Does Cerebral prescribe Xanax? (+7 Effects Of Anxiety)

In this guide, we will explain if Cerebral prescribes Xanax. We will also discuss the various effects that anxiety can have on an individual’s body and mind. Additionally, we will be looking at the different advantages that a platform like Cerebral can bring to a person suffering from anxiety.

Does Cerebral prescribe Xanax?

Yes, Cerebral can prescribe Xanax. However, this feature may not be available in all the states of the US. Xanax works by increasing the effects of GABA in the body which produces a calming effect. In Cerebral, the provider of the user will check the history and decide if Xanax is the right way to go for you. The platform also provides care counseling which can act as a guide.


Effects of anxiety

 Anxiety is a common mental health problem among many today. The incidence of anxiety has significantly increased after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. While the incidence may be high, the number of options for treatment of anxiety has also greatly increased due to better awareness of mental health and funding of scientific research. Some effects of anxiety are:

  • It can lead to problems in sleep. Those who have anxiety may have trouble falling asleep. Even if they can fall asleep, they may have issues in staying asleep and thus often feel tired and fatigued throughout the day.
  • Anxiety can cause palpitations or increased heart rates, particularly during an anxiety attack. It can also be combined with chest pains, which might make many suspect a cardiac issue.
  • Those who are having an anxiety attack can experience increased levels of sweating and even breathlessness.
  • Anxiety can also create issues in cognition and thus the person may experience problems in concentration or focus. This can further affect their performance in work or education which can lead to other socio-economic problems as well.
  • These individuals may even experience digestive problems and can feel nauseous or even have episodes of diarrhea or vomiting. They may also have a loss of appetite which can affect their eating behaviors.
  • Those who have persistent anxiety attacks may experience depression and overwhelming worry. This can also affect other areas of their lives such as relationships and work.
  • They may also experience social isolation as they voluntarily distance themselves from others for fear of judgements or anxiety attacks.

Advantages of Cerebral for anxiety

Those who are suffering from anxiety can greatly benefit from a platform like Cerebral. This platform has many unique features that can be advantageous, such as the ones described as follows:

Cerebral works completely online

Cerebral operates completely online and thus users can access this platform from practically anywhere. This works great for those who are suffering from anxiety as they do not necessarily have to leave the house just for therapy or even their medications. Cerebral brings mental health care to the very home of the user.

It offers psychiatry services

Cerebral does not offer only therapy services. It also has psychiatry services that can be very convenient for those who are facing anxiety issues. Moderate to high levels of anxiety can greatly benefit from medications or even a combination of medications and therapy. Another great thing about Cerebral is that it delivers medication directly to the user’s home.

It has care counseling features

Cerebral also offers care counseling along with all its plans. Care counselors are mental health professionals, whose main job is to educate the user about the illness and also the drugs that they are taking. They even train the users in various coping strategies and techniques that can help them manage the symptoms of the illness on their own.

It offers various formats of therapy

Cerebral offers various formats of therapy that users can greatly benefit from. Users can choose to communicate with their therapists or their care counselors via texts, phone calls and even video sessions. Thus, the user has plenty of ownership and control that they can wield according to their conveniences.


Cerebral is pretty cost-effective

Therapy can definitely be very expensive. Anxiety problems cannot be treated in one therapy session and may need several sessions to just start noticing changes. To reduce costs, Cerebral provides affordable therapy options, and also has insurance coverage through several in-network providers.


Cerebral makes therapy easy

Seeking a therapist or any mental health professional can be a tedious task. Research studies have shown that therapy-goers can wait up to months at a time to just be assigned with a particular therapist. However, this time is better managed in Cerebral as users are matched with a mental health professional in a very short span of time.

Best alternative to Cerebral

If you are looking for another platform just for online therapy, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp has many affordable therapy plans and also offers financial assistance to anyone who is finding affordability an issue here. This platform offers therapy through various formats such as messaging, live audio sessions and even live video sessions.


In this guide, we have explained if Cerebral prescribes Xanax. We have also discussed the various effects that anxiety can have on an individual’s body and mind. Additionally, we have looked at the different advantages that a platform like Cerebral can bring to a person suffering from anxiety.

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