Does Archer have BPD? (+5 Signs of issues)

This info-rich article will be explaining if Archer has BPD. We will also be discussing the various signs of mental health issues that Sterling Archer portrays in the sitcom ‘Archer’, where he appears as the main character.

Does Archer have BPD?

No, Archer does not have BPD. Sterling Mallory Archer, who appears in the detective series, ‘Archer’ does not portray the diagnostic and characteristic signs of Borderline Personality Disorder.

However, many fans and viewers of the show have theorized that Archer might actually have Borderline Personality Disorder, mainly due to his emotional issues and his frequent mood swings and mood shifts.

At the same time, Archer lacks many main characteristic features of BPD like the fear of abandonment and relationship cycles. As a result, many mental health experts and fans who have closely studied the character have come up with many alternate diagnoses for Archer, such as,

  • Autism: Some fans who have carefully studied Archer’s behavior feel that the character portrays many of the traits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is mainly due to the fact that Archer finds it hard to grasp and react to emotions.

He also is very prone to count and even counts bullets during gunfights. He also very much loves repetitive things, something which is very common among those who fall under the Autism Spectrum.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome: Stemming off the previous diagnosis, some people think that Sterling Archer actually has Asperger’s Syndrome. Archer cannot fathom emotions and socialize properly, but poses a high intelligence.

He also shows specific obsessions with counting gunshots, bullets and even knows a lot about crocodile death statistics. Furthermore, his recklessness and penchant to get involved in dangerous things without thinking about the consequences add more to this theory.

  • ADD: ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is another alternate diagnosis that has been explored when it comes to Sterling Mallory Archer. However, this is pretty unlikely since Archer actually shows an incredible ability to multitask when he needs to do so.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Archer is definitely a very narcissistic person and aims to make everything about himself. For instance, he buys only the finest tailored suits and lives a very lavish lifestyle, even when the Agency cannot fund it.

He can also be seen constantly using others, especially women, for his needs and desires, without thinking about their feelings. Throughout the Archer series, narcissism is a main point of traction between Archer and other people.

  • Dissociative Fugue: Dissociative Fugue is another mental health diagnosis when it comes to Archer. In Dissociative Fugue, the person assumes a completely different identity automatically when they travel away from home.

They also find it difficult to recollect their past memories and may even completely forget their loved ones. In Archer’s case, he assumes a new identity when he leaves work after a particularly stressful incident.

He puts on a contrastingly new identity in the form of ‘Bob’ who is a husband to Lind and works as a chef. Even in this new identity, Archer finds a lot of stress and thereafter goes to the spa to relax.

  • Alcoholism: Archer definitely has a drinking problem and is rarely seen without a glass in his hand. Furthermore, his drinking is actually pretty problematic and gets him into a lot of trouble, which has fueled the theory that Archer is an alcoholic.

Archer’s alcoholism is actually used by his team on many occasions as a simple and effective distraction for the enemy. Alcohol has also put Archer on a no-fly list, after he gets into trouble with the authorities.

  • PTSD: Some fans of Archer who have closely followed the character have also felt that he indeed suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is mainly due to the sad upbringing that Archer went through from his mother.

Signs of Archer’s mental health issues

It is pretty clear that Sterling Mallory Archer suffers from numerous mental health issues and emotional struggles. While his diagnosis has not been confirmed by the creators of the series, Archer portrays a number of signs that he is in fact dealing with some major conflicts.

There are numerous signs that Archer shows throughout the series that he struggles with some mental health issues or a personality disorder. A few signs of mental health issues that Archer shows throughout the show have been discussed in the following points.

He has a very poor self-esteem

It can actually seem silly that Archer has poor self-esteem with the way he carries himself. But self-esteem is different from self-confidence. Archer is certainly very confident in his skill sets but has a poor image of himself.

He is deeply insecure and he uses his self-confidence and even his lavish lifestyle to mask this. He does not fully accept himself, which leads him to take on many toxic behaviors later. Poor self-esteem can be a sign of many mental health issues, like depression, PTSD and even PDs.

He sleeps around a lot

Seeing that the creation of Archer was actually based on James Bond, it is no wonder that the character is shown to have multiple affairs throughout the series. Archer flits from person to person, and does not really settle with someone in the story.

Even though he shares a good rapport with Lana who actually respects and accepts him for himself, the fullest extent that Archer goes to with her is fathering a child. He shows a high fear and avoidance of the slightest commitment.

He is always seen with a drink

Archer’s alcoholism is often covered as a joke in the Archer series and the character is almost always seen with a drink, making a drink or asking someone else for a drink. He even needs to consume alcohol in order to function properly, which is not a positive aspect.

In many cases, Archer’s substance abuse problem with alcohol leads to problems with the authorities. He can also be seen wandering away from the main goal of his mission as a result of his alcoholism.

He overspends frequently

Archer is always dressed in the finest suits, even if it does not fit his actual means. He even lives in luxury and only wants the best of everything materialistic, even if the Spy Agency cannot actually afford it.

This overspending nature of Archer further points to his narcissism. Overspending is a sign of many mental health disorders like bipolar disorder and overall points to the person’s actual emotional immaturity, as in the case of Sterling Mallory Archer.

He is reckless and impulsive

Archer’s life is not that safe since he is a detective and spy. However, when compared to others on his team, Archer is the first to dive into a dangerous situation without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

His recklessness is sometimes seen as a sign of Autism since he loves the excitement and does not think about the dangers and his safety. However, this recklessness can also be seen in mental health disorders like bipolar disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and even alcoholism.

Arthur’s recklessness and impulsivity is not only limited to him. He does not even care about the safety of others around him, including those who work with him. However, he develops some sort of empathy after Lana’s pregnancy with his child.


This info-rich article has explained if Archer has BPD. We have also discussed in detail the various signs of mental health issues that Sterling Archer portrays in the sitcom ‘Archer’, where he appears as the central character.

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