his actions. In one episode, Cook’s drugs lead a girl to overdose on it. At first, Cook is not aware that it is his drugs which actually lead to the girl’s suicide.

Later, when he learns of it, Cook does not actually show any signs of remorse or guilt. He continues to abuse drugs and sell drugs constantly throughout the ‘Skins’ series. Even towards the end of his series, Cook continues this illegal activity.

He says that he has no home

It is evident that Cook comes from a household where his parents are often absent. He also genuinely feels this and can be seen hanging out with his friends all the time in a bid to make up for his absent family.


In this post, we have explained if Cook from Skins has BPD. We have also listed the various signs of mental health issues and emotional struggles that James Cook shows in the comedy-drama series, ‘Skins’.

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