Does Cat Valentine have bipolar? (+5 Signs & symptoms)

The current article will be answering if Cat Valentine has bipolar. We will also be checking out the different signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Cat exhibits throughout the ‘Victorious’ series and also explain a few causes of her mental health issues.

Does Cat Valentine have bipolar?

Yes, Cat Valentine has bipolar. While her bipolar disorder was not clinically diagnosed in the series, according to the many signs and symptoms that she exhibits, it can be seen that Cat definitely suffers from bipolar disorder.

More specifically, it can be speculated that Cat Valentine has Type 1 Bipolar Disorder, where the manic phase takes over almost every day for at least a week along with a depressive phase that often lasts for a couple of weeks.

However, many other viewers of the show have speculated that Cat Valentine may be suffering from some other mental illness, and not necessarily bipolar disorder. A few alternate diagnoses of Cat Valentine are:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: According to some viewers of ‘Victorious’, Cat Valentine actually has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and not necessarily bipolar disorder.

As a result of this disorder, the character can be seen as very hyper and very anxious most of the time. Furthermore, Cat also shows an inclination to do things in a fast-paced manner and is quite impulsive, which is another reason why viewers feel that she might have ADHD.

  • Dependent Personality Disorder: Another alternate diagnosis that viewers pin on Cat Valentine is Dependent Personality Disorder. The main reason for this is because Cat regularly feels that she is not capable of taking any decision on her own.

Cat Valentine frequently depends on those around her and those who are close to her and without them, she finds her pretty much useless and worthless. This symptom and others make viewers feel that she has Dependent Personality Disorder.

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder: Some viewers also feel that Cat Valentine may be suffering from a Schizotypal Personality Disorder. This is mainly due to the paranoid ideations that Cat often develops.

She also has many unusual behaviors and lives in her own little world, which further adds to this theory. However, this eccentricity of Cat Valentine is one of the main reasons why the character is so loved by fans who watch the show.

  • Autism: While this is pretty rarely expressed, some viewers feel that Cat Valentine has Autism. This is again because of the many eccentric behaviors and odd personality traits that Cat possesses and demonstrates.

These can be called neuro-divergent behaviors which are common in Autism. For example, when her favorite TV show is suddenly canceled, Cat can be seen going through a panic attack, which is a characteristic trait of Autism or ASD.

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Looking at her history, a large percentage of viewers also feel that Cat Valentine suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her brother suffers from a certain mental illness and this stresses Cat further.

While this is not openly shown in the sitcom, Cat’s brother may be actually abusing her, physically and emotionally without the knowledge of others. This trauma could have also left a deep imprint on her psychology, causing her to develop these odd traits.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder: As a result of her mood-swings and impulsive traits, some viewers feel that Cat Valentine actually suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. This also can be confirmed by the abandonment issues that she faces.

Signs of Cat Valentine’s Bipolar

Cat Valentine can be seen demonstrating many signs and symptoms of bipolar throughout the episodes of Victorious, although it is not openly diagnosed. In the following points, we have examined the various signs & symptoms of Cat Valentine’s bipolar.

She gets distracted very easily

Cat Valentine is very easily distracted in the series, ‘Victorious’. As a result of this, her friends and those around her often call her ‘dim-witted’. If she is in the middle of a project or a task, she easily gets lost and tends to focus on something else.

This is a trademark characteristic trait of bipolar disorder, especially in the manic phase. She often retreats into her own world which is full of her odd ideas and thinking patterns which no one else seems to understand.

She does not handle criticism easily

Another characteristic trait of bipolar or some underlying mental illness in Cat Valentine is that she does not handle criticism easily. She can be very sensitive and often thinks that others are seriously trying to demean and degrade her.

Although she does not respond with anger or rage to any type of criticism, she definitely finds it hard to accept feedback. This can also be seen in bipolar disorder, particularly during the depressive phase.

She can be pretty talkative

In the sitcom, Cat Valentine is definitely one of the most talkative characters. Her flow of words is not only very high, but actually increases when she is stressed or anxious. Talking excessively is often seen in the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

She also seems to talk about irrelevant things, which often make her the butt of the joke in many situations. She can be seen saying things which are very contrary to the current situation which is again a main trait of bipolar disorder.  

Cat’s energy levels drop down suddenly

Cat Valentine is often shown to be in a manic phase most of the time in the ‘Victorious’ series, but her depressive phase is also shown. Although Cat is one of the bubbliest and quirkiest characters for a majority of the series, many times she becomes lethargic and depressive.

She shows provocativeness

For her young age, Cat Valentine can also be pretty sexually provocative. This is seen in her highly flirtatious behaviors towards other boys and even the way she dances when she is generally around the opposite sex.

In bipolar disorder, being sexually provocative and highly impulsive in sexual activities is a characteristic trait. While there is not enough proof in the show for this factor, Cat’s overall attitude towards the opposite sex is still a little too provocative.

Causes of Cat Valentine’s bipolar

Cat Valentine’s bipolar is not exactly proven in the sitcom but is only generally assumed by viewers. Cat’s bipolar disorder can be mostly blamed on family history. While her parents are not shown, it can be speculated that they are not as active in her upbringing.

In one instance, it can be assumed that Cat’s parents are actually in a mental institution. As a result of her absent parents, Cat is forced to live with her brother, who is understood to be physically and emotionally abusive.

He also hits her on the head with a vase one time, although this is because he mistakes her for an intruder. Cat also confesses that she likes to hide in closets for extended periods of time from her abusive brother.

She also mentions that her brother has been in prison and that he was also sent to a mental institution for an extended period of time, which shows that certainly is a family history of mental illness for Cat.

All these characteristics clearly show that Cat Valentine has been through some serious trauma which was not openly discussed in the sitcom. These factors could have easily contributed to her mental illness, specifically if it is bipolar.


The current article has answered if Cat Valentine has bipolar. We have also checked out the different signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder that Cat exhibits throughout the ‘Victorious’ series and also explained a few causes of her mental health issues.

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