Does Bojack have bipolar? (+7 Signs & symptoms)

The following article will be explaining if Bojack has bipolar. We will also be checking out the signs and symptoms of Bojack’s mental health issues and problems. Finally, we will be discussing some reasons which may have contributed to Bojack’s bipolar.

Does Bojack have bipolar?

No, Bojack does not have bipolar. The humanoid horse which appears in ‘Bojack Horseman’ can be seen to demonstrate many signs of mental discomfort throughout the series. The show mainly follows the mental health issues of Bojack and its effect on his life and relationships.

According to mental health experts, Bojack does not suffer from bipolar disorder, but is definitely struggling with depression. Throughout the series, Bojack is seen to demonstrate many symptoms of depression and even goes to the point of attempting suicide.

However, many other mental health experts and loyal viewers who have watched the show have mentioned that Bojack might be suffering from depression along with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Throughout the episodes, Bojack can be seen to struggle in maintaining his emotions which is a classic sign of Borderline Personality Disorder. Furthermore, he can also be seen to portray the classic relationship cycle of Borderline Personality Disorder.

In addition to the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, Bojack can also be seen to definitely struggle from substance abuse problems. He basically consumes and uses anything and everything that will help him lessen his emotional pain.

Despite many diagnoses being thrown around, the common consensus is that Bojack suffers from clinical depression. Along with depression, Bojack also clearly suffers from a substance abuse problem.

Signs of Bojack’s mental health issues

In the series, Bojack Horseman, the main characters can be seen to demonstrate and portray a number of mental health issues which point to his various diagnoses. Some of the different signs and symptoms of Bojack’s mental health issues have been discussed in the following section.

Bojack finds it hard to do simple things

Throughout the show, it can be seen that Bojack finds it hard to do even simple things. This includes even daily activities. For instance, in one episode, Bojack finds it hard to even make breakfast.

Depression can lead to many problems in executive dysfunction and therefore, even simple daily chores can become difficult. This is clearly portrayed in Bojack Horseman where the main character finds it hard to complete even daily chores properly.

He is a drug addict

Bojack can also be seen to be abusing drugs and substances throughout the series. He is definitely an alcoholic, and in fact, turns to substances as a means of dealing with his stress and anxiety.

During these drug trips, Bojack can be seen doing dangerous and reckless things to himself and even to others. For instance, in season 1 of Bojack Horseman, Bojack sets an ottoman on fire, which was burnt so bad that it stayed crisp until he replaced it.

Bojack also takes part in very serious and immoral offenses during these drug trips. For example, in another episode, he almost sleeps with a teenager who turns out to be the daughter of his old crush which eventually gets him into deeper troubles much later in the show.

He has suicidal tendencies

Bojack also shows many suicidal tendencies in the show. In one episode, the character reaches out to Diane, his close friend, and when she does not respond, he overdoses on pills and tries to kill himself.

In the episode, Bojack almost drowns himself in his swimming pool. In addition to this, he also takes part in many near-death experiences voluntarily, without fearing for his safety or others. This is another main symptom of depression, which can often be life-ending.

He does not have healthy relationships

Bojack also struggles in his relationships with others throughout the episodes. His relationships are either only physical in nature, or are intended to do some damage to someone or the other. He also can be seen taking part in unsafe sex, even with strangers.

For example, Bojack sleeps with his friend Todd’s girlfriend, in full awareness of the negative consequences it will lead to. In another situation, Bojack is caught in bed with Penny who is the daughter of Charlotte, whom he had a crush on before.

He even tries to create a relationship with Penny, but he admits that he actually wanted to recreate what he had and enjoyed with Charlotte in the past. Until the end, Bojack is not shown to be in a stable committed relationship.

He suffers from poor self-esteem

Bojack continuously doubts himself and his abilities throughout the show which show that he incredibly lacks self-esteem and self-confidence. The self-doubt is so intense that it constantly interrupts him in his work and ruins his accomplishments.

The character also tries his best to make up for this lack of self-esteem by taking part in dangerous activities and also having meaningless flings with multiple people. Depression and most other mental illnesses lead to poor self-esteem and poor self-confidence.

He thinks fears abandonment

The main reason for many behaviors and actions that Bojack goes through is because he fears that others may leave him and abandon him. This also leads him to pursue those who he is attracted to actively with grand gestures.

He shows plenty of impulsivity

Bojack also takes part in many impulsive and reckless activities throughout the series. This not only translates to his toxic sex-life, but even many other situations that the character goes through.

In one episode, Bojack can be seen driving recklessly, without giving much thought to his own safety. Impulsivity is present in many mental illnesses, mainly Borderline Personality Disorder, the manic phase of Bipolar disorder and is a sign of mental instability.

He takes on dangerous activities

Another sign of an underlying and undiagnosed mental illness in Bojack Horseman is that the character frequently participates in dangerous activities. He definitely does not care about his safety and even puts other lives at risk.

He shows disordered eating

Binge eating is another symptom of mental health issues in Bojack. The character is frequently seen to be binge eating, especially when he is highly stressed. In one such instance, Bojack is seen to eat nine baskets of bread.

While he is aware of his binge eating and his tendency to turn to food as a means of comfort, Bojack also suffers from body-image issues and points this out in conversations. Stress eating and binge eating are definitely seen in mental illnesses, including depression.

Reasons for Bojack’s mental health issues

In the show, Bojack Horseman, the main character, Bojack is seen to be suffering from some type of mental illness, but this is not properly diagnosed. The main reasons why Bojack is going through some type of mental instability have been elaborated as follows.

  • The primary reason for Bojack’s mental health issues is definitely the by-product of the uncaring way his parents raised him. His mother constantly tells him that he was the reason her life was completely ruined.

Bojack’s father did not pay enough attention to him, and instead was all the time worried and preoccupied with his book. This led Bojack to feel unloved and uncared for by his parents, which would have definitely left some deep trauma.

  • Another reason for Bojack’s mental issues is that he constantly worries about his legacy and what imprint he would leave on the public. He therefore, constantly tries to restart and develop his failing career.
  • The third reason why Bojack seems to be suffering from mental health issues is because of his substance abuse and his alcohol addiction. His addictions to various substances actually keep worsening his symptoms of the mental illness.


The following article has explained if Bojack has bipolar. We have also checked out the signs and symptoms of Bojack’s mental health issues and problems. Finally, we have discussed some reasons which may have contributed to Bojack’s bipolar.

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