Does Cerebral sell your information? (+9 advantages)

This blogpost will explain if Cerebral sells your information. We will also be looking at the actual importance of confidentiality in therapy or any type of counseling. In addition to this, we will also be looking at some of the great advantages of using Cerebral for your various mental health needs and requirements.

Does Cerebral sell your information?

No, Cerebral definitely does not sell your information. In fact, this platform is completely HIPAA compliant and thus strictly follows measures that bring only the best security and safety for all the information related to its users. However, the platform might disclose de-identified information about its users to improve the overall experience.


Why is confidentiality important for mental health care?

Confidentiality is one of the pillars that all the mental health professionals must follow in their practice. The reason why so much emphasis is given for confidentiality is because this brings a lot of trust into the therapeutic relationship. When the client trusts their therapist to keep their secrets, they will open up and also be ready to participate more in the therapy process.

Advantages of using Cerebral

Cerebral calls itself a mental health subscription and caters to both the therapy needs as well as the medication needs of anyone who is struggling with their mental illnesses. Platforms like Cerebral that offer mental health services online bring plenty of advantages that in-person therapy does not. The main advantages of using Cerebral have been discussed as follows:

Cerebral can be used from anywhere

The best thing about online mental health platforms like Cerebral is that it can be accessed and used from anywhere. As long as the user has access to a stable internet connection, they can easily use the various features of Cerebral from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to this, they can also download the app and install it on their smart devices.

It makes mental health care convenient

Those who seek mental health care in the form of therapy or medications know the struggle of finding an empathetic and certified professional to work with. This process also becomes trickier due to the great stigma that surrounds mental illness even today. Since Cerebral is fully operational online, the access to mental health care is easy and more convenient.

It offers insurance coverage

This platform also offers insurance coverage through its in-network providers so that there is more affordability of mental health care for all its users. For those who use insurance providers other than the in-network ones, Cerebral also provides possible reimbursements. Furthermore, there are plenty of discounts and codes that users, especially new ones, will definitely enjoy.


It has multiple plans for users

Cerebral also offers a variety of plans that users can choose according to their needs. It offers a Therapy plan where the users have access to licensed and certified therapists. It also has a Medications and Therapy plan where the users have access to medications in addition to talk therapy. There is also a Medications and Care Counseling plan for those who don’t need therapy.

It also offers psychiatry services

While there are certainly a large number of online mental health platforms today, there are very few that offer psychiatry services. Cerebral is one among the few. The psychiatry services of this platform allow users to easily access their medications and deliver the medications directly to the home of the users.

It has a wide network of professionals

The platform is also the workplace for a large number of mental health professionals, such as therapists, psychiatrists and care counselors. These professionals undergo a strict background check and verification process before joining the team so that the users are exposed to only the best quality mental health care for their needs.

It also offers care counselors

Care counselors are recommended and provided for those who have been prescribed medications or drugs in Cerebral. These professionals are not therapists but play an important role as the support system of the user. The user also has regular check-ins with their care counselors who ensure compliance to the treatment and also provide coping strategies and techniques for them.

It ships medications directly

Unlike other mental health platforms which prescribe medications and drugs for the users, Cerebral ships the medication to the home of the user directly. Users can also enjoy various discounts for their medications and drugs and thus have more affordability when they sign up with Cerebral.

Therapy itself becomes easy

The process of therapy itself becomes easy and very convenient through Cerebral. The appointments are not scheduled in mass but the providers or therapists guide the user one step at a time. From the first stage of sign up to the therapy or intervention itself, the user is guided level after level, thus reducing confusion and making the entire process a breeze.

Best alternative to Cerebral

Cerebral is definitely one of the most popular mental health platforms out there that users can find amazing use for. However, there are plenty of other platforms as well, such as Talkspace, Betterhelp and even Calmerry. Betterhelp is definitely the best alternative since it provides a wide range of features at very cost-effective prices.


This blogpost has explained if Cerebral sells your information. We have also looked at the actual importance of confidentiality in therapy or any type of counseling. In addition to this, we have also looked at some of the great advantages of using Cerebral for your various mental health needs and requirements.

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