Does Chloe Price ‘Life Is Strange’ have BPD? (+7 Signs of BPD)

This info-rich article will be explaining if Chloe Price has BPD. We will also discuss the many signs and symptoms of BPD that Chloe Price shows in the video game ‘Life Is Strange’. Finally, we will be describing the other mental health disorders and issues that Chloe might have.

Does Chloe Price from ‘Life Is Strange’ have BPD?

Yes, Chloe Price has BPD. In the video game ‘Life Is Strange’, Chloe Price can be seen demonstrating all of the characteristic signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. At the same time, this is never fully confirmed by the creators of the video game.

In the game, it is only hinted that Chloe Price suffers from some undiagnosed mental health disorder. She displays a lot of erratic behavior throughout her story arc. Some of the signs that she might be indeed having Borderline Personality Disorder have been discussed as follows.

She displays the BPD relationship cycle

In the video game ‘Life Is Strange’, where Chloe Price appears as one of the main characters, she clearly depicts the entire BPD relationship cycle. She can be seen clinging tightly to someone she likes and then moving away when she perceives even a slight change in their approach.

Chloe Price is said to be sexually fluid, and for most of her story arc, she shows some romantic interests towards Max. She can also be seen making suggestive remarks and flirting with this character.

She also feels abandoned when Max leaves her and then does not seem so enthusiastic when she comes back. Her fear of abandonment can also be seen in her relationship with Rachel. At many times in her story arc, Chloe Price can appear very intense in her romantic feelings.

For example, she immediately puts up a photograph of Rachel in her room and even has a box full of tokens and mementos. These may seem pretty normal in a romantic relationship, but raise eyebrows considering the short timeline of their relationship.

She smokes weed for distraction

Chloe Price can also be seen self-medicating by using weed or marijuana. She clearly has many struggles with her mental health and finds relief in smoking weed all the time. She even has a regular drug-dealer.

At another point of time, Chloe Price can also be seen using morphine to deal with pain issues. She obtains the morphine illegally. Such habits and behaviors are pretty common in Borderline Personality Disorder.

She as unstable relationships

In not only her romantic relationships, but even in her relationships with others, Chloe Price does not seem to be stable. She can be seen going through many highs and lows in her social relationships with others, being happy and ecstatic at one point and then depressed at another.

This can again be seen in her relationship with Max. When Max leaves and comes back, Chloe is excited to hang out with her again but is annoyed at the fact that she might leave and hang out with Kate.

She can be seen emotionally detaching herself from Max at this point. Emotional detachment and unstable relationships are also characteristic signs of Borderline Personality Disorder, and in many cases can even lead to breakups of friendships and partnerships.

She has a distorted sense of self

Chloe Price definitely does not have a great self-image and keeps questioning herself throughout her story arc. Her major meltdown comes after she finds that Rachel has been sleeping with Frank, who is Chloe’s drug dealer.

Chloe felt betrayed, especially since Rachel was her anchor after Max left. In this emotional meltdown, Chloe can be seen questioning herself and her entire life’s choices, especially in terms of her unstable family and her own abuse.

Her perceptions continuously change

In the video game, there is no doubt that Chloe Price is a moody character. Her moods and emotions not only change toward herself, but even others. She can be seen constantly lashing out and blaming others for things they have not done.

For instance, Chloe constantly puts the blame on Joyce, her mother for William’s death. This is definitely untrue and the poor victim of Chloe’s splits like this is mostly Max. These constant changes in perceptions are also pretty characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder.

She has intense emotions

Another important sign of Borderline Personality Disorder which Chloe Price shows in the video game, ‘Life Is Strange’ is that her emotions can definitely be very intense. Chloe never seems to have a normal reaction to anything.

In fact, when she gets happy, she is on-top-of-the-world excited and when she is angry, she is seething and furious. Those who have Borderline Personality Disorder often suffer from intense emotional swings and mood shifts.

She takes part in reckless activities

Right from her first appearance, Chloe Price can be seen taking part in many reckless and impulsive activities. This especially increased after her father passed away and her mother, Joyce started dating David Madsen.

Even though Chloe Price is actually a very smart person, she constantly takes part in pranks at school and has a 1.7 GPA. She can be seen smoking marijuana and even has a regular drug-dealer of her own.

Chloe Price’s mental health disorders

The video game ‘Life Is Strange’ speaks a lot about mental health and mental health disorders, especially through the character of Chloe Price. While it is not confirmed by the video game, Chloe Price is mostly assumed to have Borderline Personality Disorder.

However, some players of the game who have studied the character and her actions and behaviors closely have felt that Chloe Price may have a number of other issues, which may or may not accompany the Borderline Personality Disorder. Some of these theories are:

  • Depression: Chloe Price starts out as a very depressed teenager in the video game. And therefore, a lot of people assume that she might be suffering from clinical depression, especially after the loss of her father.

For Chloe, it is not just one single incident, but a train of incidents which lead to her depressed mental state. After her dad passed away, her mother starts dating another person whom Chloe Price clearly does not like.

The pain does not stop here. Her best friend Max, who Chloe has romantic feelings for, leaves all of a sudden and this leads her to develop some serious trust issues. She then has a relationship with Rachel and things seem to go alright for a while.

Max then comes back and does not have the same relationship with Chloe anymore, which causes her more pain. She also finds out that Rachel may have cheated on her during their relationship, which eventually leads to her breakdown.

  • Bipolar Disorder: Another alternate diagnosis that fans of Chloe Price have come up with is Bipolar Disorder. Chloe definitely goes through some intensive mood swings and emotional shifts in the video game.

At many times, Chloe shows a very excited state for a very small reason and can also be seen going into a depressed state often. Furthermore, her participation in a number of impulsive and reckless activities fuels this theory that she might have bipolar disorder.

At the same time, Chloe Price does not portray the actual manic and depressive phases which are present in Bipolar Disorder. Therefore, those who know the characteristic signs of this mood disorder may disagree with this theory.


This info-rich article has explained if Chloe Price has BPD. We have also discussed the many signs and symptoms of BPD that Chloe Price shows in the video game ‘Life Is Strange’. Finally, we have described the other mental health disorders and issues that Chloe might have.

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