Does CalmiGo help with anxiety? (+3 features)

This post will explain if CalmiGo helps with anxiety and also discuss the different benefits or effects of breathing exercises for anxiety itself. Furthermore, we will be looking at some of the best features of CalmiGo and how it can help its users. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems today, for which many are switching to drug-free modes of treatment.

Does CalmiGo help with anxiety?

Yes, CalmiGo definitely helps with anxiety. This device has been specifically tailored to benefit those who are suffering from anxiety and have frequent panic attacks. CalmiGo uses the power of breathing exercises and also uses aromatherapy to bring relaxation and de-stressing for its users.

Effects of breathing exercises on anxiety

The number of people suffering from anxiety has been only increasing in percentage, especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. While there are medications and drugs that can help, those who suffer from the milder forms of the illness can opt for drug-free treatments. One of the most commonly advised forms of interventions for those with anxiety is breathing exercises.

Breathing can bring a state of calmness

Deep breathing or belly breathing is often advised for those who are stressed and also for those who are experiencing anxiety. Breathing exercises such as these and even others can bring a state of calmness as it invokes the parasympathetic nervous system which counters the effects of the sympathetic nervous system which is actually responsible for the anxiety.


It helps in improving self-awareness

It can also help in improving the levels of self-awareness in a person. Self-awareness does not only help in reducing anxiety, but can also be great for personal growth and development. While practicing breathing exercises properly, the focus is more on the individual and thus we understand our strengths and accept our weaknesses better.

It can be great for distraction

Breathing exercises can also be great as a distraction activity. There are many times in a day when we might feel anxious and overwhelmed by something that is beyond our control. Brooding over this or ruminating is only going to bring more anxiety. Breathing exercises such as guided breathing and 4-7-8 breathing can be great for this.

It can improve focus

Breathing exercises have also been used by many spiritual people to bring more focus and concentration. Breathing exercises lead to more focus since they improve the blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the brain which brings more concentration and energy. Furthermore, these exercises help us eliminate unwanted thoughts and focus on needed ones.

It can improve sleep

Sleep and rest issues are very common today, especially since many of us do not have a great work-life balance. It can also be because of unhealthy sleep habits such as too much screen time. However, breathing exercises can lead to better sleep as they bring a state of relaxation in a quicker and more efficient manner.

It can help in managing emotions

While we try our best to remain calm and productive throughout the day, there are many situations that can bring out the Dr. Hyde in us. Through activities like breathing exercises, individuals can become more aware of their emotions and can also learn to regulate or control them in a better manner.


It can be a great form of self-care

In today’s highly competitive world, everyone can benefit from effective self-care practices. Self-care not only leads to better mental health but also positively affects our physical health. Breathing exercises can be a great form of self-care for anyone and everyone. The best thing is this is free of cost and can be practiced anywhere.

Best features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo is a small handheld device that is used by those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to bring them to a relaxed state. Some of the best features of CalmiGo are:

The device is small

The device fits in the palm of your hand and looks like a normal inhaler. Thus, it can fit inconspicuously in any pocket or purse. Since it is quite small, it can be carried around anywhere. It is also pretty lightweight and anyone can carry it around with them and use it anywhere.

It does not use any drugs

As compared to other treatments for anxiety and panic attacks, CalmiGo does not use any drugs or medications. This is completely drug-free and thus users do not need to worry about dependency or addiction issues. The device also uses aromatherapy to improve the mood and bring the user to a relaxed state.

It is guaranteed to work

This device is guaranteed to work according to the millions of positive reviews by users who have utilized CalmiGo for their anxiety issues. CalmiGo has been created with the scientific and proven knowledge that breathing exercises and grounding exercises can help those who are suffering with anxiety and frequent panic attacks.


This post has explained if CalmiGo helps with anxiety and also discussed the different benefits or effects of breathing exercises for anxiety itself. Furthermore, we have looked at some of the best features of CalmiGo and how it can help its users.

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