Does Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ have BPD? (+9 Signs of issues)

The current blogpost will be describing if Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ has BPD. We will also be checking out some of the signs of mental health issues that Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ portrays in the reality series.

Does Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ have BPD?

No, Christina from ‘Selling Sunset’ does not have BPD. The real-estate broker who found her place in the reality series ‘Selling Sunset’ has not confirmed that she has ever been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

This assumption that Christine Quinn has Borderline Personality Disorder actually comes from a number of fans and even mental health experts who gave her an arm-chair diagnosis, based on her actions and behaviors in the reality series, which follows a group of real-estate agents.

However, Christine Quinn herself has spoken about her own mental health issues and the disorders that she has actually been diagnosed with. Christine has opened up about her struggles with mainly two conditions throughout the series, which are:

  • Postpartum Depression: The reality star came out after the birth of her son and exposed that she has been struggling with Postpartum Depression. This announcement mainly came out after she felt that her other cast members were not supportive.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Apart from Postpartum Depression, Christine Quinn has also mentioned that she struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to Quinn, her appearances on the show only worsened this.
  • Anxiety: Christine Quinn has also spoken out about her struggles with anxiety. According to the real-estate agent, she has struggled with both anxiety and depression even before she appeared in the reality series ‘Selling Sunset’.

However, after she was cast in the series, her anxiety and depression have only worsened it. She has also mentioned that she started taking ‘Lexapro’ after her first season on the show just to ‘even out’ her emotions.

Apart from Christine’s own confessions about her mental health issues, many fans that have watched ‘Selling Sunset’ and followed her actions and behaviors have come up with their own theories. Some of the diagnoses thrown out at Christine Quinn are listed as follows.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Many forums which have discussed Christine Quinn are peppered with viewers calling out her narcissistic tendencies. Some even say that she might have a full-on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Christine can be seen being very narcissistic in nature and pretty self-obsessed all the time. She also lacks empathy and sympathy towards others, and rarely cares about someone else’s feelings, which are all typical of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  • Histrionic Personality Disorder: Still many others go on to explain that Christine Quinn might actually have Histrionic Personality Disorder. This is again because of her need for attention and her frequent antics to get people to be with her.

Christine from “Selling Sunset’s” mental health issues

In the reality series ‘Selling Sunset’ which follows the lives of a group of real-estate agents who work at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, Christine Quinn has proved to be the most dramatic and most interesting of all the characters.

In fact, many fans of the show have also gone on to call her the main villain of the show. Until her many appearances which ended in May 2022, Christine has also exhibited many traits of mental health issues.

The real-estate agent herself has confessed that she has struggled with anxiety and depression, which were only worsened after she took part in the show. After filming the first season, Christine has also apparently been taking ‘Lexapro’ for her anxiety.

Apart from anxiety and depression, Christine Quinn has also spoken out about her struggles with Post-Partum Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of the signs of mental health issues that Christine exhibits in the reality series have been covered in the following section.

She feels high self-important

Christine Quinn from ‘Selling Sunset’ shows a high level of self-importance throughout the series. She considers herself a very relevant person and actively expects other people to do the same as well.

She only associates with certain people

She can be seen mingling and associating with only certain people and not just about everyone on the show. Her choice of people fit her so-called class and is only those who fit her criteria of social status.

At many times in the reality series, Christine has also expressed that no one truly understands her. She blames this on the difference in statuses and feels that she might be more accepted by someone who is from her same so-called high status.

She feels her successes are too great

Another sign that Christine Quinn might have some deep emotional issues, most likely NPD, is that she often exaggerates her successes. For her successes, she also does not provide any proof and mostly every achievement of hers is just hearsay.

Furthermore, she even constantly talks about perfection and success, whether it is in her career, her clothes or even her looks. Even when looking at the future, Christine is preoccupied with too unattainable factors such as these, which again points to internal conflicts.

She needs admiration all the time

Christine requires everyone’s eyes on her all the time and also wants their approval and admiration all the time. If she does not get the approval of others, she can be throwing antics or having a meltdown to gain everyone’s sympathy towards her.

She requires special attention

Christine Quinn also feels that she is entitled to very special treatment from others all the time, for no reason at all. This type of behavior can be seen in personality disorders like Narcissistic Personality Disorder and even Histrionic Personality Disorder.

She does not show any empathy

Quinn also rarely shows empathy and most of the time does not seem to understand the emotions and feelings of others. In fact, she does not seem to care about the feelings of others, which again point to her very narcissistic behavior.

She uses others for her needs

At many instances in the reality series ‘Selling Sunset’, Christine Quinn can be seen using others for her personal needs and desires. This exploitative behavior of Quinn is also another hint that she certainly might have some personality disorder.

Her speech is too superficial

Apart from her actions and behaviors, the way Christine Quinn speaks is also another sign of her narcissism. Upon looking closely at her words and even her tone, it can be understood that there is hardly any substance in her speech.

She just seems to sugar-coat her words and use flowery phrases so that the person listening is pleased and attracted to her. In many instances where a serious answer is required from Christine, she does not seem to answer directly, but just responds with superficial words.

The way Quinn dresses

While every other real-estate agent in the reality series is definitely dripping in expensive brands and names, Christine definitely takes it over the top. She mostly tries her level best to look like a Barbie doll and even dresses like one.

This is again a very attention-seeking tactic, especially to make her personality adjacent to a pleasant character. However, this point might be often misread since she is dressed by stylists for the show and also works among other very well-dressed people in the agency.


The current blogpost has described if Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ has BPD. We have also checked out some of the signs of mental health issues that Christine from ‘Selling Sunset’ portrays in the reality series.

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