Does Blair Waldorf have BPD? (+3 Causal factors)

In this detailed post, we will be answering if Blair Waldorf has BPD. We will also be checking out the various signs of mental health issues that Blair Waldorf exhibits in the ‘Gossip Girl’ series. Finally, we will explain some of the factors which could have led to these issues.

Does Blair Waldorf have BPD?

No, Blair Waldorf does not have BPD. The Queen Bee character who appears in the Gossip Girl series surely exhibits many signs of mental health issues, but her symptoms are not in tandem with the diagnostic criteria of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Blair Waldorf is a very rich and privileged character who is a characteristic overachiever. She struggles in her family life, her own romantic life and even her career as she stubbornly sets her mind on Yale.

The series beautifully captures the different stressors which occur in an otherwise blessed teenager who practically has everything materialistically. Some of the mental health disorders which have been attached to Blair Waldorf have been discussed in the following points.

  • Bulimia: In the Gossip Girl series, the mental health disorders of the characters are certainly not openly discussed, even if the symptoms are plainly shown. However, Blair Waldorf’s struggles with bulimia are clearly mentioned.

In one of the episodes, Blair Waldorf can be seen gulping down an entire pie without being able to stop. She is at the same time very concerned about her body image and her weight gain. In order to prevent this, she decides to throw up the food.

It is also clear that Blair’s mother knows about her struggles with bulimia and her eating disorder. However, the character is not exactly seen reaching out for professional help, nor does she show much concern about it.

  • Histrionic Personality Disorder: Another possible diagnosis which has been assumed for Blair Waldorf is Histrionic Personality Disorder. Blair Waldorf is definitely an attention-seeking person and will do anything for it.

She even uses her conventional attractiveness for this purpose and many times is quite provocative. She also lacks self-esteem since her entire personality and her confidence is based on her looks and her outward impression.

  • Anxiety: Some fans who have watched the series also feel that Blair Waldorf actually suffers from Anxiety issues. She is definitely a clear perfectionist and if anything goes out of her plan, she feels stressed and anxious.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Due to her obsession with her appearance, her clothes, her make-up, her shoes and even her body, many fans of the ‘Gossip Girl’ series feel that Blair Waldorf might be having Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Not only does she spend an excessive amount of time in deciding her outfits, she also expects other people to lavish their attention on her and praise her continuously. She also seeks out men from a high social rank and only hangs out with those who are at her level.

Signs of Blair Waldorf’s mental health issues

In the series ‘Gossip Girl’, one of the main characters Blair Waldorf depicts a number of problematic behaviors and actions which have led people to assume that she indeed has some undiagnosed mental health disorder.

Blair Waldorf’s actual mental health diagnosis has never been fully confirmed by the series, but many hints have been dropped of a personality disorder or an anxiety disorder. Some of the signs that Blair Waldorf is indeed suffering from mental health issues are described as follows.

She can be very attention-seeking

Blair Waldorf is certainly very attention-seeking and it is pretty evident right from the start. She needs everyone to notice her at all times, and this can be seen in the way she dresses and even the way she talks to others.

She lacks empathy

In many instances, Blair Waldorf shows that she can be cruel and cannot empathize with others, especially those who are not privileged with her high economic status. This lack of empathy can be mainly seen in her attitude towards Jenny.

She is a perfectionist

Another sign of mental health issues which are present in Blair Waldorf refer to her perfectionism. In everything she does, Blair has this toxic need to be perfect all the time. This is mainly seen in her clothing and her external manners and conversation.

Aiming to be perfect can many times drive a person forward and improve their lives. However, when the need to be perfect becomes toxic, it can create more mental health issues and can even be a sign of some undiagnosed mental health disorder.

She goes through multiple mood swings

In the ‘Gossip Girl’ series, Blair Waldorf is one of the meanest and most arrogant characters. She can be seen excited and caring at one instance and immediately angry and frustrated in the next. However, she easily gets away with these mood swings through her looks and her natural charm.

Her eating disorder

One important sign of Blair Waldorf’s mental health issues is her eating disorder. Blair is obsessed with the way her body looks, up to the point of carefully restricting her intake of food so that she does not put on weight.

However, when she is stressed or frustrated, Blair can be seen going through bulimic episodes. For instance, during one particular Thanksgiving, Blair can be seen eating an entire pie without being aware of what the food is.

Causes of Blair Waldorf’s mental health issues

Blair Waldorf is a very interesting character, and despite her rude and cold exterior, gets the attraction and attention of everyone around her. Upon closer look, it can be seen that she struggles from a number of mental health disorders and emotional issues.

The various factors which could have contributed to Blair Waldorf’s many struggles with mental and emotional health have been shared below.

  • Her broken family: Even before the ‘Gossip Girl’ series starts, Blair Waldorf’s father runs away with another man. Her mother eventually marries another man, but Blair does not seem to have a good relationship with her step-father.
  • Her mother’s treatment of her: Throughout the series, Blair’s mother is extremely judgmental towards her and disapproves of everything she does. In fact, most of Blair’s anxiety and even her eating disorder can be mainly pinned on this.

Growing up with a dismissive parent can severely diminish a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This could have also led to Blair Waldorf seeking approval and attention from everyone else around her.

  • Her lavish lifestyle: Blair was born into a very wealthy family with a very high social status. This means that she literally got anything she ever asked for, including getting into Yale even if others deserved it more than her.

Being used to such a rich and lavish lifestyle always does not pave the way for good things. It has made Blair a spoilt brat who chooses to look down on others who are not from the same socioeconomic class as her.

This lavish lifestyle into which Blair Waldorf is born into has also contributed to her obsession to be perfect all the time. She is only used to seeing things packed with style and attractiveness, which in turn makes her feel that she needs to be dressed with perfection all the time.


In this detailed post, we have answered if Blair Waldorf has BPD. We have also checked out the various signs of mental health issues that Blair Waldorf exhibits in the ‘Gossip Girl’ series. Finally, we have explained some of the factors which could have led to these issues.

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