Does Ayano Aishi have BPD? (+9 Signs of issues)

In this detailed blogpost, we will be answering if Ayano Aishi has BPD. We will also be discussing the various signs of mental health issues that Ayano Aishi depicts in the video game, Yandere Simulator.

Does Ayano Aishi have BPD?

No, Ayano Aishi does not have BPD. Ayano Aishi, who is also called Yan-Chan, is the main character in the video game, Yandere Simulator. The creators of the game have not confirmed that Ayano Aishi has Borderline Personality Disorder.

While her actual diagnosis is never confirmed, her many negative traits and actions have been explained due to her ‘Yandere’ persona. Many fans of the video game who have studied Ayano Aishi carefully have come up with many diagnoses. Some of these are:

  • Psychopathy: While psychopathy itself is not exactly a clinical diagnosis, this term is often tossed around to describe those who have antisocial behaviors and personalities. Ayano Aishi depicts many psychopathic traits.

Ayano is definitely not a normal girl and claims to lack any sort of empathy. She is completely and totally obsessed with Senpai and will do anything in her power to claim him. She further tends to easily manipulate others to get them to do her will.

  • Alexithymia: Some fans who have closely followed the character and her story arc have felt that she shows a lot of traits of a neurological condition called Alexithymia. In Alexithymia, the person is unable to acknowledge and describe their own feelings.

Alexithymia is often caused when the tissue connecting both the hemispheres of the brain is not fully developed. Furthermore, it can also be caused when the person undergoes severe emotional trauma.

Ayano Aishi can be seen going through the physiological and physical changes associated with emotions. For instance, she experiences that her heart races when she is doing something. However, she is unable to associate this physiological change with a particular emotion.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Still, many fans and even arm-chair mental health experts have come up with an alternate theory that Ayano Aishi actually has Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is mainly due to the fact that her symptoms are seen from childhood.

Those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder definitely find it difficult to understand what their emotions are and also have trouble understanding the emotions of others. However, ASD does not cause a person to become manipulative and act antisocial.

Signs of Ayano Aishi’s mental health issues

Ayano Aishi as a Yandere in the video game Yandere Simulator is actually a typical high school student on the outside. However, on the inside, Ayano Aishi shows many psychopathic and toxic tendencies and traits.

As a result of this behavior, many people assume that Ayano Aishi suffers from some undiagnosed mental health disorder or a personality disorder. A few signs of mental health issues and emotional struggles that Ayano Aishi depicts in the video game have been discussed below.

She says she cannot feel emotions

Ayano Aishi openly admits that she cannot feel any emotions. According to her, this trait in her has been present ever since she was a child. However, she has been easily able to mask or hide this in social situations.

A lack of empathy is often a characteristic trait or sign of personality disorders, like Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Even those who are on the Autism Spectrum may find it difficult to understand and feel emotions like others.

She has chronic feelings of emptiness

Another thing that Ayano Aishi openly admits is that she feels empty a lot of the time. She says that she feels nothing on the inside, even when she interacts with other people. However, she is seen to show a lot of emotions when she is thinking about or speaking to Senpai.

She finds it hard to form relationships

Ayano Aishi easily finds it very hard to form close relationships with others. When she speaks to those around her, she speaks in a very emotionless voice. However, she does not understand that this is abnormal and actually goes to state that this is her way of seeming ‘normal’.

Speaking in an emotionless voice or flat voice is often a sign of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but can even be seen in mood disorders during the depressive state. Difficulty in communication can also be seen in many mental health disorders.

She is highly manipulative

Ayano Aishi is truly quite manipulative and uses her charm and attractiveness to get others to easily do her bidding. All the social relationships that Ayano Aishi takes part in are for some selfish purpose and she takes easy advantage of those around her.

She goes through many mood shifts

Ayano Aishi as a character also goes through many mood shifts. This can clearly be seen in her icon in the game which randomly changes to a very psychotic expression at times. Mood shifts are characteristic of bipolar disorder and even Borderline Personality Disorder.

She is obsessed with Senpai

Ayano Aishi lives for only one purpose, to love Senpai and keep him happy at all times. While this may sound like a Disney dream for some, it actually points to obsession which is not at all a healthy trait.

Ayano Aishi’s entire existence and life completely revolves around Senpai, and she is ready to do absolutely anything for him and to get closer to him. For example, she yearns to admire Senpai’s physical form and wants to go into the Boy’s Shower Room to catch a glimpse.

She is very possessive

Another toxic facet of Ayano Aishi is the high level of possessiveness that she shows towards Senpai. She is ready to undergo any type of challenge just to get Senpai as her love. All this is purely based on a dream that she has about her ideal lover.

This goes to show how demented Ayano’s thoughts actually are and how fragile her mindset is. She easily gets jealous of anyone who tries to get close to Senpai, even if they are just being friendly in nature.

High levels of possessiveness can also be a sign of certain mental health disorders. For instance, Borderline Personality Disorders as well as Histrionic Personality Disorder may lead someone to be overly attached and highly possessive of any loved one.

She shows violent behaviors

Ayano Aishi is no stranger to violent behaviors. All of the violence starts when she meets Senpai and aims to make him hers. In fact, she appears in the game after she kills Generica, the high-school crush of the player.

According to the video-game, the character Ayano Aishi is supposed to eliminate a certain number of rivals in order to completely obtain Senpai for herself. Ayano does this through manipulation and even physically violent means.

She does not feel any guilt

Ayano Aishi is also described to completely lack any remorse or guilt. Even when she kills others mercilessly, she does not feel any remorse for her actions. Instead, she is only happier since she is closer to getting Senpai for herself.

Lack of guilt and remorse are seen in certain personality disorders like Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But, it can sometimes be misinterpreted in Autism Spectrum Disorders as well.


In this detailed blogpost, we have answered if Ayano Aishi has BPD. We have also discussed the various signs of mental health issues that Ayano Aishi depicts in the video game, Yandere Simulator.

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