Does BetterHelp work? (+9 pros of BetterHelp)

This article will discuss if BetterHelp works. In order to explain this clearly, we will be looking at the various advantages of using the platform for your therapy needs and requirements. We will also be describing the few limitations or disadvantages that users of BetterHelp have experienced while utilizing the platform.

Does BetterHelp work?

Yes, BetterHelp surely works. This platform offers affordable as well as very accessible online therapy and thus is highly popular among millions of users. Some of the best advantages of BetterHelp have been explained in this section:

BetterHelp is definitely affordable

As compared to in-person therapy, online therapy is a much cheaper alternative. BetterHelp goes the extra mile by also providing financial assistance for those who are finding affordability an issue with the platform. This financial assistance is particularly provided to those who are unemployed, furloughed due to the pandemic or from low income households.

It is very accessible

Therapy itself becomes very accessible through BetterHelp. In traditional therapy settings, the clients need to go to the therapist’s office at a particular time for their sessions. This may not be feasible with everyone, especially those who have busy schedules and even those who cannot leave the house often. BetterHelp conducts everything online and thus gives more access.

Therapy becomes easy

The process of therapy is very easy with BetterHelp. In traditional therapy settings, the individuals have to wait for a certain period of time before they are matched with a suitable therapist. This however, is very quick and easy in BetterHelp. All that the user needs to do is to sign-up for the platform and they are matched within 24 hours.

There are plenty of therapists

There is a large network of therapists in BetterHelp that cater to the various mental health needs and requirements of the users. The high number of therapists who are available guarantees a better fit between the therapist and the client. This large number also ensures that the process of switching therapists is done in a short span of time.


It offers unlimited messaging

The platform also offers unlimited messaging to its users. This unlimited messaging means that the clients of BetterHelp can send a limitless number of messages to their therapists at any given time. It also allows the user to send messages of various types, namely, text messages, audio messages and even video messages.


It has various forms of live sessions

There are also various forms of live therapy sessions that are available in BetterHelp. The live sessions can be conducted through live chat, live audio or even live video sessions that the clients can choose according to their needs and requirements. This, therefore, brings a lot of flexibility and convenience to the user that in-person therapy cannot.

It offers couples therapy

The platform, in addition, provides couples therapy for its users. Couples therapy is useful for those who are going through rough patches in their relationships. This type of therapy also is great for those who want to simply understand each other better and help one another grow as a unit.

It has teens therapy

Teens therapy is another useful service that BetterHelp offers. This feature is applicable for adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Teens therapy can provide a steady emotional support and guidance that teenagers particularly require. It can also teach them useful coping strategies and techniques that can help them in real-life situations.

It offers group sessions

Group sessions are also offered in BetterHelp. The group sessions take on more than 20 different topics related to mental health and mental illness and are conducted about once in a week. These group sessions can bring plenty of advantages to the clients such as additional resources and social motivation.


Limitations of BetterHelp

BetterHelp, while bringing a wide range of benefits, also has a few limitations, such as:

  • It does not offer psychiatry services and thus those who require medications or drugs for their mental illnesses may need to look elsewhere. Psychiatry services are important as many mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy.
  • While the therapists and counselors in BetterHelp are definitely licensed and certified, they are still not allowed to provide a diagnosis of the mental health condition. And thus, those who want to be diagnosed for various reasons cannot use this platform.
  • Many users have mentioned that the algorithm that matches clients with therapists does not do a great job sometimes. However, the platform allows clients to search for their own therapists from the directory for their use.
  • The platform also does not provide insurance coverage and thus many clients may find BetterHelp pretty expensive. However, it allows users to use their FSA or HSA accounts and also provides financial assistance for those who are unemployed or have very low incomes.


This article has discussed if BetterHelp works. In order to explain this clearly, we have looked at the various advantages of using the platform for your therapy needs and requirements. We have also described the few limitations or disadvantages that users of BetterHelp have experienced while utilizing the platform.


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