Does Cerebral take Tricare? (+3 plans of Cerebral)

This post will answer if Cerebral takes Tricare. We will also be looking at the various plans that Cerebral offers its users. Lastly, we shall discuss the various features of Cerebral that makes it so popular in the field of online mental health care. Platforms like Cerebral make mental health more affordable and increasingly accessible for millions.

Does Cerebral take Tricare?

Yes! Cerebral definitely takes Tricare. Tricare is one of the biggest insurance providers in the US and definitely goes the extra mile by making both in-person therapy as well as online mental health care coverage through insurance. Insurance coverage is necessary for many users who otherwise would not be able to access proper mental health care.

Plans of Cerebral

In a bid to cater to the many mental health needs and requirements of users, Cerebral has come up with several plans that offer different features and advantages. These plans have been elaborated in this section:

Medication and Care Counseling Plan

This is perhaps one of the most popular plans that Cerebral has to offer and will be great for those who only require medication for their mental health issues. In addition to medication and also its delivery, this plan allows users access to care counseling services which means that they can learn coping strategies and also have a reliable support system during their subscription.

This plan can be availed at a cost of $85 per month which can be reduced to $29 per month through in-network insurance coverage. The plan not only provides features for prescription of medication and delivery, care counseling and also provides resources for relaxation and focus, such as mindfulness and other activities.

Medication and Therapy Plan

This plan is definitely a wholesome and holistic plan that is suitable for those who require medication and also need therapy. Many mental illnesses such as severe depression and anxiety will definitely benefit from this combination. In this plan of Cerebral, users have access to both drugs as well as therapy from licensed mental health professionals.

The Medication and Therapy Plan can be availed at a cost of $325 per month which can go as low as $29 per month through in-network insurance providers. In this plan, the user will have easy access to medicines which will be shipped directly to their homes. They will also be provided with weekly phone or video sessions with their therapists.

Therapy-Only Plan

As the name suggests, this plan provides access to only therapists and also provides care counseling. Therapy can be great for those who are going through a stressful period, transitioning, or even for those who are looking for new ways to improve themselves and develop.

This plan can be availed at a cost of $259 per month which can be reduced to $29 through in-network insurance providers. This plan provides plenty of resources and tools for stress management, increasing focus and concentration, goal-setting and many other guides for activities like mindfulness.

Advantageous features of Cerebral

In the short duration since its launch in 2020, Cerebral has already created a name for itself in the field of tele-medicine and online therapy. Through the help of this mental health subscription service, millions have found relief and comfort especially during the devastating times of a global pandemic. Some of the best features of Cerebral have been explained as follows:


Mental health can be accessed from anywhere

Through platforms like Cerebral, Betterhelp, Talkspace and many more, mental health care is becoming more and more accessible. Cerebral can be used through any web-browser and thus users can easily access licensed mental health professionals from anywhere as long as they have stable data connections.

It includes psychiatry and therapy

Not many mental health platforms offer a combination of psychiatry and therapy for their users. However, Cerebral brings an advantage in this case. Users have access to both psychiatry services and also therapy. The prescribers of this platform help in ensuring that the user has easy access to medication while the therapists help them learn new coping mechanisms.

Medications are delivered to the doorstep

Another superb thing about Cerebral is that it delivers the medication right to the doorstep of the user. Thus, the user does not have to step out of the house for any type of mental health care. All the plans of Cerebral that have psychiatry services also cover the shipping fees for the medications and thus users are ensured of on-time arrival of their drugs.

There are various plans

Cerebral also offers a variety of plans for its users. It offers the Therapy-only plan for those who are looking for a great therapist to help them through various mental issues. In addition, it also offers a combination plan of Medications and Therapy for those with much more severe symptoms. The Medications and Care Counseling plan offers exclusive psychiatry services.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If readers are looking for a great alternative to Cerebral that has many similar features and also a great user experience, they can easily choose Betterhelp. While Betterhelp does not offer psychiatry services, it has great plans for individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy.


This post has answered if Cerebral takes Tricare. We have also looked at the various plans that Cerebral offers its users. Lastly, we have discussed the various features of Cerebral that makes it so popular in the field of online mental health care.

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