Does BetterHelp offer a free week? (+5 free platforms)


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

In this blogpost, we will answer if BetterHelp offers a free week to try out its services. We shall also look at some other online therapy platforms that offer free services to their users. Finally, we will discuss the best features of BetterHelp that make it totally worth every penny. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp are doing their best to provide affordable therapy for all.


Does BetterHelp offer a free week?

No, BetterHelp does not offer a free week for users to try out its services. However, if you subscribe to BetterHelp, you will be notified of various special offers and discounts that the platform rolls out every now and then. Furthermore, many other mental health websites and reviewers also have various coupon codes that you can use to reduce the cost of BetterHelp.

Free online therapy platforms

There are several online therapy platforms that offer free services for their users or even have free trial periods. Some of the best free online therapy platforms have been discussed in the section below:


Therapy Aid

Therapy Aid is a platform that focuses on the mental health of essential workers and their families. This platform has gained massive importance during the coronavirus pandemic that has placed a lot of stress on essential workers. Therapy Aid provides pro bono therapy services for essential workers, even if they have been furloughed due to the pandemic.

Blah Therapy

Blah Therapy is a text based platform that allows users to talk to other strangers. This service is completely free of cost and allows healthy expression and venting. It further has therapy services that are offered by licensed therapists but this is not free and has to be paid for, at a very low cost nevertheless.


7 Cups

7 Cups is another great platform that specifically targets teens and their problems. The platform offers a free listening service that is conducted by trained volunteers. These volunteers listen and interact with troubled teens and may also provide non-therapeutic advice. In addition to this, the platform also offers professional help at very cost-effective rates.


eTherapyPro is one of the most popular online therapy platforms that offers various modes of therapy sessions. While this platform does not have a free plan, it offers a free trial period of three days in which the users can explore the various options of the platform and also have therapy sessions with licensed therapists.

CIMHS Free Online Therapy for Depression

CIMHS offers a free program called Bliss that is great for those who are suffering from depression. This program is conducted over eight sessions and teaches various coping techniques and strategies to combat the symptoms of depression. It also provides a scale in order to record the various mood states to bring about better self-regulation.


Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp brings accessible and affordable therapy options to more than a million clients every day. This platform has many great features that can be very useful for anyone who is looking for online therapy, such as the ones described as follows:

Does BetterHelp offer a free week? (+5 free platforms)

BetterHelp is quite affordable

BetterHelp is very affordable as a therapy option. The subscription plans can be availed on a month by month basis. The prices only reduce when availed on a quarterly or annual basis. BetterHelp additionally offers financial assistance for any user who is unemployed or from low-income households.

It can be accessed from anywhere

BetterHelp can also be accessed and used from practically anywhere as long as the client has access to stable internet services. They also require a compatible device such as a smartphone. The platform can be used through a web browser or even downloaded and installed as an app. This brings a lot of convenience and comfort to the users of this platform.

It offers several formats of therapy

BetterHelp has various formats of therapy that clients can choose from. It offers unlimited messaging through which the user can send a limitless number of messages to their therapist in many forms. It also has different modes of live sessions such as live chats, live phone sessions and even live video sessions.

It has a large network of therapists

The platform is also the workplace of thousands of therapists. These therapists are all licensed and undergo a strict background check before they are allowed to work with the clients. The large number of therapists who work in BetterHelp helps in bringing a better match for the client in terms of client-therapist relationship.

It has additional resources

There are also many other additional resources that are available in BetterHelp. It not only has individual therapy but also couples therapy and teens therapy services. The platform additionally offers group sessions for its users. In order to create more convenience for the client, there are also digital worksheets and online journal features that can help in the intervention.

It is very secure

The platform is fully HIPAA compliant and thus secures the identity and information of the clients. This in turn brings more comfort to the user. There is also an added element of safety through the fact that therapists and clients do not have to meet each other in person.


In this blogpost, we have answered if BetterHelp offers a free week to try out its services. We have also looked at some other online therapy platforms that offer free services to their users. Finally, we have discussed the best features of BetterHelp that make it totally worth every penny.

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