Does BetterHelp charge you right away? (+7 tips)

This post will answer if BetterHelp charges you right away. We will also be looking at some of the strategies through which you can improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions. In addition to this, we will be discussing the various amazing features of BetterHelp that make it so appealing.


Does BetterHelp charge you right away?

No, BetterHelp does not charge you right away. This platform offers subscriptions which are billed every 4 weeks. You can choose to pay for it week by week or even month by month. The longer the subscription that you are opting for, the more money you will be saving. The platform usually charges somewhere between $60 to $90 in a week for online therapy sessions.

How to make the best out of online therapy sessions?

While online therapy has been around for a while now, there are still many nuances in this form of therapy that may be unfamiliar to many of us. Online therapy is a little different from in-person therapy and thus requires a little adjustment from our side in order to increase its effectiveness. Some tips that you can use for your next online therapy session are as follows:

Create a space only for therapy

In-person therapy is usually conducted in a therapist’s office. However, online therapy does not have any such requirements and can be taken from literally anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Still, it becomes important to have a quiet, distraction-free space for your therapy sessions in your home so that you can focus more on what your therapist is saying.

Choose the right time

You also need to choose the right time slot for your therapy sessions. As compared to in-person therapy, online therapy can be conducted even outside business hours depending on the availability of your therapist. And so, have more flexibility about your timings. Choose the right time where you will have fewer distractions and more energy to focus on your therapy.

Use the proper platform

You also need to choose the right platform for your therapy sessions. Online therapy cannot be conducted just like that, willy-nilly through any social media platform or video-conferencing app. The platform needs to be HIPAA compliant in order to secure your identity and information. A platform like BetterHelp and even Talkspace can be most suitable for you.

Check your devices

As online therapy requires several pieces of technology, you need to make sure all these are in the right working condition before your therapy session. This also includes your internet connection which needs to be high-speed for a better video session. Thus, you need to check if your camera is working, your mike and speakers are clear, among other features.

Turn off your selfie camera

It is also advisable that you turn off our selfie camera during a live video session. If this camera is on, we often concentrate on ourselves and the way we look instead of focusing on what the therapist is saying or even on what we are expressing. In order to avoid looking at your t-zone or that new zit, turn off your selfie camera so that your focus is on your therapy and not your flaws.

Set goals for your therapy

You can also set goals for your therapy sessions in order to make them more constructive. These goals can also serve as the driving force behind the therapy sessions. While creating the goals, you need to ensure that they are realistic and achievable in nature. You can then share these with your therapist so that both of you are on the same page.

Maintain a therapy journal

You can additionally maintain a therapy journal where you can record the key takeaways from each therapy session. This not only can serve for reflection but can also be vital for self-care. Journaling as activity in itself is highly recommended by mental health professionals for expression and for rationalizing maladaptive thought patterns.

Amazing features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp provides plenty of features that can be advantageous to anyone who is using it for the purpose of online therapy. Some of the features of this platform have been discussed as follows:

  • BetterHelp is very affordable and thus, those who are not able to go to in-person therapy can easily opt for this
  • The platform can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere as long as there is an internet connection and a compatible device
  • The platform offers individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy sessions
  • BetterHelp also has several formats of live therapy sessions like live chat, live audio sessions and even live video sessions thus bringing plenty of flexibility and convenience to the clients
  • The platform additionally has unlimited messaging which has many modes such as text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging Users can choose to use these modes according to their needs and preferences
  • BetterHelp offers other resources such as digital worksheets and even online journaling that can be shared with the therapist. These resources can bring a lot of effectiveness and quality to the therapy


This post has answered if BetterHelp charges you right away. We have also looked at some of the strategies through which you can improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions. In addition to this, we have discussed the various amazing features of BetterHelp that make it so appealing.

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