Does Aziza in 90-day fiance have an eating disorder? (3 types)

In this blog post, we shall answer the question “does Aziza in 90-day fiance have an eating disorder?” and look at who Aziza is, the rumours surrounding her physical health, and the different types of eating disorders. We shall then look at the stigma surrounding eating disorders and the types of stigma.

Does Aziza in 90-day fiance have an eating disorder

It is not clear whether Aziza in the 90-day fiance had an eating disorder. However, her behaviour and physical appearance might have triggered the speculations in the show. Fans of the show said that she wasn’t eating well, especially in public.

They also noticed that she appeared extremely thin. The social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram have made conclusions about her eating disorder. However, Aziza has never come out to deny or confess to having an eating disorder. Before we discuss eating disorders, let us look at who Aziza is.

Who is Aziza from the 90-day fiance

Aziza and her partner Mike have featured in the first season of TLC’s reality TV series ‘90 day fiance.’ The show is about couples who applied for or received K-1 visas which were available to to-be spouses of US citizens from other countries. The couples are given 90 days to plan their wedding and get married.

The show that debuted on 12th January 2014, has 8 seasons and it also produced 16 spin-offs bordering around the couples’ lives after the show. Aziza and Mike were part of the original couples who featured in the series’ first season and they gained a large following.

It is common for people whose lives are in the public domain to get scrutiny on how they look, dress and behave. Like Aziza, many of those speculations are about their eating habits and physical appearances. Fans and followers are quick to impose an eating disorder on an individual when they see any slight changes in the person’s physique.

These allegations can cause stress and the actual development of eating disorders, especially in those who are very sensitive about how they look. Many, however, decide not to address the rumours and continue with their lives as normal. It is important to note that some of those allegations are true. Many celebrities get caught up in meeting the unrealistic standards of beauty that trigger eating disorders. 

Some try to hide the fact that they are suffering from eating disorders, others are not aware that they have disordered eating patterns, while others talk about their struggles with eating disorders when they feel ready.

What to know about Aziza and Mike’s relationship

31-year-old Mike Eloshway, a technical support specialist fell in love with Aziza, a 21-year-old student from Volgograd, a Russian language learning website. This is a summary of how their relationship happened;

It started on a platonic level

The relationship started with Aziza seeming uninterested in Mike. she was noted to be cold towards him and many even speculated that she was with Mike for his money. Aziza was reluctant in developing an intimate relationship with Mike and this raised eyebrows if their relationship would last.

May thought the relationship would not last

Aziza used to tell Mike not to sleep close to her, was cold toward him and set house rules that people felt were absurd for people wanting to get married. People, including Mike’s friend, thought that he was trying too much and she did not reciprocate. They are, however, the few couples that are still together.

People diagnosed Aziza with anorexia

People noticed that Aziza was not eating, especially in public. She was looking thin and frail and this fueled the rumours that she was anorexic. 

Aziza did not trust Mike

Aziza seemed to mistrust Mike and at one point got extremely jealous when she saw him talking to another female. This seemed to awaken her and she started to warm up to him.

They have been married for almost 10 years

People held their breath waiting for the couple to break up, but they are still strong and together. They married in October 2013 and are about to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary.

Aziza conceived after years of marriage

Aziza and Mike had decided not to get children until they were settled and true to their words, they got their first child six years after marriage.

Aziza has a huge social media following

The couple got a huge following during the show and fans and followers are still following up on them years after leaving the show. Aziza is more than happy to share her family moments including holidays and life at home.

Aziza Eloshway’s weight loss journey

Aziza and Mike’s relationship got a lot of followers and fans since their time on 90-day finance and have continued to be followed even after leaving the show. After her pregnancy, Aziza was able to lose her baby weight ‘impressively. In 2020, after the birth of her daughter, Olivia, fans were impressed by her figure which she showed off in a bikini.

While other cast members flaunted their body shapes after having cosmetic surgeries and promoting weight loss products, Aziza seemed to have lost her weight through dieting and exercising. She has maintained her slim figure over the years, is happily married and continues to enjoy her marriage to Mike.

The stigma around eating disorders

It is common for people with mental disorders to be stigmatized, especially those with eating disorders. Stigma happens everywhere, including in workplaces, at school, at home, in social gatherings and in public. This makes people suffering from eating disorders not speak out or seek help and isolate themselves from other people. 

This affects their physical and mental health and may lead to suicide. Research has shown that people with eating disorders receive more criticism than those with other mental illnesses. Lack of awareness of eating disorders makes people believe that it is the fault of the individual.

Research conducted showed that 70% of people with eating disorders believe that they should be able to hold it together and feel they are responsible for their condition. Other studies showed that most of them feel judged, socially marginalized, and dismissed. They also see their illness as flaws and weaknesses.

The types of stigma experienced include;


The stigma-induced secrecy compromises the individual by lowering their self-esteem and increasing the symptoms and the duration of the disorder. They conceal their illness due to shame or from fear of being judged and ridiculed.

Stigma in the healthcare context

Research done showed most eating disorder patients feel misunderstood by healthcare workers. They felt like their issues were not taken seriously and did not take their severe distress with the emergency required. There was also evidence to show that some received quality healthcare.

Stigma in families

Not only does society judge people with eating disorders but also their own families. This could be caused by a lack of understanding of the illness. They also feel like a disappointment and shame to the family and fear judgement from them. 

This causes relationship strains, causes tension and conflicts and affects the well-being of all family members.

Do people get body-shamed for being skinny?

‘You are so thin. Do you even eat?’

‘Are you anorexic?’

‘How do you eat so much and not gain weight?’

‘Do you have anything over those bones?’

The list is endless. Skinny shaming might not be as severe as fat-shaming, but it also affects the well-being of the individual. 

Skinny shaming is the act of criticizing a lean person and speaking negatively about their body size and shape. Allison received skinny shaming comments after her drastic weight loss, and everyone was quick to accuse her of being anorexic and depriving herself of food. This made her annoyed, and she had to emphasize this in several interviews.

What causes one to be skinny?

Fast metabolism and active lifestyle. They are bound to lose calories faster.

Emotional and psychological disorders that might cause weight loss


Effect of skinny shaming on an individual

It can lead to other mental and emotional disorders when constantly criticised

Can cause general hate for one’s own body

It can make the individuals isolate themselves to avoid the negative criticism

Can cause body dysmorphia

One way to deal with negative criticism brought about by skinny shaming is not letting their opinions get to you and stop you from being yourself. You can also speak out and let them know the error of their mean comments.


In this article, we answered if Aziza had an eating disorder. We also discussed eating disorders, their causes, symptoms and risk factors. Besides this, we talked about stigma and the ‌stigma associated with eating disorders. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section.

Frequently asked questions: Does Aziza in 90-day fiance have an eating disorder?

What do you say to someone with anorexia?

Let them know they have your support.

What are two ways you could help a friend who has an eating disorder?

Encourage them to seek professional help and not criticise their appearance.

How do you convince someone to eat?

Encourage them to eat by letting them know how much you love them and support them.


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