Does CalmiGo need batteries? (+5 pros of CalmiGo)

This post will answer if CalmiGo needs batteries. We will also be discussing how this device works to help those who are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. In addition to this, we shall be looking at some of the pros and cons that CalmiGo can present to its users. Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses and has a wide range of treatment options today.

Does CalmiGo need batteries?

Yes, CalmiGo  requires batteries to operate. This handheld device requires 2 AAA batteries which can make the device work anywhere between three months to four months. This period however depends on the frequency of your use. The batteries are shipped along with the device after which you will need to purchase batteries on your own.

How CalmiGo works?

CalmiGo definitely helps anyone who is suffering from anxiety and has frequent panic attacks. This device is based on scientific facts which have been proven to work for these mental health problems. The ways through which CalmiGo works have been described below:

  • CalmiGo uses lights and vibrations to direct the user in the steps towards relaxation and de stressing
  • While following the steps for the guided breathing in the device, the user will experience comfort and relaxation since their blood levels of CO2 and O2 are being balanced better. This will immediately target the parasympathetic nervous system which brings us to a relaxed state
  • The device also uses the power of aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and induce a state of calm. The scents have been purposefully chosen with the aim of bringing a physiological response coupled with a psychological response that helps the individual relax
  • The best thing about CalmiGo is that it stimulates and targets four senses that can help us relax and destress. Thus the effects of the breathing exercises through this device can be powerful and fast-acting

Pros of using CalmiGo

This device can bring a wide collection of advantages and benefits to anyone who is suffering from anxiety and constant panic attacks. Some of the advantages or benefits of using this device for anxiety have been explained in this section:

The device is pretty portable

CalmiGo is completely handheld and looks like an emergency inhaler many individuals use. Since it is very small and lightweight, it can be carried anywhere in a pocket or a handbag. Since it is very portable, it can be taken anywhere and can bring an additional sense of safety and comfort to the user.

It is completely drug free

Anxiety and panic attacks are often treated through drugs and medications. However, for these the individual needs to visit a psychiatrist and be eligible for the medication. They also need to be able to afford these drugs at a regular frequency. However, CalmiGo does not use any medications or drugs and thus can be a good alternative for those who don’t want to use meds.


It has quick effects

The device also brings quick relief to those who are using it and thus they do not need to wait for a brief period of time for the treatment to kick in. This is in contrast to the other treatments of anxiety that require some time for the drug or medication to work. Thus, CalmiGo can be a great option for those who want a fast-acting treatment for their anxiety.

It does not allow dependency

Those who suffer from mental health problems are often afraid to start medications since they might be worried about dependency or addictions. This happens at a frightening percentage. However, since CalmiGo does not use any drugs and instead uses breathing exercises to combat the anxiety, the individual does not need to be afraid of becoming dependent on anything.

It is pretty easy to use

The device is pretty easy and simple to use. It has been created with simplicity so that anyone even in their worst state of anxiety can easily operate it without any hesitancy and the least amount of thinking. It can also be easily used even by those who consider themselves completely tech-illiterate.

And additionally,

It stimulates different senses

The device not only focuses on the breathing but focuses on four different dominant senses. Using lights, vibrations and smells, CalmiGo creates a fast-acting and long-lasting treatment of anxiety which can prove invaluable for many who are suffering from this mental health condition.

Cons of using CalmiGo

While CalmiGo is actually a fantastic tool for anyone with anxiety to use, it still has a few limitations or disadvantages that users have experienced. Two of these cons are:

It can be quite expensive

While it certainly is useful, the price of the device can be quite expensive. CalmiGo can be availed at a price of around $200 in the US which not many can afford. However, it has to be mentioned that this is a one-time purchase and after this the user only has to renew the batteries every now and then.

It can take time to learn

Even if it is pretty simple and easy to use, new users can take time to learn the intricacies of the device. They also need to get accustomed to the breathing exercises particularly when they are experiencing anxiety or having a panic attack.


This post has answered if CalmiGo needs batteries. We have also discussed how this device works to help those who are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. In addition to this, we have looked at some of the pros and cons that CalmiGo can present to its users.

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