Does CalmiGo really work? (+7 features of CalmiGo)

This article will explain if CalmiGo really works. We will also be looking at the actual benefits or effects of breathing exercises on anxiety. Furthermore, we shall be discussing the most advantageous features of Calmigo that can be great for anyone who is suffering from anxiety or panic attacks.


Does CalmiGo really work?

Yes, the device actually works according to the millions of users who have benefited from CalmiGo for their anxiety and panic attacks. Some of the great things about the platform that users have experienced have been discussed below:

  • The device is easy to use and thus the breathing exercises become simple to practice on a regular basis
  • CalmiGo also has guided breathing that can guide the user step by step and thus does not require them to do anything but follow the simple instructions
  •  The device also brings the person to a relaxed and calm state in a matter of minutes
  • Users have felt that the device is pretty discreet and since it is small in size, it can be carried around everywhere
  • It can be used even on the go or while traveling. Thus, it can be used by even those who experience flight anxiety and do not have to worry about it clearing customs
  • The effects of the device are also pretty fast and also last long
  • Many users have also claimed that the device helps them sleep better and also helps them face stressful situations with more ease

Benefits of breathing exercises on anxiety

Breathing exercises can be particularly useful for those who are suffering from anxiety or have panic attacks often. These exercises can bring a plethora of advantages and benefits to anyone. The various benefits of breathing exercises, especially for anxiety are:


It can reduce stress

Breathing exercises can reduce stress as they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest and relaxation. These exercises accomplish this factor by balancing the CO2 and O2 levels in the blood. Thus, breathing exercises can be used to bring a state of calm and relaxation even in periods of emotional upheaval.

It can improve self-awareness

The self-awareness of the individual can also improve through the use of breathing exercises. Breathing exercises do this by bringing more focus to the internal environment of the person rather than focusing on the external environment. By bringing more self-awareness, the person also gains better self-regulation thereby bringing more control.

It can lead to better sleep

While sleep issues and rest issues can call for many different types of treatment, one of the best ways to counter this problem is by breathing exercises. Breathing exercises such as belly breathing or abdominal breathing can particularly help the individual relax and sleep better as a result.

It can help in managing emotions

Emotional management is one area that many of us struggle with. And thus, this can lead to saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things which can lead to negative repercussions later. For those who are struggling with emotional management, breathing exercises can be great for regulation.

It can be a form of self-care

Breathing exercises can also be a great form of self-care or can be a part of self-care activities. Many fitness exercises like yoga include breathing exercises as part of the routine. Breathing exercises can help you destress and relax and thus bring a better version of you that is focused and more self-aware.

Best features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo can help in many ways and is particularly useful for those who experience anxiety and have panic attacks often. The best features of CalmiGo have been described below:

  • The device is small and handheld and thus can be carried anywhere and everywhere. The small size of the device also makes it discreet and thus can fit into even the tiniest pocket or purse
  • CalmiGo is fast acting and also has long-lasting effects and thus can be an amazing alternative treatment for those with anxiety
  • CalmiGo is also a one-time investment and can last for a long time if used in the right manner. The user only needs to replace the batteries every three or four months
  • This device not only uses breathing exercises, but also uses the power of aromatherapy to bring about a deeper sense of calm and relaxation to the user. The most commonly used scent here is lavender which has been proven to have relaxing effects and can also help in sleep
  • Calmigo is pretty easy to use and even newbies can get used to the device in a short span of time
  • The device also is completely drug-free and thus those who are wary or skeptical of using medications and drugs can use CalmiGo without any fear of side-effects or dependency issues
  • CalmiGo stimulates not just one but four different senses of the body which can bring more effectiveness and creates a long-lasting effect on the body and the mind. The device is also very easy to use and even those who are experiencing high levels of anxiety can easily operate it


This article has explained if CalmiGo really works. We have also looked at the actual benefits or effects of breathing exercises on anxiety. Furthermore, we have discussed the most advantageous features of Calmigo that can be great for anyone who is suffering from anxiety or panic attacks.

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