Does BetterHelp work? (+9 advantages of BetterHelp)

This article will discuss if BetterHelp works. To understand this better, we will also be delving into some of the advantages that BetterHelp provides for its users. In addition to this, we will be listing a few strategies and tips that you can use to squeeze the best benefits out of your online therapy sessions.

Does BetterHelp work?

Yes, BetterHelp works. This online therapy platform has been found by millions of users to be extremely beneficial and helpful for their mental health needs and requirements. The platform also provides therapy which is quite cost-effective and very affordable in comparison to in-person therapy.

Advantages of BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that provides affordable therapy for millions. It has plenty of features that can make it super easy to avail therapy services. Some of the best advantages of using BetterHelp for your mental health needs and requirements have been discussed in the section below:

It offers financial aid

This online therapy platform provides cost-effective plans for its users. This is necessary since the main reason why many don’t go to therapy, despite desperately needing it, is the high costs of therapy. BetterHelp additionally provides financial aid to those who ask for it during the sign-up process.

It makes therapy easy

The process of seeking therapy from a licensed and qualified therapist itself can be quite stressful and frustrating. It can take months to get in touch with the right mental health professional and this does not prove to be helpful for one’s mental health status. However, the process of finding a therapist in BetterHelp is quite easy and you can start your therapy in about a day’s time.

It has a large network of therapists

BetterHel is also the workplace of thousands of licensed therapists who cater to the mental health needs and requirements of millions. The large numbers of therapists who are available on this platform make it easier to bring a good client-therapist fit. It can also be great for the purpose of switching therapists.

It has several formats

This platform offers various formats for users to communicate and interact with their therapists. The users can send unlimited messages in the form of texts, audio messages and even video messages. Furthermore, they can also have live sessions with their therapists through live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions.


It has great technology

BetterHelp also has great technology which is completely HIPAA compliant. Thus, the therapists and the clients can be assured of high quality safety and security for their information and data. BetterHelp has incorporated end to end encryptions and firewalls to make it difficult for hackers to get access to the information of the clients.

It is super safe

The platform provides an additional layer of safety for the client and the therapist by avoiding physical meetings. While in-person therapy happens face to face, there is always the element of safety for both the therapist and the client. Since BetterHelp is fully operational online, therapists and clients do not have to meet physically and thus violence and assaults can be avoided.

It offers couples therapy

Betterhelp not only offers individual therapy. It also offers couples therapy for its users. Couples therapy becomes important for not only those who are headed for a divorce but can also be great for those who want to simply better understand each other. Thus, couples therapy is being increasingly sought out by those pairs who are planning on getting married to each other.

It has teens therapy

This platform additionally offers teens therapy which can be great for those adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Teens therapy is important since this age group can experience a lot of stress, anxiety and confusion. Many destructive habits such as unsafe sex, smoking and drinking can also start at this age for which therapy can be helpful in providing guidance.


It offers group sessions

Lastly, BetterHelp also provides group sessions for its users. Group therapy can be great in bringing different perspectives to the problem and also by providing social motivation and emotional support. Group sessions in BetterHelp are free of cost for the users and are conducted at frequency of once a week.

Tips for your online therapy sessions

No matter which platform you are using for your online therapy sessions, you can also use the tips mentioned below to improve the quality of the interventions.

  • Set goals for the therapy sessions and also share these with your therapist so that both of you can work toward them
  • Maintain a therapy journal where you can record the main points from the therapy sessions and what your thoughts and feelings about them are. Journaling can additionally be a great form of self-care
  • Create a space for your therapy sessions where you will not be disturbed quite often and have more privacy. This space can easily be created in your home if you have the means or even in another quiet place which you find convenient
  • Choose the right time for your therapy sessions, especially the live ones. This will ensure that you pay more focus and concentration during the session


This article has discussed if BetterHelp works. To understand this better, we have also delved into some of the advantages that BetterHelp provides for its users. In addition to this, we have listed a few strategies and tips that you can use to squeeze the best benefits out of your online therapy sessions.

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