Does Amberlynn Reid have bipolar? (+3 Main causes)

The current brief post will be answering if Amberlynn Reid has bipolar. We will also be discussing the other mental health issues that Amberlynn Reid suffers from. Finally, we will be showcasing a few causal factors which may have contributed to Amberlynn Reid’s illness.

Does Amberlynn Reid have bipolar?

Yes, Amberlynn Reid has bipolar. According to the YouTuber, she has been suffering from bipolar disorder along with many other mental illnesses at the same time. However, she has not shown concrete proof of a clinical diagnosis of such a mental illness.

According to the vlogger who rose to fame for her ‘mukbang’ videos, her diagnosis with bipolar disorder is the reason for her increases in weight and her other problems in life. She has also blamed the many physical issues for her stress and anxiety.

The various other medical problems that Amberlynn Reid apparently suffers from have been discussed in the following points.

  • Obesity: This is pretty evident from the appearance of the YouTuber. She has been overweight before she started posting videos on YouTube and has only increased in her weight ever since. According to Amberlynn, the highest she has weighed was 572 points.

The main reason for her massive gain in weight was basically since she turned to food as comfort for the many challenges that she faced in life. While this obesity truly launched her into stardom on the internet, it has also brought many medical problems and trolling to her.

  • Cancer: In 2020, Amberlynn Reid announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer, more specifically uterine cancer. As a result of this, she has undergone a full hysterectomy to get rid of the cancer.

In the video testimony that Amerlynn used to announce her cancer diagnosis, it can be seen that the YouTuber was visibly shaken. However, her fans were disappointed to know that she has not taken up measures to improve her health even after she was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Diabetes: Amberlynn Reid has not mentioned openly that she has been diagnosed with Diabetes. However, according to many loyal fans who follow the YouTuber, Amberlynn definitely may be suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

In response to many comments from her followers, Amberlynn has stated that she indeed has not been diagnosed with diabetes. At the same time, due to her obesity and the physical signs, such as the discoloration on her neck, her fans confirm that the YouTuber definitely has Diabetes.

  • Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is another medical problem that Amberlynn Reid may be suffering from. At the same time, the star has not spoken in public about it and has shut down any claims that she indeed has sleep apnea.

The main reason for loyal fans proclaiming that Amberlynn may be suffering from sleep apnea is that the star definitely shows breathlessness and hoarseness of voice during her videos. She also apparently stopped breathing completely during her hysterectomy.

  • Cellulitis: Amberlynn Reid also has declared in her videos that she has been diagnosed with cellulitis. This is another major complication of her obesity. In a video, the YouTuber was seen talking about her cellulitis in her leg.
  • Lymphedema: Amberlynn Reid also suffers from lymphedema. This is again a complication of her obesity which has only increased after her YouTube career took off. The lymphedema only increased after her diagnosis and battle with hysterectomy.

Amberlynn Reid’s other mental health issues

Other than bipolar disorder, Amberlynn Reid has stated multiple types that she suffers from numerous other mental health issues. However, many fans do not agree with her since she has not provided any proper evidence of being clinically diagnosed.

Also, her back-stories in many cases do not match each other, which leaves her followers to wonder if she is lying or simply making up these diagnoses in order to get more attention. The various mental health issues that Amberlynn Reid apparently suffers from are listed as follows.


According to the YouTuber, she has been suffering from Depression for a long time. As a result of her depression, she turns to more food as a source of comfort and as a means of destressing. However, she has not provided any concrete evidence of her diagnosis.

At the same time, the YouTuber also mentions that she suffers from Bipolar Disorder, which again has not been proven. Many of Amberlynn’s followers have spoken out about how a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Depression may not be possible at the same time.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Amberlynn Reid has also declared many times in her videos that she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She claims that she has been through a lot of stress and emotional trauma in the past which has led her to feel this way.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Another mental health diagnosis that Amberlynn Reid has thrown out is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This is again not something which has been proven and many followers claim that she is making up the diagnosis to get attention.

However, her claims of suffering from OCD seem to be controversial since the YouTuber said that she has been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, which is very different from OCD and requires different modes of treatment.

Suicidal thoughts and ideations

Amberlynn Reid has also declared that she has suffered from many suicidal thoughts and ideations in the past. However, the YouTuber has also openly mentioned that she is seeking treatment from a psychiatrist and presently does not suffer from such suicidal ideations.

Simultaneously, in a video where she states that she is leaving YouTube, she also says that she is indeed going through suicidal ideations and mentions that she finds life hopeless and worthless. As a result of this controversy, Amberlynn’s followers feel that she was gas-lighting them.

Eating Disorder

It is also pretty evident that Amberlynn Reid suffers from an eating disorder which originally led to her obesity. In fact, her YouTube career which largely skyrocketed as a result of her ‘mukbang’ videos further fueled her binge eating disorder.

Hoarding behaviors

Another mental health issue that Amberlynn Reid suffers from is ‘hoarding’. In her videos, she openly claims that she has a major problem with hoarding and finds it hard to throw away anything ever.

Causes of Amberlynn Reid’s Bipolar

Amberlynn Reid’s bipolar along with her many mental health issues seem to be caused by a variety of causal factors. Some of these have been explained in the following points.

  • Amberlynn Reid’s childhood was not a happy one since her parents were regular substance-abusers. As a result of this, the state took her away and placed her in foster-care. In fact, Amberlynn changed many foster homes.
  • As a result of these traumas, Amberlynn turned to food as a source of comfort to fill her void. This ultimately led to her obesity. Because of this, she decided to create a YouTube channel to talk about her weight issues.

However, the channel instead became more and more about others trolling her and Amberlynn seeking more attention by posting ‘mukbang’ videos which certainly were not great for her battle with obesity.

  • She also seems to have many relationship issues which further led to her mental health problems. In one of her videos, Amberlynn mentioned that she was raped by one ex-fiancé. However, this was taken down soon.

Amberlynn is openly homosexual, but has not been in a stable relationship for a long time. Despite getting engaged at one point, the relationship broke off, which may have further caused her mental and emotional stress.


The current brief post has answered if Amberlynn Reid has bipolar. We have also discussed the other mental health issues that Amberlynn Reid suffers from. Finally, we have showcased a few causal factors which may have contributed to Amberlynn Reid’s illness.

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