Does Cerebral work? (+9 Pros Of Cerebral)

In this blogpost, we will explain if Cerebral works. We will explore this question deeper by looking at the various advantages that Cerebral provides for its users. Furthermore, we will also discuss the limitations of Cerebral that many users have experienced. Mental health care being delivered by platforms like Cerebral are becoming quite popular now among all age groups.

Does Cerebral work?

According to the many user reviews of the Cerebral app, the platform works. In the Apple store, the app has a rating of 4.7 while the Google Play store sees a rating of 4.4. Most users of Cerebral have enjoyed their experience here and have greatly benefited in their mental health. Some of the advantageous features of Cerebral that users have found helpful are:


Ease of access

The ease of access and use in Cerebral is pretty high and this is one of the best-selling points of the platform. Even new users will get the hang of Cerebral very soon as the technology here guides the patient step by step. It has been designed in such a manner that even those who are having anxiety or frustration can easily skim through the set up and find mental health care.

High affordability

The affordability of the subscription in Cerebral is also pretty high. The affordability factor is very important as the high cost of therapy is the main barrier that people face while trying to access a mental health professional. The platform also allows insurance coverage for all its plans and this further increases the affordability and accessibility.

Variety of therapy formats

Therapy can be conducted through various therapy formats in Cerebral. Users can choose to have their sessions through texts, audio sessions and even video sessions. And thus, the user or patient in Cerebral enjoys more control and ownership of their mental health care. This in turn breeds accountability and responsibility, which is necessary for the effectiveness of the intervention.

Online psychiatry feature

Cerebral not only provides therapy but also offers online psychiatry services for its patients. Cerebral therefore, becomes a one-stop shop for all mental health care needs of the user. The medications and drugs are also delivered to the home of the user in very discreet packaging, thus bringing even more convenience and comfort to the user.

Security and safety

Security and safety are guaranteed in Cerebral as the platform is completely HIPAA compliant. This feature is important as both the users and mental health professionals make privacy and security a top priority in mental health care delivery. All the sessions are conducted online and therefore decrease the risk of violence or assault from either party during the intervention.

Collaborative care

Cerebral follows a collaborative care model for its patients and this means that the mental health of the patient is not in the hands of one professional alone. The patient is instead taken care of by a team of specialists who all report to the care counselors. These care counselors track the progress of the user and also provide the required emotional support and guidance.

Large network of therapists

Cerebral has a large network of more than 2,500 mental health professionals who ensure on-time delivery of high quality mental health care to the users of the platform. This large network of therapists assures quick access to mental health care and also allows the user to easily switch therapists in case they need to do so.

Scientific approach to progress

Progress is also tracked in a scientific manner using various mental health questionnaires and tools in the platform. This progress is constantly monitored and reported back to the patient so that they clearly understand if the intervention is working. The therapies are also very scientific and follow a behavioral psychology or cognitive psychology model of psychology.


Free resources

The website in Cerebral is also filled with a number of free resources that can be used by all patients even outside their therapy sessions. These resources include articles, blogs, listicles and other types of content that users can peruse at their leisure when they are not in live sessions. These articles can help in other areas of life such as work, marriage and even legal issues.

Limitations of Cerebral

While Cerebral has plenty of advantages, it also has a few limitations, such as the ones described as follows:

  • Cerebral does not provide couples therapy sessions which can help many family units improve their communication and understanding of each other
  • It also does not offer teens therapy sessions like many other online therapy platforms
  •  There are no group therapy sessions available in Cerebral, and this can be a letdown for many users
  • While Cerebral offers insurance coverage, those who do not have insurance can find the plans of Cerebral quite expensive

Best alternative of Cerebral

For those readers who are interested in exploring alternatives to Cerebral, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy, couples therapy and therapy for teenagers. Furthermore, the platform provides group therapy sessions that can be used free of cost.


In this blogpost, we have explained if Cerebral works. We have explored this question deeper by looking at the various advantages that Cerebral provides for its users. Furthermore, we have also discussed the limitations of Cerebral that many users have experienced.

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